Federal judge voices concerns over FBI and NSA surveillance

This judge needs all our prayers to cover him. Remember his name and pray for Father to loose angels to surround him and guard him day and night in Jesus name!


April 2016SURVEILLANCEA federal court judge has voiced worries about a string of instances where the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency overstepped the approved limits of their surveillance activities. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Judge Thomas Hogan stated that he was “extremely concerned” about the agencies’ behavior.
These criticisms stem from surveillance data being kept much longer than it should have been, according to a report from Politico. These materials were meant to be wiped after either two or five years, but apparently remained accessible for four years after they should have been purged. Hogan wrote that it was “perhaps more disappointing” that the government had failed to inform the Court that this information was being retained. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence made a response claiming that there was no intent to mislead, but acknowledged that the situation could have been…

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Praise You my God above and King

This poem came to me on the morning after Resurrection Sunday.  I used to write poetry back in the days before I was saved. I used to say I did not write the poems, they were given to me. They were very dark back then. An example of just part of a very old poem:

The day she died no children cried
They were released
The chapel bell screams out her hell
To the city priest.

Nice huh? Yeah, no. Since being saved I have not written poetry for years. Till the other night. AND I am still saying…I did not write this! I believe the Holy Spirit did! You be the judge.

Praise You my God above and King
Praise You to whom all angels sing
Praise You above our voices cry
Praise You who makes my soul sigh

So far above us all You wait
For those You love to find the Gate
Gentle, patient, kind and pure
You stand aside until their sure

Then You issue out the call
To every angel on the wall
Take up your swords and fight for him
He’s called to me and he MUST win!

Another group further back
Begin to stand within the gap
In prayer they cover every wrong
And praise our God in mighty song!

Arise, arise my precious one
Repent, repent of what you’ve done
Come in and feast and drink my love
As I descend as like a dove.

A Heavenly banquet is to be
When my Bride learns to live in Me!
Her every thought agrees with mine
And once again I’ll drink the wine

And we shall laugh and dance and play
To me she’ll cling and never stray
And David’s Lyre he’ll gently strum
While the Spirit and Bride whisper “COME”!