Why deliverance? An Introduction

One look at the world and you can see the influence of evil. Is it any wonder? We have driven Yahweh/God out of everything and basically told Him on no uncertain terms that He is no longer welcome, even by the very president we have elected into office. Abortions have become the norm and the kids we have brought into this world are completely godless for the most part. The family unit is non-existent and many kids don’t even know who dad is. They are latch key, on their own with no role models to learn from save for those in Hollyweird. Its an “if it feels good do it” or “Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law” generation filled with lawlessness. There are no locks on the gates to keep the demons out anymore and Yahweh is stepping further and further away as He gets shunned and insulted.

Demons are legalistic. They need a “right” to be where ever they are. That does not necessarily mean you have to say “come on in” with your lips, because your actions can do the same. In fact, its much more difficult to avoid them getting into your life than most people even imagine or care to know, or for that matter, believe. And it does not matter if you believe or not because that does not change what is. They prefer you do not believe because that makes their job super easy, and there are legions of demons who are sitting in very cushy jobs right now with no one to recognize them or fight.

The need for deliverance (exorcism to Catholics) is overwhelming right now. Even the Catholic church has had to train more exorcists due to the increased need. Though, the Catholic church is considered Christian and while I believe there are many wonderful and sincere people in it, I still have to add that the hierarchy is evil and therefore cannot truly be effective but for only a short duration in its exorcism rituals. Then I might also add that when the demons return they will be worse than the ones there previously. But I digress. I would venture to say that every human being, except for a select few who are repentant and well versed in deliverance, is harboring several at the very least and legions of demons at worst. But this does NOT have to be the case and in truth would NOT be the case if the churches were doing their jobs in feeding the sheep. But they are extremely lacking in that department.

So the sheep are left to fend for themselves or so it would seem to the outside world. But the fact is that Yahweh and Yahshua/Jesus NEVER leave the flock unattended. EVER. We have their word, the Bible and best of all the Holy Spirit to help and teach us what we need to know to defend ourselves. But here is the biggest factor that stops us…laziness. Most Christians are too lazy to seek out the absolute truth. They want to go to church one day a week and usually that is a Sunday, hear the sermon, do a little fellowshipping and be on their way. Well that used to work for the community, we would always hear what a God fearing man or woman so and so was because they went to church every week. But that NEVER worked for Yahweh. So whats wrong with that?

First, if you were really reading your Bible and researching what it was saying then you would already know that Sunday is not the Sabbath day. Saturday is. Sunday is a pagan day of sun worship, not for Christians who really want to do what Yahweh asks. Even the Catholic church knows this and makes a point of lashing out at the hypocritical Evangelical church in the Catholic Catechism for following Sunday worship while claiming the Bible as the authority. So why do they do it? Because they claim the pope as the infallible representation of Christ on Earth and the pope says to worship on Sunday. Still want to go to church on Sunday? Second, going to church would be great if it were done on Saturday and the preacher would actually feed the flock some meat and not some fairy tale of a God that just sits on a big, fluffy, white cloud surrounded by angels playing harps and loving ALL His creation no matter what they do.

This country is under judgement right now and just like Egypt in Exodus Yahweh is giving us chances to repent and get things right. When we ignore the judgement…each time it gets a little worse. We need preachers who are willing to risk telling people the truth. That abortion is wrong, it is murder and they will be judged as murderers unless they repent and go in another direction. That homosexuality is an abomination unto Yahweh who made us to create life, in His way, by His design and not to live in carnal sin as a slave to the flesh. That there is only ONE true God and that thinking that all paths lead to Him is a severe error that can be proven in scripture.  And that each of these sins brings a host of demons attached to them that will abide with and in them ruining their lives and their chances of salvation. The fear of God needs to be upon pastors stronger than the fear of losing the crowd and thereby their weekly basket of money.

What you need to know about demons

Demons seem to fall into one of two groups. Either they are the high ranking Nephilm, the original fallen angels that rank just under Satan himself and that came down upon Mount Hermon and mated with the daughters of men in Genesis 6:2, 4. Or they are the offspring of the Nephilim, called Giborim, who Yahweh commanded all killed off in the flesh, yet being part angelic and therefore immortal, became the evil spirits that we always hear about. This can be seen in the Book of Enoch, which I highly recommend that you read.  The Giborim are lower ranking but actually more evil than the higher ranking demons because in the mixture of the DNA’s it caused them to become increasingly more deranged as time went on. Their blood lust while in the flesh became so intense that they quit killing their prey when eating and just tore them to bits, devouring them alive. Their insatiable hunger drove both small and large animals to the brink of extinction and at that point they turned to human flesh, devouring us in the same manner. Oh, yes, did I mention they were giants? These are the giants that are mentioned in Genesis 6:4.

