ALERT: Please try this at home…

I just saw this video by RevMichelleHopkins on YouTube. PLEASE WATCH THIS it is not too long:


damn chemtrails

Of course I had to try this too and I urge you to do the same. It is very hard to pack just as she said but once I got a small amount packed I put the flame to it and sure enough…not one drop of water from the stuff. And it smells like chemicals as it “burns” like styroform and it does turn black. I tried the ice cubes as well and with a lighter I got the same results as her but with much less black because I purify my water. But when I used a candle instead the droplets were clear.

So my thoughts on this are that obviously because I filter my water whatever was reacting with the butane, if indeed that is the issue, there was less of it to turn black in my filtered water. So something must be in there to react with the butane. Because with her unfiltered water she was getting black like soot. I was too just much less of it. So the fact that she used butane only allows us to actually SEE the compound that is reacting with it. Its not the butane on its own, in my opinion. I am no chemist obviously but if someone out there is I would love to hear your take on the butane aspect.

NOW my sister actually believes me when I say that they are spraying us…you should have seen her face when I did this experiment in front of her. I used to get that “you must have had one too many pain pills today” look on her face. Not now!




Brothers and sisters I have been trying to tell people on YouTube this very thing! When we judge we push people farther from the Father…which means in essence we are scattering His sheep. You may have great intentions of upholding something from the bible but the question truly is…what did Jesus do? When did we see Him standing on any street corner telling people they were doomed?

When they went to stone the woman Jesus stopped them I believe by pointing out all their sins to them. They had to walk away and then Jesus set her free too with love. Everything He did He did with love and a smile. We are called to SHOW Jesus to the WORLD! WE are to be the LIGHT of the world by taking Jesus into our hearts and letting Him shine out from there.

Do not pass up this movie, show it to EVERYONE! Do this ASAP! Praise Jesus!!!!


To read an excellent article inspired by this movie go here:

Chris Martin Writes



Did you ever feel like a prophecy someone wrote was Jesus speaking directly to you? This is amazing guys!

Okay first of all awhile back I was asking Him questions and then trying to use the thesaurus like Jonathan Kleck on YouTube does to get confirmation. But it was not working for me and after about the 3rd attempt I clearly heard Him tell me that I don’t need a thesaurus to hear His voice and know what He is saying. He said I need to TRUST Him. Okay…Thesaurus is out.

I don’t know about you guys but the attacks from the enemy have been consistent though not horrible so its obvious that the attacks are being thwarted…praise Jesus!!! Its just small stuff like a broken water pipe when I can’t afford it and so on. Being logged out of WordPress in the middle of my post for no reason. Its consistent enough to know something is behind it. Then last night before I did my spiritual warfare prayers I killed about 6 flies…6, interesting right. Flies being associated with demons. After the warfare prayers…no more flies.

I pray constantly for protection of my house, property, animals both the ones I care for inside and the ones I care for outside. I worry at times that IF we are raptured that they will be taken and protected with us. I LOVE my animals they are basically my ministry from Him so I worry about them. He has told me…look at my word, when the wicked are destroyed so are their animals…don’t you think the opposite applies? That made me feel better but the thing is I am always worried…am I REALLY hearing Him? Is that a lack of faith? Or is that being cautious and discerning? I am not sure.

What I do know for sure is that darkness is coming in FAST. We had a thunder storm two nights ago, it was about 4:30 in the morning and the BOOM from one of the thunders about knocked me out of bed. I heard PRAY! There is a spiritual war raging and the angels need your prayers and praise me. So at 4:30 a.m., half awake I am playing praise music, worshiping and praying for the angels…it went on for about an hour. The lightening strikes were like nothing I have ever seen before! I KNOW something big and bad is coming VERY soon. All hell is literally about to break loose on this world and I tell you people you had better know how to do spiritual warfare, commanding these demons in Jesus name. Many think we pray the demons away…NO, we command them just as Jesus did.

I need to KNOW that its Him I am hearing and quit questioning and second guessing that. That is the enemy placing doubt in me which is exactly how he works. But praise Jesus, now I KNOW without any doubt that voice I am hearing IS HIM! Next time I won’t be fooled. Look at this posted prophecy from one of the blogs I follow…its a personal message straight to me! This just blew me away. In my heart I know He is saying…I HEAR YOU and YOU HEAR ME so quit doubting….PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!! I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!


