NASA finds message from God on Mars (Is this true?)

Is this real? I have no clue. I wonder why they did not print a picture of the tablets, obviously the Rover can and does take pictures. What would be their reason to release this if it is false? Anyone who has any idea’s or thoughts on this please share…thanks and Yah bless all.




NASA announced that its Curiosity Rover has found an unambiguous message from God written on tablets in a Martian cave.

According to an official press release two giant stone slabs the size of small elephants were located deep inside a cavern abutting Aeolis Mons, a large mountain.

Upon one tablet is a copy of the Ten Commandments and the text of John 3:16 written in 12 languages – including English, Spanish, Chinese, Basque and Hebrew. On the other tablet is a simple message in English reading “I am real.

According to top scientists who have studied the discovery extensively, these findings may have definitively established Christianity as the one true religion.

“This is amazing,” says Syms Covington, an Australian researcher working for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. “We went into the cave looking for water, and we found proof of God’s existence instead.

“I mean how else did those tablets get there? I can tell you one thing: there’s not a single atheist inside NASA’s control room now. What we saw was jaw-dropping.”

Genesis 1:1
NASA’s Curiosity rover arrived on Mars in August of last year with a mission to explore the Martian climate and geology for signs for habitability.

Thus far the mission has been a success, with the discovery of an ancient seabed and chemicals needed for life suggesting that Mars was once suitable for life.

However the tablets, both of which are signed “Peace and Love – Yahweh,” represent the rover’s most significant find to date, and is perhaps the most important scientific event in history.

“When people find out about this, they will demand change in our society,” explains a political scientist at Georgetown University. “Democracy will have to give way to theocracy. We’re gonna have to build more churches and reintroduce prayer into schools. Abortion is defiantly going to be illegal within a few months.”

Despite its potential significance, Covington fears that the Earth-shattering discovery may not make the impact it should.

“Unfortunately, the mainstream media is so anti-Christian, they might not even pick up this story,” he explains. “But God is real. We have proof. And everyone deserves to hear the truth.”


Human Organs Could Be Grown In Animals (pigs) Within A Year


Reprint from: Prophecy News Watch

Japanese scientists are expecting to be granted approval to grow human organs in animals and then harvest them for transplant within the next year.

A panel of scientists and legal experts appointed by the government has drawn up a recommendation that will form the basis of new guidelines for Japan’s world-leading embryonic research.

There is widespread support in Japan for research that has raised red flags in other countries. Scientists plan to introduce a human stem cell into the embryo of an animal most likely a pig to create what is termed a chimeric embryo that can be implanted into an animal’s womb.

When the adult animal is slaughtered, the organ will then be harvested and transplanted into a human

That will then grow into a perfect human organ, a kidney or even a heart, as the host animal matures.

When the adult creature is slaughtered, the organ will then be harvested and transplanted into a human with a malfunctioning organ.

This recommendation is a very important step forward and one that has taken us three years to achieve, Professor Hiromitsu Nakauchi, head of the centre for stem cell biology and regenerative medicine at the University of Tokyo, told The Daily Telegraph.

Nakauchi’s team have already succeeded in injecting stem cells from rats into the embryos of mice that had been genetically altered.

We can apply the same principles to human stem cells and pigs, although the guidelines have not permitted us to do this yet, he said.

At present, the Japanese guidelines permit scientists to develop chimeric embryos in laboratory conditions for a maximum of 14 days, but the next stage in the process the embryos being implanted into an animal’s womb is prohibited.

As soon as government officials agree on the details of the revised guidelines a process that is expected to take 12 months Nakauchi believes the first pig carrying a human organ can be produced quite quickly, because the technique has been established already.

The scientists plan to initially breed a pig with a human pancreas as it is a relatively easy organ to create, Nakauchi said, and perfecting the technique will bring relief to millions of people with diabetes.

Creating kidneys and a human heart will be far more complicated, he said, but are feasible. He suggested that practical use for the organs may be as little as five years away.

Eventually, he hopes to be able to have numerous human organs within each donor animal that can be harvested all at the same time.


