Christmas spirit may not be what you think

Well, by now if you are celebrating Xmas (spelled this way intentionally and I will explain as I go) you are all ready for the festivities to commence. In fact, for many Xmas Eve is even bigger than Xmas day. When I awoke this morning the Ruach Ha’Kodesh/Holy Spirit put it on my heart to write another article for this blog concerning Xmas. I have one on my other blog but He specifically stated He wanted it on THIS blog. Thy will be done!

So lets begin:


In my previous article I wrote that the Scriptures do not tell us to celebrate the “birth” of Yahusha/Jesus, but I have since then come to realize that is untrue. His birth is indeed recognized but NOT by Xmas. There is NO Mashiach/Messiah, NO “Christ” in Xmas…hence the X which originally was used in an attempt to smite “Christ” is in actuality, truth. Which is why I am using it, to drive home my point, there is NOTHING of Elohim/God in Xmas.

We are in fact, given several Holy Days which we are commanded to keep FOREVER! These are the ones pertaining to Yahusha/Jesus and His Purpose: Yahusha was conceived on Hanukkah, born on Sukot (Feast of tabernacles), baptised on Yom Kippur, crucified on Passover and risen of First Fruits. Each of the Holy Days commanded by Yahuah our Elohim pictures a part of His great plan of Salvation for mankind. In Scripture it states that the spirit of antichrist would conspire to change times and seasons, and it has done just exactly that. It has changed TWO of the MOST important aspects of Yahuah’s plan for man’s salvation to another date so that we are lead astray from serving Yahuah as HE asked us to. And His people are perishing for lack of this knowledge.

In fact until 1836 Xmas was illegal in the United States:


So at some point our forefathers knew the truth. Satan is very sly and good at what he does. In other countries such as Germany, Austria, Holland, Hungary, Italy and more Christmas was celebrated and SinterKlaas and his helpers, the BlackJacks, which became Santa Claus was a HUGE deal. So America was founded strongly on Christian roots with an open door to the world for ALL who wished to have freedom to worship as they wished. There was Satans big foot in the door. He used that to his advantage to change laws, times and seasons. And in 1836 the law of the land stated:


We had to do it based on “freedom to worship” so with along other cultures came other abominations unto Yahuah and Yahusha. But it was disguised from its original roots and changed, some would call it “Americanized”. Clearly we were being duped into thinking these things were harmless and fun. But these “traditions” were anything but harmless.


SinterKlaas became Santa Claus and as you can see he is dressed like a Bishop in the Catholic church:


That is another of Satan’s lies. The black Jacks originally would follow Santa around and IF the child had been bad they would chase down that child and stuff it into the bag on Santa’s bag. That bag was NOT full of gifts, it was full of naughty children and the black Jacks did not beat the children, they would EAT the children, as the story goes. These Black Jacks carried HUGE bells with them and some believe that is where the song Jingle Bells originated from. Coca Cola later changed the Black Jacks into elves.


Notice in this photo taken of a celebration, the boy following closely behind “Santa or Saint Nick” is supposed to be INSIDE the bag strapped on Santa’s back:




Its very interesting to me that the Krampus/Santa charachter started out being dressed like a Catholic Bishop and also of interest is that both Jack and Nick are names for Satan.


Next I am going to quote from my other article titled “The hidden origins of Christmas and Santa Clause” to explain the roots of the Xmas tree and how it gets into the picture, it also pertains to Easter further down the road as you will see.

“So they would all gather around this huge statue of a half calf and half man creature (yes, they were also into trans-species genetics back then) with his arms outstretched, palms up waiting to receive his first victim. This statue had a massive opening at the base in which a volcanic fire would be built and raging and since this statue was made of metal of some kind it would get very, very hot. Next they would set up a group of drums around the creature. For music, you may ask? Oh no…not even to raise the vibration as the new agers of today would like you to believe. No. The drums were to drown out the screaming of the babies that could have been heard when they placed their poor, tiny newborn bodies into that creatures palms to slowly roast and feed the evil spirits gathered to take in all that dark energy. If the screams could be heard the parents may weaken and not allow the sacrifice so they beat the drums with a vengeance to the end. Its said at times that they would somehow string the babies together, hundreds of them so they would fall one by one, to their cruel, painful and slow death.

