The Sun/Son, the awakening, the rapture, Jesus IS coming!



All I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW! For two days now I have been seeing repeat after repeat of the same info coming out of many modern day prophets of our time. (If you don’t believe we have modern day prophets let me tell you we do. Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets. Yah would NOT say this unless it were true…do not call Him a liar!) I personally believe that this is a law of Yah because He does reveal EVERYTHING to us ahead of time either through scripture, dreams, visions or all of the above if He really wants to slam you awake! We will NOT be taken as a thief in the night…the unsaved and sleeping will IF they do not wake up and repent and call on the name of Yah!!! We, the wise virgins, have our oil, His Holy Spirit is leading us every step of the way!!!! Praise Him…HalleluYAH!

But this AWAKENING is coming and WE are going to play key roles as we perform miracles of healing the sick, raising the dead, leading people to Him and baptising them! WE will be the modern day apostles of Pentecost upon whom His Spirit will rest! And I believe this is why they will be SO adamant about getting rid of ALL real Christians. How can Satan allow us to continue in that way…he would lose his whole end time army that he has been so busy building! There is no way he is going to sit quietly back and allow us to continue. But I also believe that we will be working quickly, quietly at first…then building momentum as people begin to share their stories and we become known. At some point Yah will say…ENOUGH! Then He will scoop us out of here and because of the grand finale’ of the Bride, the remaining Laodicean church will face the wrath of Satan and they will become the martyrs of Revelation.

Now I totally understand the dream I had years ago that I wrote about on here…This is what I was seeing and could not understand it when I got it back then. Here is a link to that dream:  Prophecies and Visions

Just LOOK at what He has shown me in the last 24 hours! Please prepare with food, batteries and what not…this IS coming…praise Yahushua! Come Lord Jesus, Come!!!!!


This all began yesterday with Pastor Paul Begley: Sun Is “Dark” NASA Confirms And Quake Hits “Palestina”

Next this: Cataclysmic Darkness

Then: SUDDEN DESTRUCTION July 30, 2013 10:22 AM

Then this morning: Acts 2:19-21 Blood Moon April 15, Sun Darkened, Three Days Dark

followed by: The Order of Events to Come

followed by: NASA “Dark Sun” Large Chunk Broke Off Headed To Earth!!

followed by: Chunck of Sun Headed Towards Earth at 2 Million Miles per Hour!


Revival IS coming, Spirit of grace is being poured out, PLEASE pray!

Revival is coming soon before the rapture/Elvi Zappa

The Great Awakening! Get ready, it’s time!

The great chastisement of America will bring revival in this decade

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