This ensuing darkness quickly approaching for My beloved, will be a powerful time of communion for you and I. A final refining fire. It will be a time of intimate fellowship and prayer with Me. You will be strengthened in your gifts of the Holy Spirit for which you were purposed to walk forth in and My decrees will be set in motion through you. This will be your commissioning. You are to remain in your dwellings and you will be receiving your realignment during this time both physically and spiritually. I will leave nothing undone. This is a final refining fire for the elect and a fire of judgement for the wicked. Since your training is now complete you know My voice as My sheep know their Shepherd. Listen carefully and closely for your instructions. I will protect your dwellings and your animals for they are Mine as well. Leave all your concerns to Me, the Creator of all things. My Holy angels will care for your outdoor creatures during this time, and your dwellings will remain secure. You are to have no fear for you are Mine and I am yours. Be still and know Me for this is any moment now.THE SHEPHERD 

Isaiah 41:10

King James Version (KJV)
10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Matthew 28:19-20

19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.HALLELUYAH!!!! Praise you my glorious King. Maranatha, King Jesus, maranatha!!!!

The Two Witnesses REVEALED!


Have you been noticing that there are more and more people on YouTube coming out and saying they are one of the two witnesses? I am not talking about kooks either. No. They are Holy Spirit filled people who put out amazing video’s with DEEP thoughts about Yah and what is coming. They are Bible believing, Spirit filled, sound doctrine loving, God fearing men and women. At first I must say when I heard it the first time I was like…eh…not so sure about that. BUT, I have learned NOT to judge, especially HIS people, because He will make you eat crow for sure! And then you will have some MAJOR repentance to do. So I have just been watching, wondering, asking… what it all means? Guess what? Got my answer!

Did you ever have one of those AHA! moments immediately followed by…HOW DID I MISS THAT? Well, this was one of many for me…lol! I came across this listening to a great show on BlogTalk Radio called Tribulation-Now, (I urge you to listen to the show I have linked to, its long but well worth the time.) hosted by John Baptist (screen name folks…lol). PLEASE take the time to watch this video as it is such an amazing and simple truth….a hand to forehead moment!

More spiritual food to nibble on!



Doug Riggs talks about Scripture, nephilim, the Blood of Christ and OUR blood as believers being the Bloodline of Christ! So this war being waged is ALL about the Blood…always has been. First they attempted to contaminate the bloodline that Jesus would be coming through and now they want to infiltrate, change the bloodline of the believers!

He says hybrids, whom we cannot tell the difference between, are amongst us now and I know that to be true as I have been told by the Holy Spirit that I have come in contact with a couple. I have also seen people’s comments on YouTube where they openly admit to being hybrid or admit to having “friends” who are…these are primarily new agers, of course. This website is FULL of info that is VERY interesting and I believe, forwarned IS forearmed.

When your Spirit is witnessing that something is not right, you may want to listen and ask Jesus…. why?

Enjoy your meal:)

Hold the position!

Eric Ludy – Hold The Position from Ellerslie Mission Society on Vimeo 

I have always loved Eric Ludy’s sermons that I have heard on YouTube because they were so inspiring. But I found out he has a website, well, a couple actually with a whole collection of goodies to listen to. I started with this one and I highly recommend it. Its EXACTLY what we will all need going through our head and instilled in our hearts just in case we do end up in a FEMA death camp. In my mind: Eric Ludy dressed as a general walks up to me as I stand at attention with the powers that be prodding me to renounce Christ and live and Eric yells at the side of my face into my ear…. “HOLD YOUR POSITION”!!!!!!!

Aye Captain…will do!


P.S. Here are his sites to enjoy also:


Who Is Eric Ludy?

This one has great pics of his family:)



Before the rapture, His grand finale’

The more I read the Scriptures, the more our King Jesus reveals to me and the more He reveals to me the more I know, that I know, that I know, WE are living THAT day the Scripture is referring to! In this case I am in Isaiah 5. I am using the NLT version because it’s a bit easier to grasp for those not well read in the Scriptures.