Shem, the grandson of Noah was so outraged by these actions that he killed Nimrod for leading his people into such idol worship. Now you would think that the story ends there but you would be so wrong. Because Nimrod’s mother/wife could not let that be the case. It seems she was pregnant with possibly Nimrods baby, but really, who knows who’s baby it was back then since everyone was literally doing everyone.

So, she proclaimed that she had gone down to the world of the dead, rescued Nimrod and brought him back. She ordered that a tree be cut down secretly and Semiramis would sneak out and decorate it with little gold balls and tinsel. This was her tribute to Nimrods penis and the gold balls….well, I think you can figure it out. She told the people that Nimrod had returned and would leave presents for the people every year at that time so they would never forget him. Would you like to take a guess as to what date this child was born on? Yep, December, 25th.

I should also mention here that the people who had “lost” children via sacrifices also decorated a tree in honor of them. They would do this with candles to represent the fire that had consumed them as a sacrifice and images of babies with wings that wrongly became known as cherubs. Still want to decorate that xmas tree and top it with a “cherub”?”




The children sacrificed are from the fertility rituals that they performed on their altars at spring (Easter) 9 months prior to Xmas.

So you might ask how did all of this evil ever turn into something that sounds and looks so sweet?




So the question becomes, how serious are you about following Yahuah our Elohim and HIS laws and statues? Surely you can clearly see the con that has been perpetrated upon us from birth by Satan. Santa (which contains the same letters as Satan) is being used to plant mistrust in our children. He has taken a story with evil roots, turned it into something that “appears” harmless and fixed many similarities between Santa and Elohim/God.


They both have no beginning and no end.

Each has an eternal spirit.

Thay are BOTH all knowing.

They each have a book of names.

They both have a tree.

They both love children.

In Revelation Yahusha’s hair is white as snow.

The differences are:

Santa does everything at night.

Yahusha IS the Light of the world.

Santa gives you everything your FLESH desires.

Yahusha gives you ALL that you NEED.

When your kids find out that Santa is a lie perpetrated by LITERALLY the whole world, don’t you think they put Yahuah our Elohim into the same spotlight? They absolutely do. That is what Satan meant to happen from the beginning and we have played right into his hands. Combine that with the fact that no one is even teaching our kids for the most part, about Yahuah our Elohim and you have a recipe for the disasters you see playing out right now. How sad is it that our kids know EVERYTHING about Santa and next to nothing about Yahusha, their Redeemer, their ONLY hope for Salvation?

So what, if anything, does Yahuah say about all this?
















I would venture to say that not only does it NOT keep demons away but rather, all of these traditions of men carry their own evil spirits directly into your home…this is a portal of sorts. Some will say…”BUT that is not what it means to ME” and I will answer that YOU do not matter at all. What matters is Yahuah and what HE wants and what HE told us to do and what HE told us NOT to do. When you practice these customs, these vain traditions of men, you are inviting demons into your life and closing the door on Yahuah. You are practicing the customs of pagans and gentiles who sacrificed Yahuah’s children on their altars, HE TOLD YOU NOT to follow their ways and you are doing it anyway. You do it for fear of what your husband, kids, family, neighbors and so on, will think. Do you care what your Creator thinks?  If you know all this and do it anyways then you are doing it for your own selfish, flesh centered reasons. And as long as you continue to do these things, these abominable customs that He abhors, He will turn His back to you because He expects you to seek out His will and His commands and follow only them.

We are to expose the enemy when we find the truth! Please join me in doing so and spread this message now. Little time is left before the door of His Mercy and Grace will be shut and only those inside already will have nothing to fear.

May Yahuah bless and keep you all safe.



America’s double judgement is coming

Yahuah wants me to share this with you all on this site. Please watch the video first and then read the prophecy that the “prophet” Mathew Stephen has given on his website which is Prophetic Watchman Vine. America is now under judgement. Prior to seeing this video and reading this prophecy today, I was in prayer this afternoon and had a vision. I saw Yah’s angels lining up along the New Madrid area, the West coast area, the East coast area and the Gulf area…I knew that they were waiting for the Word from Yahuah to let the Earthquakes loose. They are now stationed and waiting. Then after seeing this vision in prayer I come across this video which leads to this website and prophecy….AMAZING! Yahuah is so awesome, all praise to Him and to Yahusha!!!! Please, if you are not in a relationship with Yahuah yet I am BEGGING you not to wait. Judgement is at the door and once it comes it is too late. Ask Him into your heart and life now!


