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November 26 2012

Please Join me in prayer and petitions for the world, our leaders and each other. To drive out demons and draw Yahweh closer lets offer prayers, praise and worship to our Divine Father, Friend, Husband to be, Kinsman Redeemer…our ALL!

Yahshua Ha’Mashiach/Jesus The Christ I praise Your Holy Name and give thanks for Your mercy, Your Kindnesses, Your infallible leadership, Your Patience, the very life’s breath You have given to me and most of all for calling me to You! I praise You and give You thanks for all the many teachings and lessons You have taught me over my life and even for all the adversity that I have encountered, and all that I will encounter, for without those I would not have grown into who I am in You today or grow into to who I will be in You tomorrow! All GLORY to You ALWAYS!!!! HALLELUYAH!!!!

Please surround all the world’s leaders (especially Israel) with Your mighty Spirit, help them all to abide in Your will and Your desires. Give them ears to hear Your voice, eyes to see Your will, hearts filled with Your compassion and hands to carry it all out in Your Holy Name. Father, open Israel’s eyes to Yahshua Ha’Mashiach and cause them to see once and for always that He HAS COME!

Please send Your protection and Mighty Angels to assist all Your true believers and followers, guide us all in all that we do every moment of our lives. Yahweh let us seek only You and Your Holy Son and serve you both to the best of all our abilities. Shield all my brothers and sisters and myself and all our families, friends, pets and homes with Your Holy fire and Holy Blood, make it skin tight that NOTHING can come between us and You and Your Love and Protection.

Lead us all closer to You so that we can all ALWAYS hear your voice and know Your will. Give us all the supernatural strength that we will need to walk in these perilous times and not turn away from You for even a second. Let Your Name be the last on our lips and our final breath if it comes to that. Close us off from the world that ONLY YOU will have access to us and our hearts, keep our eyes always focused solely upon YOU!

Help us to grow in our authority and strength in You, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that EVERYTHING existing MUST obey Your command through us. If we abide in You and You in us then WHO can come against us? Praise You Yahweh!

Please open the eyes of the non-believeing majority. Those who even call themselves “Christian” and yet have no idea who You really are. Oh, what they are missing! I pray that they can have a supernatural experience of You just once! I pray that they might be able to really experience just a taste of who You are. Once they do…they will NEVER be the same. The world pales from that moment on. There can be NOTHING that even comes close to that moment before You…to that ALL encompassing love that emanates from the very light surrounding You. One breath of a second in that and you are hopelessly lost in Yahweh! From that moment on all you will seek is Yahweh, you will eat, sleep and breath YAHWEH! Please let them experience You for just a moment…if its in Your will. All Glory to You Father…now and always. Amen.

November 27 2012

Praise you Yahweh for this new and glorious day! Praise you for the peace within it and the apparent normalcy that remains thus far for the moment. May everything that happens throughout this earth today glorify You and Yahshua in every way. All creation will fall on its face before You and Your Countenance, all the earth groans for Your return and the days of sin to end. Praise You and bless Your Holy Name. I Glorify You and give You thanks that is far too weak to mean all that I feel for You but it is all I have to offer for now…that and my whole life and everything in it….is Yours. You gave it to me as a blessing and I return it now to You as my only gift with the prayer that You will be stronger in me and in my life than ever before! Praise You Yahweh…we love You Yahweh!!!

Thank You Yahshua for giving Your very last breath for my benefit, that I may be able to enter the Kingdom and spend eternity next to You! What have any of us done to deserve such a blessing?…NOTHING! We are useless, weak, corrupt, filled with sin, our DNA has been tampered with no doubt from the fall we have taken and STILL You love us unconditionally! STILL You forgive us of all we have done…the evil that is so bad its unmentionable and yet we are forgiven! Praise You Yahshua, we adore ONLY You, forever more. Let me be Your sheep, Let me hear ONLY YOUR voice, let me obey without question all that You ask of us! Let me be Your bride without blemish!!! Forgive me of ALL my transgressions remembered and forgotten and help me to sin no more so I may NEVER hurt You again!

Thank you angels of Yahweh for surrounding us and protecting us, for battling the darkness day and night without fail, tirelessly, fearlessly, bravely as ordered and commanded by Yahweh! Bless you all for being obedient and kind towards us. Praise Yahweh for the wonderous creations He has made in all of you! Thank you for all the times in the past that I was protected when I was least deserving, even worse than I am in my current state. Thank you for all the times we are protected, guided and taught by you without even knowing it. Without thanks or even notice you carry out your tasks…praise Yahweh for you all! I can’t wait to learn all your names and give you each a hug and a BIG thank you kiss on the cheek!

Maranatha! Let YOUR Kingdom come Yahweh!!! Blessings upon ALL of Your people this day! Amen.

November 30 2012

Praise You Yahweh and bless Your Holy Name! Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done here, as well as in the heavenlies. You contain ALL wisdom, knowledge, peace, love , kindness, mercy, life and all that is good in every way and You send all to us in blessings when we follow Your will and Your ways and I thank you for all that I have through You. I wish to glorify You in all that I do and in all that I say! Please help me to make that so.

