Sunni-Shia Conflict Spreads to One Quarter of the Earth as Second Signpost Nears


The second horseman (as one of the four winds of heaven in Daniel 7:1) stirs up the second beast of Daniel 7, and so starts the Second of the Four Signposts as written about in Daniel Revisited. The Second Signpost is of course the invasion by Iran of the Middle East. The Second Signpost is the first half of a great Sunni-Shia War that will soon erupt in the Middle East. And according to Revelation 6:8b one quarter of the world will be drawn into the conflict, “They [MD – the horsemen] were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.” (NIV)

As I show in my book, Islam is the one quarter of the earth: it is the dominant religion in one quarter of the world’s countries, is adhered to by one quarter…

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U.S. Advocacy of Signposts Continues with Syria


Since the 1970s the United States has unwittingly become the advocate and even champion for the Four Signposts. God has used and is using U.S. Presidents’ bumbling policies to cause the Signposts to come about.

President Carter allowed the Persian ram to take its place at Susa with its first horn when he allowed the Shaw to be deposed. The second President Bush directly provided the force that lifted up the lion and changed its mind when he was told by God to send our forces into Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein. And now President Obama is doing several things to support the Signposts: the rise of Islamism in Egypt (for the Third), the blank check handed to Iran to develop its nukes (for the Second), trying to convince America that Islam is a religion of peace (for the Second and on), and his support for the ouster of Assad

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“My wound is grievous” saith the Lord

The Road


This is from the blog Touching the King:

I am about to write a prophetic word that the LORD gave me this evening at around 10.00 pm UK time. It is for the nation of America.


My wound is grievous, My wound is grievous, for I must bring Judgment down from the heavens. It is in my in-tray, pending with the names which I must blot out from the Book of Life. I have waited, I have given much time for many to repent of their sins. I have left the ground fallow for 7 years but I find there are no figs on the tree, there is no fruit of repentance.

My wound is grievous, my wound is grievous. Yet I have kept for Myself a remnant, a small remnant who shall bring Glory to My Name.

Yes, My wound is grievous. Judgment is imminent. I have…

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Right now, someone, somewhere…

We see as through a glass darkly


Right now. Someone. Somewhere…

…is being born,
…is waking up and wondering if this will be their last day on Earth,
…is looking for food in a garbage dump,
…is playing tennis,

Right now, someone, somewhere…

…is mourning the loss of their child,
…is taking their first steps,,
…is swimming among the corrals of the Mediterranean,
…is laying wide-eyed and awake through their first long night in prison,

Right now, someone, somewhere…

…is getting fired from their job,
…is falling asleep with a needle in their arm,
…is standing in line at the grocery store,
…is tweeting what they had for lunch,

Right now, someone, somewhere…

…is praying that God will deliver them from the nightmare they can’t wake up from,
…is cursing Heaven for the pain that never leaves,
…is interrogating an enemy of the State,
…is eating jello,

Right now, someone, somewhere,

…is in the waiting room at…

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