THE THREE PLATES: I saw three plates that remain for America, the Angel of the Lord said, “Son of the republic, look to the east.” As I looked to the east I saw the end of the highway which led to NY; I saw a huge angel appear, as he blew a trumpet.  Appearing in front of the angels trumpet was a plate that read, “911”.  I looked toward Washington D.C. where the big highway led, and a plate appeared over the city and over the nation’s capital.  This plate also appeared over the White house and the Supreme Court; on the plate appeared, “911”.  As I looked to the west coast the Angel of the Lord said, “Look”.  I saw a great explosion take place and a plate appeared in a cloud above California.  An angel appeared in a cloud and shouted, “They came here for gold; they filled their pockets with earthly treasures and the treasures were perversion and greed. Their pockets were filled with filth. They cast the laws of God to the ground. I sent a great fire among them. They were looking for physical gold but I sent forth the fire, says the Lord God, to try and purify them through the fire and in hopes they would repent; but they blasphemed My name and they mocked and ridiculed My people.  They turned to same sex marriages and all their laws have become corrupt.  After all my judgments I sent upon them, they refuse to repent.”  At that moment, appeared at the end of the highway in California the numbers “911.” I was then taken by the Angel of the Lord to the first high and mighty mountain.  The cloud appeared before me again and three plates appeared on the face of the cloud. The Angel of the Lord said, “Son of the Republic, these are the three plates that remain for America.” As I looked, the first plate said, “Disaster upon disaster” and there appeared, “911.” The second plate appeared which read “War, fear, famine, fire and death”. On the third plate I read “WWIII”. The Way of America


A  STORM –  A STORM –   A STORM.   The word TORA means a Surprise has been achieved; and attack refers to Tiger, Battle Cry and a Call to Arms. When no one realizes, it will come upon them suddenly, like in the days of Noah. “I will send upon America a storm that she has never seen. I will send Three Storms upon her and there will be three attacks; the likes she has never seen.  She will not recover from My hand of Judgment. My hand will hit America from the West Coast and then back to the East Coast; from the North to the South.  I will send this Storm of attack upon her and she will be divided into three. The three that will come upon her are War, Famine and Death. In one hour it will come. I am The Lord God Almighty and I cause men to hear my Voice.”  I saw a vision in the night watch, when I woke up at 3:00am, and I heard the Lord say; “A Storm, A Storm, A Storm”!   While I was thinking about what He said, I heard the words Tora, Tora, Tora!  I prayed and ponder what was said and my sense was to tell everyone to get off the East coast and West Coast. A huge black cloud moved very quickly to the East Coast of America.  I looked to the West and I saw the ground explode.  I heard massive buildings collapse and I saw people flying up into the air and falling to the ground dead.  I saw a large city in California explode. I saw an attack in Washington D. C. and I saw a massive storm hit the East Coast. I heard the screams of people and I saw two huge Angels come down out of the heavens, moving very swiftly to America. One Angel blew a loud trumpet and the other Angel shouted with a loud voice, “I have been sent to strike America three times and bring Death”.  The Angel shouted again, “Look to your cities,” and across America three cities blew up. He shouted again and I saw a massive gun that reach from one side of the country to the other. This massive gun went off and the Angel said, “War has come to America and the time is now at hand and many shall die”.

He look at me and said, “Son of the republic, America has been given time to Repent and has not. The people of this land have defiled themselves with idols of this world and their wickedness has come up before the Lord God Almighty. The cry of babies has testified against the people of the land”.  I heard the Angel of the Lord say, “Three great woes have come to their full and this last great woe has been released on America. This republic for which it has stood is no more. I will bring my people together. They will come in and cry out to me for a time, then I will bring a new hope through my Bride and my people will again bring hope and all the Nations will look upon them; for they will see My glory and will be filled with my power to stand up and bring hope to those who walk in great darkness. A republic will reform again in times of great darkness, and this republic will not be in the hands of this earthly government. America, as it has been known, will be totally transformed into a new government. The foundation of My government will be made known and it will be pure.  When they see my righteous hand rise up they will know that My holiness and the people of the Almighty God reign.  The King will descend upon her and He will rule over His Bride”.   I then heard the Bride say, “We give you praise and honor for all glory is yours forever”.   At that moment the earth went from deep darkness to a very bright light and I saw holy angels flying around the camps of God’s people.  A huge white sheet covered over all the righteous and as I looked at this huge sheet it said “The Lamb of God is now come as the Lion of Judah”.   At that moment the Angel of the Lord said “America has lost her liberty”.  I was reminded of the following vision.