So that is where they come from and as you might be able to glean thus far, the Nephilim were part of the group of angels that Satan corrupted. They sided with him and left their first estate and because of this they are eternally doomed, see Enoch. So they have been around since the beginning, since way before us. They have been watching us for thousands of years, they know our nature better than we do. They know our weaknesses better too and they use that information well. Because they are immortal and move between dimensions and have what to us are supernatural powers they are able to deceive us very easily.

Even though they are immortal, like us they must have nourishment. The angels that still serve Yahweh eat manna because that is also told to us in the Bible, Psa. 78:24-25. But the fallen ones and evil spirits no longer thrive on what is pure and good. The ultimate food for them is blood but if they cannot get the energy needed from blood letting then they can make do with the energy of lower emotions. The Bible tells us to fear not 144 times, there are 144,000 elect and there are no accidents. Fear is the strongest of the emotions that feed them best, but they will also partake of: anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, gossip and backbiting, murderous rage, depression, suicidal thoughts, addictions, lust, fornication, unholy desires, aggression…the list goes on and on. All negative and low vibration thoughts and actions are demon food. So remember that every time you get angry or anything else negative you are feeding demons and making them grow stronger in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Demons will jump into or onto anyone else that exhibits any of these emotions around you as well. You see these emotions, thoughts and actions are all gateways and every time you partake of these you open the gates a bit wider and invite in more demons to the party. Demons can experience things through you when they are attached to you or possess you. They can experience your high from drugs, your loopiness from alcohol, the cigarette your smoking, the sex your having and so on. So possessing you or attaching to you brings multiple benefits for them while their main objective is being accomplished, the separation of you from Yahweh/Yahshua and your eternal damnation in hell with them. Now its not that they like your company so much that they want to spend eternity with you…no. Your eternal damnation to hell breaks the heart of Yahweh because He wishes NO man to perish. He has sent His written word, His instruction manual to guide us safely away from these pitfalls. He has sent His only son to suffer and die to restore us to righteousness and salvation. When we say no to all that He has offered us He will give you your freedom to choose your path, even though it hurts Him terribly to do so. Even thou He knows what you face, because He has warned you repeatedly, because He has sent His prophets to warn you, He has given example after example to what will occur and you have either ignored His warning, not bothered to even look into His word or outright deny it all. THAT is the main purpose to this all for the demons. They are out to destroy Yahweh and they are using us as a tool to do it.


The ultimate masterpiece of Yahweh up until that point was Lucifer and Yahweh Himself clearly states this in Ezekiel 28:13-15. Until iniquity was found in him, Lucifer was the angel which covered Yahweh’s throne. He was top gun. He was created with sweet music in his very being, his light shone like the colors of precious stones, he was the head of the stones of fire (angels) commanding them for Yahweh. Then Yahweh created mankind in His likeness and image and said that we would become His family by adoption. Pride goeth before the fall. WHAT? These puny, feeble beings that cannot even resist temptation, that cannot tell truth from lies, that have done NOTHING to deserve such a blessing, that just came on the scene from out of nowhere and YOU are bestowing the honor on THEM to be your family and NOT ME??? Your MOST PERFECT creation, your covering angel, your chief in command of ALL the angels is being cast aside for the likes of THESE? From that moment on Lucifer grew darker, more evil, more angry, more vile, he lost his beauty, he lost his place in heaven, he lost his command of the angels, he was dethroned and cast out of heaven and became the arch enemy of Yahweh and his hatred for us grew and continues to grow, he has no love for anyone or anything. He is consumed with hatred and anger. Lucifer, the covering angel is gone and born now in his place is Satan.

As Lucifer the angels knew him well, they respected him as their commander, they obeyed him and trusted him. Now he is out and Michael has stepped into his shoes as commander. As above, so below. When a new boss comes on the scene of any company there are always those who resist him and side with the boss who is gone. Usually they also end up losing their place in the company as well. That is exactly what happened in heaven. One third of the angels refused to follow Michael and sided with the now fallen Satan. The number of angels is unknown but the estimate is possibly in the millions or even more, so one third is a substantial amount. Now Satan is fallen and has taken a fallen army with him. No one knows how much time passed between this event and the decent of 200 of these fallen ones onto Mount Hermon. But you can be sure that the whispering and plan making were immediate. Satan’s vow is to destroy mankind thereby destroying Yahweh, usurp His power, take His throne, and once again be in charge of heaven. But he never was in charge of heaven and he never will be.