Anyone who has been either on YouTube or has posted as a Christian on any secular site, especially very liberal ones such as the Huffington Post will recognize this: Isaiah 5:19 They even mock God and say, “Hurry up and do something! We want to see what you can do. Let the Holy One of Israel carry out his plan, for we want to know what it is.” Then Isaiah 5:22 What sorrow for those who are heroes at drinking wine and boast about all the alcohol they can hold. 5:23  They take bribes to let the wicked go free, and they punish the innocent.

Are you getting the picture? But mostly it is the next part that really got me…I could see it as plain as day and I KNOW that He (Jesus) put the connection there. I know that He caused me to recall the specific YouTube video to back up my thoughts. How long have I been saying that IF we were fulfilling what we should be as the body of Christ then evil could not run rampant like it is? How many times have I said if we learned deliverance then we could free the captives instead of the captives being shot down by the police because they do not know how to stop them?

Well, now I see that we are NOT meant to stop them. They are a part of Yah’s judgement upon those who have turned their backs on Him. Both those who are “carried away” and those who are in their path. Yah whistles for them to come and pharmakeia opens the door:

The Complete Jewish Bible:

Isaiah 5:26 He will give a signal to faraway nations, he will whistle for them to come from the ends of the earth; and here they come, so fast! — 27 none of them tired or stumbling, none of them sleeping or drowsy, none with a loose belt, none with a broken sandal-strap. (they are the demons, at the ready, always on duty and waiting for a chance to devour us!) 28 Their arrows are sharp, all their bows are strung, their horses’ hoofs are like flint, and their [chariot] wheels like a whirlwind (Strong’s H5492 – cuwphah 1) a storm – wind, Strong’s H5486 – cuwph A primitive root- 1) to cease, come to an end a) (Qal) to come to an end b) (Hiphil) to make an end). 29 They will roar like lions — yes, roaring like young lions, they growl and seize the prey and carry it off, with no one to rescue. 30 On that day they will growl at them, like the sea when it growls — and when one looks toward land, one sees darkness closing in; the light is dissipated in the obscuring overcast (i.e. the sun covered with chemtrail clouds).

None of these videos contain blood or gore so fear not!



(sorcery, witchcraft)

“The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and WITCHCRAFT; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. –Gal 5:19-21 (NIV)

The Greek word here used for “witchcraft” is:

Strong’s # 5331:pharmakeia (far-mak-i’-ah); from 5332; medication (“pharmacy”), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively): KJV– sorcery, witchcraft. (DIC)

Vine’s Dictionary brings this into perspective with the following:


“Pharmakeia” (Eng., pharmacy etc.) primarily signified the use of medicine, DRUGS, SPELLS; then, POISONING; then, SORCERY, Galatians 5:20, R.V., “sorcery” (A.V., “witchcraft”), mentioned as one of “the works of the flesh.” See also Rev. 9:21; 18:23

In the Septuagint (the Greek translation of the Old Testament ca. 200 B.C.), Ex. 7:11,22; 8:7, 18; Isa. 47:9,12

“In sorcery, the use of DRUGS, whether simple or potent, was generally accompanied by INCANTATIONS and appeals to OCCULT powers, with the provision of various charms, amulets, etc., professedly designed to keep the applicant or patient from the attention and power of demons, but actually to impress the applicant with the mysterious resources and powers of the sorcerer.”

They open the doorway/portal through their pharmkeia, their drugs which poison them. Apparently certain drugs make the portal larger and they flow in legions through it into their host.

Just as I said there can be no revival because Yah has spoken what WILL take place and to say it will not for ANY reason is to call Him a liar, now I understand (thank you Yahshua/Jesus!) and now I say I was wrong. We cannot save these and now I also understand that ANYONE who can be saved WILL be saved and if they are not saved, if they die in their sin and shame I do not believe that they were meant to be saved. The Father calls those He wants, the Father makes ALL things possible. The Father has TOTAL control over everything and IF they were to be saved one of us would have been there to bind and cast out those demons.