Well, Japan sided with splitting up Jerusalem and sent millions to the Palestinians just prior to the earthquake/tsunami event, they are a nation that by and large worships false gods…now add this to the list and I think we are getting a picture of the cloud of black, demonic sin that hangs over the nation. Yah is not doing any of this to us at all. It is all being done by and to ourselves! The sooner we awaken to this fact, the sooner we might wise up and repent.

The Last Card After The Asteroids: False Flag Alien Invasion


Re-print from UFO Sightings HotSpot

The future is already here.

Advanced antigravity craft, back-engineered by humans; using extraterrestrial technology. And all of the antigravity technology is in the control of the organization conducting the UFO Cover-Up.

Since the Cabal effectively control the development and special uses of these craft, there remains a very high danger that the Cabal will use its growing antigravity fleet to try to repel the Star Visitors and even conduct Space War. Elements within the U.S. Air Force and the Naval Space Command are making preparations for such a Space War or even plans to demonize visiting Star Persons by staging a Fake “Alien Invasion”.

In 1974, Von Braun revealed that dark powerful forces controlling world wealth and political power had over a third of a century ago planned to create a future fake “extraterrestrial invasion” to acquire total global control. (Meanwhile this global plutocratic cartel has maintained the UFO Cover-Up as a cover, while they prepare for their “Great Day”.)

The strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers was to use scare tactics.

1. First: The Russians were the enemy. (The Cold War)
2. Second: The terrorists. 9/11.
3. The third threat: A. Identify and take over third-world countries. B. Create financial crisis, economic collapse, social unrest and uncertainly.
4. The fourth threat: The asteroids (A test case was the infamous comet Elenin and now this year, it’s the year of the asteroids and comets.)
5. And the last card: The False Flag Alien Invasion. (The Cabal will use the antigravity craft back-engineered fleet to fool the viewing public into thinking that they are extraterrestrial UFOs.)

In the present context of increasingly abundant open flights of UFOs ‘Star Visitor craft’ over populated areas, the Cabal have devised special measures that they believe will sell the public on the “reality” of the “alien invasion” the Cabal have planned. The film industry, with their ongoing presentations of UFOs and Aliens films, funded by the Cabal and powers within the governments, is part of the strategy to fool the people.

Okay, that is where their article loses all credibility for me. Because now they state: “At this point, the prophecy of Von Braun becomes true, phase 1, 2 and 3 already happened. Phase 4 is starting and hopefully the real extraterrestrials will take action to prevent that phase 5 will happen in the near future.”

PLEASE! First anyone who is awake at all knows that these aliens are in fact demonic interdimensional beings. Second they have NO intention of helping us with anything other than our own spiritual and physical demise. This woman is very interesting to listen to and I believe what she is saying. And if you look at what has happened thus far she is right on the money. But she has now become a New Age Guru of sorts and has a following like one. The scientist she worked for was a former Nazi and I am not saying that she is aligned with that at all. But she worked with him…side by side. Does that not warrant consideration? I think it does.

Is what she is saying true? Probably to some extent if not completely. Is it worth watching and seeing where it goes? Of course, we are commanded to watch. Do I blindly trust all that she is saying like the New Agers? Absolutely not! She is a mere human being who may have part of a truth but certainly not all of the truth. Please people, use caution and common sense and always weigh what your hearing against scripture to put it into perspective.

Here is a video of the first speech I ever heard her give:  Carol Rosin Full Speech IUFOC 2011 (International Space Treaty)

More info on Carol Rosin and Werner Von Braun

ALERT: Planet reeling from spasm of quakes: seismic stress could be building towards an event Courtesy of Extinction Protocol

March 19, 2013PLANET – The planet is currently reeling from a dense spectrum of moderate to light tremors, which have struck along major tectonic plate boundaries over the last 18 hours. As a precursor to this seismic dynamism; we have seen elevated activity at many of the world’s volcanoes, including hotspots in Hawaii, Etna, and the Canary Islands. The latest spat of seismic activity across the globe has every indication of being a precursor to a major seismic stress release, which I have forecasted since last week. This event could be hours, or even days away. The window of elevated hazard risk, at present, extends through March 23, and is annunciated by the spring equinox. –TEP




