Portals to Heaven’s Throne Room



While praying in the spirit yesterday I was given a vision of something taking place in the spiritual…Yahshua/Jesus was extremely busy and was using my prayer to somehow carry out the commands He was giving to His army of angels. I watched as I prayed spellbound by what was happening. Yahshua was commanding them like a general in the military would and no sooner would a command leave His lips than it was immediately carried out and I mean FAST!

I saw Yahshua create a portal that reached to each true believer’s home straight up to the heavenlies. I was given the impression that it actually reached right into the throne room though I could not see that end of it. At the earthly end where ever it reached a believer’s home an angel was stationed with his sword drawn and at the ready. We are to pray, heal, cast out demons and so forth KNOWING the full authority we have been given…KNOWING we are linked directly to the throne room and we are receiving the blessing of Yahweh in all we do in Yahshua’s name.

The angels are the General’s elite (like the Navy Seals or Green Berets) and we are the General’s foot soldiers. But unlike Earth, in the Heavenlies the foot soldiers carry great importance and are NOT expendable. Because each one carries the possibility of bringing many, many recruites which it turns out, is actually a rescue mission. Each recruite, unbeknownst to him, is rescued from an eternity of torture, pain and fear by the enemy.