The Two Witnesses REVEALED!


Have you been noticing that there are more and more people on YouTube coming out and saying they are one of the two witnesses? I am not talking about kooks either. No. They are Holy Spirit filled people who put out amazing video’s with DEEP thoughts about Yah and what is coming. They are Bible believing, Spirit filled, sound doctrine loving, God fearing men and women. At first I must say when I heard it the first time I was like…eh…not so sure about that. BUT, I have learned NOT to judge, especially HIS people, because He will make you eat crow for sure! And then you will have some MAJOR repentance to do. So I have just been watching, wondering, asking… what it all means? Guess what? Got my answer!

Did you ever have one of those AHA! moments immediately followed by…HOW DID I MISS THAT? Well, this was one of many for me…lol! I came across this listening to a great show on BlogTalk Radio called Tribulation-Now, (I urge you to listen to the show I have linked to, its long but well worth the time.) hosted by John Baptist (screen name folks…lol). PLEASE take the time to watch this video as it is such an amazing and simple truth….a hand to forehead moment!


5 comments on “The Two Witnesses REVEALED!

    • Thank you…to me it is HIS blog:) But I am happy that it speaks to you. I visited your blog also and I love yours as well…such a much needed subject matter to help the abused. I have a background of abuse in my childhood and have come to realize that MOST women I know also do. Another sign of the dark times in which we live. Our only hope, protection and true love comes from the Father…your blog seems to express the same. I will be going back to read some of those articles today! Right off the bat I saw two that pertained to two conversations I had yesterday so I don’t believe you are here by accident. Of course I no longer believe in accidents or coincidences everything is guided once you belong to Him! God bless sister!

      • Amen…That’s it.. It is His blog and everything that we do. And yes, there are no coincidences in this world. Everything is orchestrated by our Heavenly Father. I walk in obedience as He leads. He has led me down a similar path of learning the importance of His Hebrew roots and His Most Holy Name. I do believe that this is a Divine connection and will walk as He leads.. Many blessing to you!

    • So glad you found it as interesting as I did. Its a whole new way to look at it. And its so simple, like its always been there for us to see but somehow we couldn’t see it. That is what blows my mind. Its like “how did I miss that”?…lol. God bless sister:)

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