Extinction Protocol


Emulation of Similarity


I woke up this morning with the words “Emulation of Similarity” and had NO clue what that meant. I put it in Google and got lead to a page I will show you in a moment. Then I looked up emulation and here is what it said:
obsolete : ambitious or envious rivalry
: ambition or endeavor to equal or excel others (as in achievement)
a : imitation

Notice the first is obsolete. Okay, here is the article I was lead to :

Here is the lead in statement:
Many scientists expect the eventual development of intelligent software programs capable of closely emulating human brains, to the point of substituting for human labor in almost every economic niche. As software, such emulations could be cheaply copied, with copies subsequently diverging and interacting with their copy-relatives. This paper examines a set of evolutionary pressures on interaction between related emulations, pressures favoring the emergence of superorganisms, groups of emulations ready to self-sacrifice in service of the superorganism. We argue that the increased capacities and internal coordination of such superorganisms could pose increased risks of overriding human values, but also could facilitate the solution of global coordination problems.

Later I went over to electsister777’s dream blog: Dream Diary only to find she too had a similar dream on the subject as well…which was TOTAL confirmation for me. Prior to seeing her post I was still wondering if I had the message correct. Please check out her audio blog called: Feb 7, 2013 (Audio) Dream: Androids Finishing Touches posted today Feb. 27, 2013.

May Yahuah bless and protect all of His true followers in these days!



P.S. Now I just came across this to verify and confirm what we are being told even further: StarCraft II’s Channel

ALERT: The Great Collapse: crust weakening, slipping, and collapsing across the planet

Seriously people…I am NOT trying to sensationalize things, BUT the last three days I go to my email and there is something there that just floors me again! I have a feeling that the rest of 2013 and no doubt forward until Yahusha returns is going to get increasingly more unreal. Well, here is the latest.


Click here to go to: EXTINCTION PROTOCOL

February 23, 2013Geological event rips road in Arizona: A 150-foot section of U.S. 89 south of Page that buckled and sunk four feet Wednesday might have been caused by a “geologic event,” according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. The road collapsed at mile post 526 just 2.5 miles north of the intersection with U.S. 89A, about 25 miles south of page, according to an ADOT spokesman. He said the incident was not related to the weather. The road was closed in both directions and there was no estimation when the highway would reopen, said an ADOT spokesman. ADOT officials said northbound U.S. 89 was closed at the U.S. 89A junction, which takes motorists west toward Jacob Lake. In Page, U.S. 89 was closed at the junction with State Route 98. Northbound motorists were being routed to U.S. 160 east to State Route 98, and north on SR 98 back to U.S. 89 in Page. The detour is about 45 miles longer than the direct route, the spokesman said. The Coconino College campus in Page was also closed because of the road closure. DPS reported a number of collisions within the collapse, but none appeared to be serious. No injuries were reported. No other information was immediately available. –KPHO


Massive landslip in the UK: There is no end in sight to the severe disruption a landslide has caused for Scunthorpe area rail passengers, according to a leading rail expert. Sim Harris, managing editor at Railnews, the national newspaper for the British rail industry, says the landslide near Hatfield Colliery that is affecting thousands of North Lincolnshire rail passengers is the worst in decades. The disruption for passengers travelling between Scunthorpe and Doncaster has seen their journeys extended by up to an hour as they take buses to and from their destination. Work cannot begin repairing the track until the landslide stops moving – and officials at Network Rail say they have no idea when this will be. Mr Harris said: “Landslips themselves are not that uncommon and over the last year there have been quite a few because of the heavy rain that we have had. “There have been a lot of landslips that have not been rail-related, but some railways have been affected. This one is certainly the worst in my recollection and you have to go back a long way to find anything of this nature. In 1953, there were floods along the east coast service near Newcastle, where bridges were washed away. I don’t think I have seen anything like this in recent memory. I don’t recall anything as serious as this. There is no end in sight. He says repairing the line will not be an easy task. Until the ground stops moving, there is not much that Network Rail can do – their hands are tied. When it stops moving, it will take more than five minutes to rebuild four tracks of main railway. There are junctions that are involved which make it much more difficult.” –