He is about to work a GREAT, GREAT…possibly THE GREATEST work ever to take place on Earth as yet! This is the time Jesus was speaking of when He said that we would do those things and greater still! He is going to send the Holy Spirit in a way that we have yet to experience, His power will flow through us like electricity flows through copper wire! We WILL speak and it WILL happen…when we say RISE! They WILL rise and walk. When we say BE GONE DEMON, they WILL be instantly free! We will heal, resurrect, cast out and free people, we will baptise and bring to the Father ALL that He wants before we are taken to our true home!

We will cause a stir, we will be hunted, we will be locked up and called insane, we will be killed, beaten, interrogated and tortured for HIS name and our refusal to deny Him! Even then as all of that is happening, like Yahshua on the cross as His blood flowed down to the soldier who pierced Him such will be happening to the ones the Father wants! HalleluYah! Its the grand finale’. His final showing of His grace, love and healing power, His final statement…I AM, THAT I AM!

And then there were none.

The dark days of Noah are upon us…


Chemtrails. I related them with weather modification. I knew HAARP was somehow involved as well and that the chemtrails actually could create a “screen” upon which holograms could be displayed. I knew that this year it seemed when ever the sun appeared they went to work spraying until within a couple of hours it was grey and gloomy again and it would eventually rain, AGAIN. I knew there was talk and speculation that nanobots were part of the mixture being dumped on us. I knew the chemicals included heavy metals and some who had rain water analyzed said there were red blood cells in it. Hmmm, thats very weird. I knew that none of this was good for ANY form of life, but I figured it had to be the worst for those who worked outside and those that lived outside (mainly the homeless and the animals). I wondered if there was a connection to all the mass animal and fish deaths and these chemtrails…but never saw any such research. In fact very little if any research is being done save for the few citizens who gather the rain water and pay out of their pockets to have it analyzed. I knew all of this was very, very bad.

Some other bad things I have noted on my own and also with the help of citizens on places like YouTube were strange effects taking place in local nature. Obviously many have noticed the strange fluctuations in the weather patterns which basically have no patterns anymore at all. Last year at this time we were baking in extreme heat and at the beginning of what would become a major drought and a disaster for the farmers in the midwest. This year it was April 23rd and it was actually spitting snow outside even though the temperature was in the 40’s. My garden sits empty as its too cold to plant and the rains have been constant and hard as the flooding in the midwest also attests to. A friend of mine has noticed a particular bird in her area that never stays for the winter but migrates away except for this year. They stayed the entire winter, no migrations. We have lost countless trees, especially evergreens during the drought last year. But I have also noticed, and it began around the time of the Gulf disaster, that many trees seem to be slowly dying off and we lose more every year. I feed feral cats outside and a couple who were young and appeared strong grew suddenly very thin, began drinking excessive amounts of water, stopped eating and eventually disappeared, obviously and sadly I am sure they have passed. Now I am sure this could have been just a normal “cat’ disease or illness but I bring them up because even though I offer purified water on my porch for them, these two rarely drank it. They instead would go find a puddle and drink from that. Only when it was dry or winter when it was frozen would they partake of the clean water oddly enough. I find it interesting that the two who did that are no longer around. I wonder how many others are being affected that we do not know about?

Then there is Morgellons Disease. A disease that many, most actually, doctors will not acknowledge as a real legitimate illness, despite a growing number of people who are exhibiting the same odd symptoms. Including my sister. These people complain of feeling a movement under their skin, my sister feels this in her head. They say it feels like bugs crawling on them. They sometimes have open lesions all over their bodies through which various types of “fibers” come out. They can be multicolored or a single color, looked at under a microscope at times crystals can also be seen. When the fibers are analyzed it is found that they do not match any substance upon this planet. They have recently linked this disease to GMO’s but this is being fought by Monsanto, of course.

Now you combine all of that and start telling people around you about it and see what happens. First of all MOST of them have no clue what a chemtrail is and they have not noticed the weird “lines and crosses” in the sky. This amazed me. I don’t understand how you can live on a planet and NOT notice something that obvious to me. But then this is not the first time that I have felt like a stranger in a strange land. So needless to say they also are clueless on most all of what I have mentioned as well. Then if you have no sense, like me, and you go on to tell them how the elite ruling class are trying to kill off us nobodies…well, lets just say they don’t believe you. Why, they say, that can’t be true they would be killing themselves too. I thought, that IS a good point…I wonder what that means? Why would they do this to themselves? Do they have some kind of protection from all this? There has to be an answer…and I prayed and asked for an answer and I waited and waited and it never came. Until last night. All I can say is, its much worse than anything I could have dreamed of.