Yahweh has allowed him to take control of earth and the lower heavens but only for the purposes of Yahweh. Satan and the fallen ones are being used by the Almighty One to bring about the exact design that He had all along. In Yah’s perfection He always knew what Lucifer would do and what mankind would do. That is His plan. He is creating us to be His family, to make us immortal ONLY after we have learned to control ourselves and learned how to yield power righteously. How else could we learn that without an example of what happens when Yahweh is not obeyed and pride takes over ones heart and being? We would never have learned that the wages of sin is death if left in the garden of Eden.

Yahshua/Jesus also knew this from the beginning because He was there with Yahweh when all of creation was formed. He agreed to this plan before we ever even existed. He said yes to Yahweh when asked of Him to be our Kinsman Redeemer. He and the Father are truly ONE. Of this Lucifer was not privy and that is why Satan was duped when he thought that he had successfully killed Yahshua on Calvary. Imagine the celebration the fallen ones were having…till the gates of hell opened and Yahshua walked in and took the keys of Death and Hell from Satan and preached the gospel to all the souls that went before Him. Taking with Him the First Fruits of Yahweh on the third day’s resurrection and leaving Satan standing there looking foolish again. Satan was NOT expecting that and he is not expecting what will happen at the end either. He is blinded by his own ego and rage.

Now, for the good news!

This is pretty simple and straight forward. Do you believe in Yahshua/Jesus as the only begotten Son of Yahweh? Do you give Him control over your life even to the point of death? Do you renounce Satan and the fallen ones and ALL their evil works? Do you want to be baptised, cleansed, have the old man die and be born anew? Do you want the Holy Spirit to enter into your heart and abide with you? Will you promise to follow the laws and statutes of Yahweh? Will you repent of all your sins, which means you are sorry, you say you are sorry and mean it and you resolve to turn away from sin? If you say yes to all of this and truly mean it and follow through you will have complete control over all the principalities, powers and dark rulers in high places. You will never be possessed because the Holy Spirit will be in you and evil would not be able to dwell therein. You can command them to leave and they must obey. They may be stubborn and try to out last you and your resolve, you may have to fast for extra power, but ultimately they will leave. And the more serious and resolved you are the stronger you are.

Generational Curses, Soul Ties and the Occult

Generational curses come down through the bloodline of the Father…hence the sins of the Father are put upon the children and can go anywhere from 4-10 generations ahead. Now consider that each male person in each generation can and no doubt is sinning and you can get an idea of just how many curses could be and probably are on your bloodline. There are certain sins that carry these curses. The way we find them is after deliverance is done and seems to have worked slowly but surely the issues begin to return. Then we know that this demon has a legal right to be here and we have to search out more territory and generational curses is one of those avenues. They can be broken for true believers.

Soul ties are things we pick up from people we are strongly linked to, such as family, close friends and spouses. We need to be very careful who we associate with for this reason. Yahweh tells us not to be unequally yoked to non-believers for this reason. For instance, when you sleep with someone you are taking on all of the sins (generational curses and all) of the person you just slept with PLUS all those that he or she has slept with. These are soul ties and they can also be broken.

The occult is extremely dangerous because it carries with it some of the most powerful demons out there and can also combine with soul ties and generational curses to bring you into a murky mire that is very difficult to break from. Yes, it can be done but its best if you never go there to start with. All of the items in the occult, Ouija boards, Tarot cards, psychics, divining tools, necklaces and jewelry of the all seeing eye, Italian Horns, pentagrams, Egyptian gods and goddesses,  statues and images, books, music and movies, the Pheonix, the Thunderbird, medicine circles, Indian jewelry, crystals, dragons, owls, buddah or any false idol …ANYTHING linked to the occult or Catholicism is an open gateway to allowing demons into your life.

Help for you

So you can now hopefully see the reason that this world is in the shape it is in and why so many people are so dark and negative always making the wrong choices. If you are experiencing things that you feel you should not be or you seem hopelessly caught in a cycle of poverty, rejection, lack of love, bad relationships, abuse and so on you may be experiencing demonic activity within your life. You may have generational curses or soul ties that need to be repented of and broken. You will need help with this, you need a prayer partner and someone to help you find the issue or issues troubling you. Yahweh has put it on my heart to try and help those of His who are in these situations. If you feel you need help and would like me to assist you, you can leave me an email at: sharonjudah@gmail.com and put “DELIVERANCE” in the subject line.

May Yahweh bless and keep you safe.