Unprecedented landslip in Spain: Heavy rains in recent weeks have caused a major landslide in Subiza (Cendea of ​​Galar) that has devastated rural roads, farms and caused serious damage to two electrical towers that are at serious risk of falling. The landslide is located on the southeast slope of Mount of Forgiveness, towards Bells, and therefore did not affect any house in this small town of Basin, about 190 inhabitants. The dimensions of the land mass, dragged stones and vegetation, as a result of heavy rainfall are calculated such that can reach 800 meters long and 700 wide. “It is of immense dimensions, and quite tremendous.” I’ve never seen one this big slide,” claimed yesterday Esteban Faci, geologist of the Government of Navarre, in an initial field assessment. Continuous rains, during January and February, along with the snowmelt, are behind this spectacular landslide, which began about three or four weeks, according to Ismael Amatriain. As if it were a glacier, the tongue of land, rocks and vegetation has shifted gradually from the hillside, taking about six or seven fields of wheat and barley crops with it. It has also destroyed three rural roads; sometimes breaking them so dramatically that you could see a stretch perfectly, you can see where the next, 10 or 15 feet had moved. In addition, roads, are covered by tons of earth in places, and have large and deep cracks. The council has sealed off many of these roads, making access totally impassable. The landslide also destroyed a cattle track that crossed the region. –Noticias


Nightmarish cracks, splits land in Kashmir: At least 200 families of Yamrad Bala, 16 km from Handwara have been forced to migrate to other locations after cracks developed in the land around their houses. The cracks are widening constantly giving a nightmarish experience to the inhabitants. Locals said that land was developing cracks, which were widening with each passing day. They expressed fear that their residential structures may collapse anytime and result in devastation of life and property. The land is developing cracks and it appears that major soil erosion may wreak havoc to life and property,” said Habibullah Qureshi, a local. The village is located at a slope and a non-metallic road connects it with the Handwara town. We have a joint family of 18 members living under a single roof. Fearing collapse of our house, we were forced to evacuate during the night and stay with relatives in Magam since Monday,” Muhammad Ayoub, a local said. Some families who muster courage to stay in their homes during nights said it was a nightmarish experience for them to spend nights amid increasing fear of widening of cracks. Following a representation by locals about soil erosion in the village, a team from Soil Conservation Department accompanied by Tehsildar Handwara Ghulam Ahmad Khan today visited the village. Officials of Soil Conservation Department collected the sample of soil and sent it for testing. There is no need to panic and necessary measures will be taken for the safety of inhabitants of the village,” Khan said. Most of the families evacuated their houses and moved to safer location in nearby localities during nights. “Staying for nights here may prove disastrous because land is developing more cracks at different places. For past two days, we have been moving to other locations to spend nights and avoid any eventuality,” a local Muhammad Sarwar said. “The soil may have turned marshy after many years. If that is the case, then the entire village may be forced to migrate to other areas for rehabilitation,” said another local Abdul Rashid Lone. –Rising Kasmir


Giant sinkhole swallows rice field in China: Frozen rice fields in Sichuan province were swallowed up by a massive sinkhole Tuesday, with farmland collapsing into a pit ten metre across in the province’s Weiyuan county. The cave-in occurred around 7pm on February 5, with an explosive sound heard by villagers 100 meters away, which some compared to the sound of firecrackers. No one was reported to have been killed or injured, according to China News Service, but villagers will have to deal with the gaping holes in the middle of their land, while authorities monitor the area for further geologic instability. –Shanghai List

ALERT: New Gun Control Laws Coincide with DSM-5 Introduction

I just received this in my inbox:

A quick thought:

Everyone is “up in arms” (pun intended) about the push for more gun control laws. But no one seems to be noticing that a significant number of the new proposals are aimed at EXPANDING MENTAL HEALTH related powers of the government.