1993 Statue of Liberty Vision: I saw the Great Lakes spill over, down to the Gulf of Mexico, and the Statue of Liberty was taken up out of its place and thrown down into the Gulf Mexico. She fell face down to bow before the King of kings.  She tried to rise up again the second time and fell again.  The third time she tried to get up but as she started to rise, she fell down and did not rise again. The Angel of the Lord said “America has trusted in idols and all her wealth of Babylon.  I now have been sent to strike the wealth of America.” At that moment I saw America, and the people in America, in a revolution; a civil war broke out with total riots.  The government stepped in as martial law took place.  People were being shot and many people were being hauled away.  Desert invaders came in, wearing American uniforms, and they too were killing people.  As I watched it was as if time had stopped and another door opened before me. Then I saw a time line before me and the voice said, “Measure the fields to see how much of the field is green”.  Then, the Angel said, “I see the field that is green and I heard the number of those who are ready.”  At that time the Angel turned to the sea and said, “Look to the sea”.  I looked to the eastern sea and saw dark colored ships coming. They were the invading army from the North. All were wearing red insignias on their uniforms; these armies were ruthless.

I saw the Holy Angels of God fighting against the demons of darkness and it was a violent battle. The Angel of the Lord shouted, “You shall not harm the wheat, except the wheat that has been appointed and given over to fall to the ground and die.”  But some were not being touched.  The wheat that fell to the ground seemed to be dry and the wheat that was not touched was very bright and golden.  I heard the voice say, “Many will come and take up arms and there will be a great battle on the earth.  America will once again be in a great war on the earth.  At that time, when she is concern outwardly, she will once again be attacked from within and she will take up arms to fight. Many will take up arms but her losses will be very disastrous.   I then looked up to the heavens and a loud voice said, “Look again”. I saw the Lord Jesus coming down and He will rule with His bride here on the earth.  I saw a portal open in the heavens and the throne room appeared as I saw a great pillar coming down.  As I watched, I saw a bright cloud coming down out of the heavens and this cloud was the most beautiful thing I had ever set my eyes on.  I was speechless without words; it was like a dream.  I saw a beautiful garden which reminded of the third heaven where Paradise is. I heard the loud voice say, “The kingdom of God has come to dwell with man on earth; and the King will rule them, and all those who have made them self ready for the Mighty King. Tell my people to stand; tell my people to get ready; tell my people that I will wipe away their sorrow; tell my people they will have to come through this night.  For many it will be a valley of toil for, many will be tried to see who has faith in Me and who does not have faith in Me.  Many will be persecuted and will be made white in the greatest war the earth has ever seen. The Vision ended.

THE ROCKS ARE FALLING:  The rocks are falling; I can hear them coming down from the heavens. I hear the Lord say, “Everything will shake”.  There is no more time to waste; it is time to prepare. How long will the Church try to hold on to what is from the old?  It is time for the Church to move beyond the Veil.  The old way will not make it in; the old way must die. It is a cry of the Bride for more of Jesus Christ and more of true holiness. It is a time for the Bride to cry, Holy, Holy, Holy!  Cry out in the streets, REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND! It is time to cry out against the death of little baby children; to speak out against the corruption of this day; in the White house and the Church house.  Can you hear the rocks falling? The Idols of America are falling! The stars are falling! 

THE DOOMS DAY CLOCK HAS STARTED:   In a world that is ever falling deeper into darkness, the Church is in a battle for her very life.  We live in an age of Laodicea; a church that is mingled in the world of Babylon. This church, that is losing her salt, has hid its light in the bed of red apparel.  In Isaiah 63 the question is asked, “Why are many in the church wearing red apparel and garments like one who treads in the winepress”; for the one who treads in the wine press are the wicked. The question is this; why are some in the church in the wine press with the wicked; wearing the red apparel; the whores dress? The Spirit of the Lord God Almighty is saying to His Church, “Make yourself ready and put on clothes of holiness; walking pure in the blood of the Lamb. The hour has now come and I am coming for my Bride”.

Double judgments have been sent forth! The death Angel has been ordered to go forth and bring judgment upon the earth!