Satan is the great counterfeiter. Everything that Yah does Satan has to do too with a twist that turns it upside down. Yahuah sent us a Savior, the Messiah, Yahshua/Jesus the Christ. Satan creates the anti-christ. Yahuah has a Jubilee where every debt is forgiven and I am sure the Beast will also have a jubilee and forgive everyones debt. Wouldn’t that make him popular amongst the masses? Look what happened when BHO gave away a free phone? Now imagine everyones debt forgiven. Jesus was called the Morning Star so Satan had to steal it…it goes on and on. Never an original thought only sloppy seconds. Satan is so jealous of Yah and all He has created that it literally eats him up. Well now he is going to try to re-create all the life forms on this planet. From us all the way down to the rocks his plan is to change it all. You don’t have to believe me or take my word for anything. Just do yourself a favor and listen to the video’s and check out the websites. Put the big picture together. Satan has a plan and he is hard at work carrying it out.

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

2045 Has Begun (dont take the mark)

2045 The Website


Aliens Hybrids, Genetics & Satan

Do you see the plan now? Yahuah has given us the most beautiful creation of this Earth, stars, sun and moon, the animals, plants, tree’s, water, ocean’s, fish, all of nature and our bodies…the miracles contained within all of this. How it all works in perfect harmony one thing with another…all showing HIS perfection and HIS goodness. And they are twisting and turning it upside down and manipulating, deceiving and wreaking havoc upon ALL life forms that exist. They have declared war upon Yah and all of HIS creation and It is NOW coming to pass in the physical. There are more hybrids around you than you know…its not your imagination if something seems strange more than likely it is. Trust what your being told and do NOT fall for their deceptions. Pray for strength, discernment, wisdom and courage. Pray for Yahshua to come back SOON! Pray Psalm 91, memorize it! Pray for the sake of ALL life. DO NOT STOP PRAYING! The days of Noah are upon us. Yah help us all.

From every direction…


Is it just me or are things getting strange all around you guys too? I am disabled and my sister is on social security it was her idea that we move in together to split the bills. I was not at all sure about doing this and I prayed on it for sometime and decided to see what Yahuah would lead me to do when I got my settlement. Well, long story short I found the perfect place where my sister could have her own exit/entrance and could make an apartment at the back of the house. We have been here together six months…she is not saved. She does believe in God but does not see things happening around her as any big deal, does not believe in the Bible and pretty much thinks I am wacko when it comes to most things. Which is why I balked at idea to start with. But all in all its been fairly peaceful.

Trouble is though that she has become very dependant on me in the respect of me doing things like cooking, going to the mailbox down the road, going to the store and so on. But I just tell myself that I am serving Yahusha and let it go. Well now both our cars are a mess. Mine won’t hold any power steering and needs a rack and pinion which I cannot afford to fix. And hers has a multitude of issues the biggest being that I think the transmission is going out. So I figured IF we pool both our cars together and advertise them cheaply priced on Craigs list that maybe someone would trade one decent car for two that they could fix up and sell for profit. Couldn’t hurt to try right? BUT we just moved to a new state so we need to change the titles, plates and get our new licenses. Till that is done I can’t sell anything here.

Well unbeknownst to me she got a name of a mechanic from someone at the cigarette store she goes to. He is apparently our neighbor. So she tells me she is going to call him and see if he knows of any cars. I am thinking okay…still can’t sell ours till the other is done but I don’t say anything cause then I will be called “negative”. Next thing I know this guy is at the door and looking at both cars he says he knows a girl who might want to trade, after offering a pickup truck that I decline. The next day he shows up with a Chrysler Labaron, convertible…teal blue no less. So my sister wants me to go for a drive…fine. I go. Seems okay but that does not mean it is…how can I know? I don’t feel good about it…I don’t know why…can’t put my finger on it but I just don’t trust this guy. So we go inside and he wants to see the titles…lol. Yeah, well…so I explain all this to him. Plus its the middle of the month so we can’t even afford to go and do any of this till the next month when we get our checks. Now he says he will “loan” us the money to change the titles over. Okay NOW I REALLY don’t trust him! So we say we have to talk…or really I do and he leaves.