This is OBVIOUSLY intentionally timed to coincide with the introduction of the new DSM-5 psychiatric diagnosis manual, which represents what is possibly the biggest scandal ever in the history of the psychiatric so-called “profession.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if their plan is to abandon most of the new gun control proposals after awhile due to public outcry, which will show everyone that “the system still works,” but then quietly push through the mental-health-specific provisions that most people are not paying attention to. And I’ll tell you right now, if they do that then you might as well just turn your guns in anyway because once the DSM-5 psychiatric diagnostic manual goes into effect in a few months, they will start diagnosing large numbers of Americans as mentally ill.

The timing of the DSM-5 introduction and the new mental-health related gun control proposals is OBVIOUSLY INTENTIONAL AND NOT A COINCIDENCE.

I say that you cannot be PRO-SECOND AMENDMENT today if you are not also equally ANTI-PSYCHIATRY.

Jeff Polachek
January 18, 2013

Visit his site here:



What is the truth now?


We read stories about this outbreak and that new disease and blah, blah, blah. I always wonder, is this for real? Are we being duped? Is this a scare tactic and for what reason? Did they create this in a lab? I know your thinking I sound paranoid…and I am I guess, at least to a certain point. But every now and then I read something and I KNOW beyond a shadow of any doubt that what is being said is an outright, bold faced LIE! And THIS is one of those time folks.

I read the following article on Extintion Protocol this morning and I will now re-post it for you here and then I will tell you the HONEST, to goodness TRUTH!:

Planet’s mercurial weather patterns spawn rise in disease outbreaks

January 1, 2013CLIMATE – The year started in the United States with a mild flu season but ended up being marked by deadly outbreaks of fungal meningitis, West Nile virus and Hantavirus. Tainted steroid medication has been cited as the cause of the meningitis outbreak that killed 39 people. Weather contributed to the worst outbreak of West Nile virus since 2003 and an unusual outbreak of Hantavirus in California’s Yosemite National Park. Transmitted by infected mice, Hantavirus is a severe, sometimes fatal syndrome that affects the lungs. West Nile can cause encephalitis or meningitis, infection of the brain and spinal cord or their protective covering. investigators found that it had shipped thousands of fungus-tainted vials of methylprednisolone acetate to medical facilities around the United States. The steroid was typically used to ease back pain. More than 14,000 people were warned that they may have had an injection of the tainted steroid. Doctors continue to see new cases of spinal infections related to the steroid, and cases of achnoiditis, an inflammation of nerve roots in the spine. The outbreak led two Democratic lawmakers in the U.S. House of representatives to introduce legislation to increase government oversight of compounded drugs. And what lies ahead in 2013? “While there are some trends we can predict, the most reliable trend is that the next threat will be unpredictable,” said Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Thomas Frieden. –MSNBC As of December 11, 5,387 cases of West Nile virus had been reported in 48 states, resulting in 243 deaths, the CDC said in its final 2012 update on the outbreak. The 2003 outbreak left 264 dead from among nearly 10,000 reported cases. A large number of cases this year occurred in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi where there are large mosquito populations. CDC and state officials have said that rainfall in the spring and record high summer temperatures contributed to the severity of the outbreak by affecting mosquito populations, which transmit the disease by biting humans and animals. Health officials said that only a small percentage of cases of West Nile virus are reported because most people have no symptoms and about 20 percent have mild symptoms such as aches and fever. One in 150 people with West Nile virus develop other illnesses such as meningitis and encephalitis. The biggest outbreak in nearly two decades of Hantavirus, which emerges in dry and dusty environments, cropped up during the summer in 1,200-square-mile (3,100-square-km) Yosemite National Park, killing three of 10 infected visitors. The National Park issued warnings to 22,000 people who may have been exposed to the rare disease, and 91 Curry Village cabins in the park were closed in late August. In early September, a 78-year-old judge named Eddie Lovelace was rushed to a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. Thought to have had a stroke, he died a few days later. After a large outbreak of fungal meningitis was linked to tainted steroid injections, Lovelace’s cause of death was revised. He became the first documented death in a meningitis outbreak that has infected 620 people and killed 39 in 19 states. The New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Massachusetts, was closed after investigators found that it had shipped thousands of fungus-tainted vials of methylprednisolone acetate to medical facilities around the United States. The steroid was typically used to ease back pain. More than 14,000 people were warned that they may have had an injection of the tainted steroid. Doctors continue to see new cases of spinal infections related to the steroid, and cases of achnoiditis, an inflammation of nerve roots in the spine. The outbreak led two Democratic lawmakers in the U.S. House of representatives to introduce legislation to increase government oversight of compounded drugs. And what lies ahead in 2013? “While there are some trends we can predict, the most reliable trend is that the next threat will be unpredictable,” said Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Thomas Frieden. –MSNBC

This statement is true, this is what it does to animals:

“West Nile can cause encephalitis or meningitis, infection of the brain and spinal cord or their protective covering.”