CALL TO ARMS:  A time to stand up! This is a Call to Arms for all the Saints of God to take your places on the wall and rise up in the power of The Holy Spirit. The Lord God would say to you this day, “Many will go to and fro, but it is a time to hear the clear direction that I Am leading you in. You must come in and get ready, for all things that I have declared through My prophets will now be made known.  A time of trouble like man has not seen on the earth, since the beginning of time. I will once again shake the heavens and the earth.  I will open many people’s eyes to see, but many will grow weary and faint.  I tell you to fear not, for I am with you.  Be strong in the power of My might and keep your eyes on Me. I will guide you and bring you into safety.  You must be willing to let go of everything of the past; let go of all you have and follow Me”, said the Lord God.  “Come in, Come in and cry out to Me, for the season has now come and all things that I have order will now happen”.


SEEDS FOR AMERICA: “The seeds I have given you, to give away, have been seeds to feed the poor, help the lost, and love the unlovable; seeds of love, seeds of mercy, seeds of declaration; and in that declaration, seeds of judgment.  The judgment is Mine”, says the Lord God, “But my son, I have called you to declare My judgments and in that judgment is the end of America and her demise; for it is at hand.  So, my son, I tell you this day to take the seed, and one more time scatter it throughout America and tell her what the Spirit of the Lord has to say to the church and America.  Repent and return unto Me”, says the Lord God almighty.  In your suffering, in your pain, in your toil and in your valley, if you will return unto Me, the seed that is scattered may take root in those who hear this word so that it may bare much fruit. Those that bare this fruit, as the seed takes root, may be able to cross over.  Tell them, my son, the end of all things has come upon the land. Tell them that the night that has come upon the land and will bring the greatest darkness the world has ever seen. Many will fall and many will die, but tell them to fear not for I have overcome the world.  In Me they may have life more abundantly.  Tell them to get ready, for I am coming.  I say it again; the end of all things is here upon the land, even at your doorsteps. The End of Days.  Repent and return unto Me,” says the Lord God.

America, the gates of your land are wide open for your enemies and fire shall devour the bars of your gate. The sword shall go throughout your land. America, the Lord God Almighty shall have His way in the whirl wind and in the storm, as the Lord sweeps through the land of America.

PROPHECY:   There will be large earthquakes in Asia and particularly China, Americas West Coast, the Heartland, Europe and Italy.  The Middle East will also be shaken by an earthquake.  There will be an attack on our naval fleet and a naval blockade against Cuba.  Personal property in America will be seized by the government and annexed by the city, states and county governments.  Religious and racial riots will cause a civil war within.  China will have massive protests and demonstrations over reform issues.  Italy, America and other nations will order troops to shoot citizens that protest against the governments and this will lead to the loss of independence worldwide.

Eight world leaders will be assassinated as well as many other government officials; this will include state level leaders and many leaders will be jailed as a result of this.  America will be involved in 2 primary wars very soon.  The first will be a civil war with riots within, which will be sparked by terrorism.  The second will be World War III.  The Chinese and Russian invasion, accompanied by other nations, will occur closer to the year 2012-2013.  The war will be so bad that tens of thousands of women will be drafted. (This will be due to the feminist movement of; equal rights and women usurping the authority over men.)  A diplomatic dispute will rise that will cause major tension between France, England and other countries.  Corruption will be so bad in countries that many major political leaders will be arrested, including officials in China; much like the arrest of the Chinese Emperor in 1898.  The assassinations, attempted assassinations and cover ups will be so brutal that some countries will revert back to the way of Nazi Germany, i.e., shooting people at gun point. Profound weather storms will increase beyond measure; even into the winter of 2009 and 2010 even in 2012-2013 hard winter.  It will be so severe that it will have a major impact on the fishing industry of the upper East Coast and the United Kingdom coast lines.  The food supplies will be so bad in the pork, beef and poultry industries, due to many types of plagues, that tens of thousands people will die as a result of this.  The pandemic flues will be much worse than the 1918 pandemic outbreak.  The 1918 pandemic killed 50 -100 million people and the earth will see much greater death than this. Major cities will be burned and destroyed, including New York, Washington, D.C., LA., California and Jacksonville, FL. This will be the beginning of “Seven times greater than 911” event.  Along with a major attack on all Communications systems, via cell phones and internet, a major breach attack will come upon America through its Cyber security as the cyber world of America falls apart.  Major oil companies will begin to fall and this will cause a conglomerate of very few oil companies. Due to the lack of competition and the destruction caused by supernatural disasters, gas prices will go over $8 per gallon. Some high ranking military officers, including generals, will begin to die. The leaders of many universities, that have allowed corrupt education, will begin to die and many more in leaders of notable organizations will die; including the following:  Leaders of the English House of Commons and notable heads of church institutions; this will include professions that have been perverted in their ways such as mental health professionals, scientist, engineers, inventors, artists and Hollywood stars, major people in the feminist movement, key people in Canada, England, France and Germany, as well as other countries. Key leaders in the Catholic religion and many politicians in congress that make corrupt laws will be brought to their knees.  The black plague death rests on all those who kill babies and support same sex marriages and allow the Sodom spirit to run throughout the earth. All types of plagues will break out beyond measure; boils, sores and all types of skin disorders.  The waters will begin to turn blood red and people will begin to burn with fire, beyond anything ever seen. The HQ of the U.S. Military will be hit, and jobs will be the worst since the great depression. VMI Matthew Stephen Year 2008