Yahshua please bless and send Your protection, wisdom, kindness, empathy and longsuffering to all our emergency workers as Your will see’s fit to do. Police officers, firemen, paramedics, doctors, nurses, CNA’s, search and rescue people and their dogs, the horses, dogs and any other animals that assist us in rescues, the troops…the whole world over, Father they need to be guided so they are not mislead by evil in these times.

Father please send Your protection to Your people the world over and sheild them from the snares of Satan, let us all hear You clearly and be lead by ONLY You. Father please help the homeless of the world, the hungry, the orphans, the widows, the lost, the addicted, the abused, the mentally ill, those who suffer with demons and have no knowledge of how to be free…please loose Your angels to help all these in Your way and in Your time which is perfect in all ways.

Help the innocent of this world, the children and the animals who are out there with no homes or no guidance, left to fend for themselves or worse still left to die in horrid ways…be with them all Father, ease their suffering, send them food, a safe place to be and sleep, good people to help them, angels to guide them to where they need to go. Wrap Your wings around them all and shelter them…for such as these are in the Kingdom of heaven.

I praise and honor You and love You with all my heart, mind, spirit, soul and body! HalleluYah!!!!!!  Amen.

27 comments on “Post your prayers:

  1. Wish there were more of these prayers here. They are beautiful and so helpful to me in learning to pray.

  2. Please Father Yahweh, forgive of all sins known and unknown,Help me to be Holy because You are Holy,in Yahushua, Name,with The Holy Spirit guidance,Thank YouYahuveh is Wonderful,so glad He considered me to know His family,love,Name with all my soul,heart I shall praise all my days in Yahushua Name Jozhn 16:23 1Peter 5:7

  3. Thank You Yahuveh,Yahushua,Mother Wisdom,The Holy Trinity for knowledge,forgiveness,love ,You,And so much more. Glory be to The Trinity in Yahushua Name HalleluYah!!

  4. Thank you,for these true and honest,beautiful words. My YAHUVEH bless you and your family,love ones,blood line in YAHUSHUA CHRIST HOLY NAME GLORY HALLELUYAH HALLELUYAH, FATHER YAHUVEH,YAHUSHUA CHRIST , MOTHER SHKHINYAH GLORY HALLELUYAH M

  5. Blessed be the Name above all other names. In His love, we find peace, love, and joy, Amen. I ask in Jesus’ Name for His healing touch from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. That the disabilities be gone, the power broken. For finances to move back to Arizona where most problems do not occur and I can live again. to find a good church home there and be faithful, always, to His teachings, to spread them among all peoples. God bless you for helping make this true. Amen, His peace be on all of you.

  6. Please join me in prayer as I pray for total recovery of all that I lost ,financially,Materially,Academic and Spiritually in JESUS name.

    • I stand with you in your prayers that Abba Father would quickly restore ALL that Satan has taken from you in Jesus holy name!!! Amen. Yah bless you in every way.

  7. I asked, Lord, you put her under the Blood of the Lamb and all she owns. May You guide her and return to her all the things she has lost. May she prosper in You, Lord, and be filled with Your joy, because the joy of the Lord is our strength. I pray that prosperity in all things thrive in her, that it chases her down the street and overwhelms her to make her a better witness to Your love. In Jesus’ Name I pray, amen!

    • He will, and He may do it after you’ve been wandering in the wilderness for a while. Peace. Sit back, rest a while in the Lord and then you’ll smile with love.

  8. I request to be prayed for im praying for my Boyfriend and I to reconcile. ….the enemy has capoured him but I’m not letting go of him ….I’m praying and fasting until he comes back …I need this to happen.
    Also I pray for my stay in Germany to be accepted.

  9. In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray God’s will be done in your life and your boyfriend’s. May the God of love and reason live in your heart and the mind of Christ rule your life. I pray He sends warrior angels to guard you in all you do, and keep you safe in Germany. God’s rest and peace be on you in Jesus’ gentle Name.

    • I pray that our Father send His protective hedge to surround you and your family and your home, property and pets with His perfect protection. I pray for you and your families strength and resolve to follow His commandments and keep them or to repent immediately thereby cleansing all evil and keeping any foot hold from taking place. I pray this all in the Holy name of Yahushua Ha’ Mashiach! Amein.

    • Father I pray that You will surround Nicholas and everyone he loves with Your protection and Your Holy Angels, I place him in Your hands Father and pray that Your perfect will be done in his life and in this world. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done. Amen.

  10. Lord, please deliver me from every hold of the enemy in my life. Crush my enemies under your great heel, oh Lord! Please restore me in every area of my life, and remember my womb, and that You said we should be fruitful and multiply. Please cause me to be fruitful in my hands and in my womb. Thank you, Lord Jesus for Your love, grace and for everything you are about to do for me. In Jesus’ mighty name!

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