The animals do strange things like run in circles or cannot keep their balance and act like they are dizzy. Their eyes click back and forth (called tracking) fast like they are dizzy. Its all neurological. They need support and to be force fed, given fluids and such because they can’t eat. Depending upon the severity of the case some could not even keep their balance to stand. Some would make it, the worst would not, usually due to being unable to keep the food down. No doubt the dizziness would make them nauseous. Steroids were used to take down inflammation and relieve the symtoms. If that worked well for them then they would survive, but if it was too far gone they would not make it. I would say, looking back, that it was probably more that died than what made it through. But I really feel, I can’t prove this, but my gut tells me that it was mainly because most of the cases we got were not caught early. If it could be caught early as in some that we did get, then they survived. You could tell by how bad the symtoms were, how progressed it was. It was a VERY sad year.


“The 2003 outbreak left 264 dead from among nearly 10,000 reported cases.”

Unless they are talking about animals and NOT humans this is a lie. How do I know? I was and am a certified nursing assistant and though I worked for years with humans in home health hospice, for the last ten years of my career I worked as a veterinarian assistant in a small clinic that worked with and treated exotic animals. Which included wildlife. The vet worked with several rehabbers of wildlife in the area and even had an award for his service to wildlife. We always had interesting critters in the building. Everything from a baby black bear to red tailed hawks to a fawn right down to baby squirrels and birds that fell out of trees during storms. Carrie (the other vet tech) took care of the squirrels and baby racoons and I did all the birds and rodent type critters. The rest we both worked with. I clearly remember 2003!

The Starling I currently have was a baby from that same summer) that is why I did not release him as I normally did the baby birds that grew up. It killed an outrageous number of animals, mostly birds. I KNOW I was TREATING them!!!! I had seagulls, crows, mice, squirrels and more all in MY care for the same disease…WEST NILE! I treated them daily for MONTHS!!!! NO mask, NO gloves, NO gown. It was never transmitted to me, Carrie (the other tech) or Doc! It was the MOST virrulent at that time as I have ever since seen it. I had a crow fall out of the sky dead at my feet while walking to my car and another (pigeon) fall dead from the sky next to my car at a stop light both that same year! We had sick animals EVERYWHERE that year. I tell you the TRUTH!!!! IT WAS NOT TRANSMITTED TO HUMANS! Or I would have had it. I love animals and when they are sick I baby them and I kiss them (that may gross some out but I love them) and I pray over them and I touch them often and unless I was going to handle another animal right after that, I most likely did not bother washing my hands unless I did something gross, like clean up poop or something. This is a LIE, LIE, LIE!!!!! It killed ZERO humans that year or any other year till now!!!! If it had killed anyone I would have known, we would have been alerted. We WORKED WITH THE OFFICIALS, WE SAVED DEAD BIRDS AND ANIMALS to turn into them for study! The word from them ALL at that time was THIS IS NOT TRANSMITTED TO HUMANS. Now either they lied then or they are lying now. BUT THEY ARE LYING!

This is when I get the confirmation I need to know that I am NOT nuts or paranoid! I have good grounds to not trust what they say and do. So now we have to ask the question. Are they lieing and its not transmitted to humans OR have they worked on this virus in the lab and enhanced it so that it IS now transmissable to humans? Or is this something all together different that they are labeling as West Nile? I find this last one almost impossible to go with.

Just a note to say that I am in no way blaming Extinction Protocol for these untruths as they are only telling what has been told to them. Extinction Protocol actually does a wonderful job of reporting the news and I am a subscriber:)

May Yahuah bless and protect ALL of His people in these dark times!