In Luke 19:37:  Jesus makes His triumphal entry into the city; much like America He weeps over the physical city saying “If you had known, even you, especially in this your day, the things that make for your peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes. For days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment around you surround you and close you in on every side, and level you, and your children within you, to the ground; and they will not leave in you one stone upon another, because you did not know the time of your visitation.” Today America has missed her day of visitation again and every stone and person will be leveled; all but those written in the Lamb’s book of life.

The other “prophet’s” name is Stephen Bening and his website is: USA Prophet


Prophetic dream number 1


For a time I was receiving dreams of the end times on a regular basis. This was roughly sometime in the eighties. The exact timeline I do not recall as at that time I was not saved and was still into the New Age beliefs. I did believe in Yahusha/Jesus but to me at that point I felt He was just a really good and spiritual person and the bible held no esteem in my eyes. But I also might add that even though I would openly say these things, I also could not follow a religion that did not recognize Yahusha as the Son of Yahuah. I really was drawn to Buddhism but could not follow it because there was no room for Yahusha/Jesus. Of course I have come to realise that this was Yahusha drawing me to Him without my even knowing it. I was being called, praise Yahusha!!!

Yes, I came from New Age and many, many strong Christians have come from there so withhold your judgements on New Agers because all is not yet lost. Russ Dizdar, Glynda Lomax and Bill Schnoebelen just to name a few, came from the New Age. I was into a thing at the time called Eckankar. I also had read the Book of Revelation and knew deep down in my soul that every word of that book was true and real and whats worse is…I knew I was going to be alive when it happened. That prospect did not thrill me, I must say, in fact at the time it scared the pants off of me. So I believe I was given these dreams to assure me that I would be protected. How ironic is that? That is how AWESOME and GOOD and MERCIFUL and KIND our Yahusha is! He was comforting me BEFORE I became His exclusively.

So I will print one at time…there are probably 4-5 as I recall them and here we go.

In the first one I find myself walking down a city street in America…where I can’t say for sure. It was completely deserted and in utter ruin with brick buildings crumbling, cars and remnents of buildings in the streets all askew, billborads torn in half and dangling, street lights knocked over and so on.

The sky was dark, like on a rainy day, overcast and the clouds were intense and rolling over each other with no split in them at all. I thought the sky looked really strange because back at that time we never saw clouds like that, but now we do all the time from the chemtrails.

As I was looking at the sky I realised that on either side of me were gargoyles…alive. They were hopping from ruinous building to building as I walked and occasionally one would run a ways ahead of the others and leap down to the street in front of me and wait as I approached. I would not stop walking and as I approached it would move off to the side. I was stalked like this by them for the whole dream. I them little attention at all.

Then as I was walking from around a corner came a HUGE male lion. He was absolutely regal! He was going in the opposite direction as me and we calmly passed each other as if we both knew the other was there. I did not think it starnge that a lion was loose in the city…I seemed to know Him and He, me.

Continuing on I passed what appeared to be a parking garage also deserted and crumbling. But inside I saw three little kittens. It was the ONLY sign of life that I had seen and was thrilled to see them! I ran inside and got down on my hands and kness saying “here, kitty, kitty” whilst holding out my hand. They were skittish and unsure but slowly began to approach me and just before I was about to touch one I heard a voice. A deep, gentle, kindly voice saying “Be careful, things are NOT what they seem to be.” I pulled my hand back and at just that moment all three kittens turned into gargoyles that scattered in separate directions! Praise Yahuah for His protection and kindness.