My sister thinks he is just being a nice guy. I do not. I think something is majorly wrong with that other car and he wants to dump it before it blows up…literally! Come to find out too, its his girlfriends car so he gets brownie points too. Now my sister is ticked and stomps off. The next day comes and my sister comes out to tell me of a dream she had. This is usually the other way around. Apparently in her dream the car engine on the Labaron literally froze up and it was shot and we were left with no vehicle at all…NOW she feels like we should not do this. I am praising Yahuah because I KNOW He gave her that dream, He was already telling me but she could not hear Him. That same day this guy shows up with money in hand and says here is the money can you go today and change the titles over? So I said well, my sister and I are having second thoughts. He throws his hands in the air and says FINE! And stomps off, tires squeeling as he goes.

I forgot to tell my sister that he was here and about a week later when she brings him up I told her about it. She goes well I guess we can’t ask him for any help. I can’t believe my ears. I said…you mean after all that you would still trust him. She goes sure. I don’t think he was trying anything. Its like there are two different people…I should ask who am I talking to now??? So the kitchen is off of her area and I was doing the dishes and heard her on the phone. My sister is deaf in one ear so when she thinks she is whispering…the whole town can hear. I hear her talking to this guy. I hear her saying….I don’t know what she wants, its like she thinks God is going to drop a car down in her lap without doing anything. I bet you did not know you were in competition with God did you? Laughter. Then she says…I did not even know you were here and I felt so bad that she blew you off like that and I wanted you to know its not me…I wanted to make the deal but she doesn’t. She says…just last week someone offered her 600.00 for her car and that wasn’t even good enough…who knows what she wants.

So when she hung up I knocked on her door and said you know you talk very loud and I heard EVERYTHING you just said…I am so happy for you that things are good between you and him because they sure aren’t between me and you and I closed her door and went back to work. So she comes out and says she felt bad for him cause he thought he had a deal. I said YOU were the one who had a dream…did you tell him that? No…she says. Why not? Its just a dream…is her response. I said you said you knew it was from God…well she knows but she couldn’t say that to him. I told her how do you think I am supposed to sell anything when YOU won’t get off your duff and get your license, title, and plates changed? I know…she says.

Good, so she knows….but still uses me as her scape goat. I don’t trust this guy and he still won’t go away. He called to tell my sister if we ever need a jump or anything he will be happy to help us. I know what the Holy Spirit is telling me and its not good. He passed me today on the road and on the back window if his SUV he has that Monster drink logo of the claw marks….in Hebrew that symbol is a letter and every letter has a number…that is a 666. Why am I not surprised.

So theres that and then today I step outside this morning and the smell of sulphur about knocks me over! Its absolutely putrid smelling outside and has been all day. But even beyond that there has been this general feeling of uneasiness. Another friend or so I thought, threw her cat outside in the freezing temperatures. The cat was 17 years old and is now missing…frozen to death no doubt. We had a huge argument over that, I cannot handle such cruelty. I have since forgiven her in my spirit and have prayed for her and the cat but I cannot ever be friends with her again. Things have just been really, really dark and strange. I know its going to get much worse than this too. Prior to all this I was trying to talk to my sister about Yahuah but she is not hearing me and she is not caring at all what I am saying. She has zero faith and does not trust Him to provide anything and with me He has provided so much I don’t even break a sweat anymore:) We are unequally yoked but she has her area and I have mine praise Yahuah! If I get any money ahead…which is doubtful, but who knows, I will fix the roof, get a car and create that entrance for her.

I just pray that her eyes can be opened but at this late hour I tend to think whoever is going to be awakened already is and the rest will slumber till true disaster strikes. I pray that at that time she will recall all I have said and put some of it into play in her life. That is the best any of us can do…the rest is up to God!

May Yahuah bless us all and give us all courage, wisdom, faith and strength to deal with what we are to face.