This is where the dream ended. I would love to hear comments from you guys as to what you think that was about…but this is what I got:

Obviously something horrid had happened that had obliterated most life from at least this city, if not the world. But in spite of this terrible incident I remained untouched by it due to His love and protection which continues to shelter me throughout the dream. The gargoyles (demons) could not touch me without MY PERMISSION which I almost gave them without even knowing it. I believe the Lion to be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and I believe this may have been after being taken by Him because we both knew each other and were not surprised at all by our meeting.

As I say I would love to hear what you guys make of it as well. May Yahuah bless and keep you all safe.

The broom of destruction

A couple of days ago while praying in the Spirit I was given a vision of a group of planets all lined up perfectly in a row, each one perfectly behind the other. Then I saw the first planet begin to swing out and back which ever so slightly moved the ones in the middle and affected the last planet as much as the first. I had seen this action or something similar before with steel balls lined up. I have now come to know this is called Newtons cradle.


Wikipedia gives this explanation for this action: Newtons cradle 5-ball system. One ball is pulled away and is let to fall; it strikes the first ball in the series and comes to nearly a dead stop. The ball on the opposite side acquires most of the velocity and almost instantly swings in an arc almost as high as the release height of the first ball. This shows that the final ball receives most of the energy and momentum that was in the first ball.

Because the planets are not touching each other it was not exactly like this but very close in that most of the movement took place in the first and last planets.

I had no idea why I was seeing this other than I knew that on 12/21/12 there is a planetary alignment, however I am no astronomer and cannot even tell you which planets are lining up or where. So for that reason I am grateful to people who do know and understand these things and I will send you to an article entitled “2012 Galactic Planetary Alignments”. This person seems to know his space stuff and its a very good article explaining it all.

So I spent the next day asking Yahshua/Jesus…what did that mean, why did you show me that? Finally, again in prayer in the Spirit I was told what I saw and why…to some extent anyway. Here I was standing on a planet and I do not know what planet I was on but I suspect it was the approaching planet, brown dwarf, Nibiru…whatever its called…lol. I was standing on it next to Yahshua and we were traveling at a very fast clip and made a turn around these aligned planets, at which point I was told the gravity of this planet caused the pulling action on the first planet which started the balls (planets) in motion…so to speak. Now I was under the impression that Earth was not to be one of the worst affected by this motion but it would be affected in other ways.

At that point I was now on Earth with Yahshua and what I saw was NOT good. The only way I can explain it is to say this…imagine a full ashtray that you dump out on a table and then you blow as hard as you can on it. That is what I was seeing. It was EXTREME wind that was literally sweeping the planet clean of debris and the debris was us and all our buildings, cars, light poles, trees…you name it and it was leaving a flat barren wasteland in its wake. Then I started seeing something spouting up through holes in the Earth and it was hard to tell if it was water or steam. But it would break through with great force like a geyser spouting and it was happening everywhere.

At that point the vision ended and he said to me…tell them to read Isaiah 14: 22: “For I will rise up against them”, declares the YHVH of hosts, “and shall cut off from Babel (Babylon) the name and remnant, and offspring and descendant,” declares YHVH.

23 “And I shall make it a possession for the porcupine, and marshes of muddy water; and shall sweep it with the broom of destruction,” declares YHVH of hosts.

May Yahweh bless and keep you all safe.

Portals to Heaven’s Throne Room



While praying in the spirit yesterday I was given a vision of something taking place in the spiritual…Yahshua/Jesus was extremely busy and was using my prayer to somehow carry out the commands He was giving to His army of angels. I watched as I prayed spellbound by what was happening. Yahshua was commanding them like a general in the military would and no sooner would a command leave His lips than it was immediately carried out and I mean FAST!

I saw Yahshua create a portal that reached to each true believer’s home straight up to the heavenlies. I was given the impression that it actually reached right into the throne room though I could not see that end of it. At the earthly end where ever it reached a believer’s home an angel was stationed with his sword drawn and at the ready. We are to pray, heal, cast out demons and so forth KNOWING the full authority we have been given…KNOWING we are linked directly to the throne room and we are receiving the blessing of Yahweh in all we do in Yahshua’s name.

The angels are the General’s elite (like the Navy Seals or Green Berets) and we are the General’s foot soldiers. But unlike Earth, in the Heavenlies the foot soldiers carry great importance and are NOT expendable. Because each one carries the possibility of bringing many, many recruites which it turns out, is actually a rescue mission. Each recruite, unbeknownst to him, is rescued from an eternity of torture, pain and fear by the enemy.