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Israel Condemned for Cross-Border Attack on Syria

To whom does the Golan Heights belong?

(This was very interesting that the Golan Heights is the Bashan of the bible. Do you recall Yahusha/Jesus saying He was encompassed by the “bulls of Bashan”? He was referring to demons. When you read the article it speaks of it being mainly desolate UNTIL the Jews inhabited it and revived the land (which they are very good at doing with the hand of Yahuah helping). Even then the Jews were attacked by “Arab gangs”…no doubt infected by the “bulls of Bashan”.)

Israel’s Attack on Syria-Lebanon Border Said to Target Military Research Hub

Israel boycotts UN forum, first state in history to ignore human rights review

Israeli warplanes carry out air strike on Syria

Brazen Military Drills Tour America 2013

Over 1000 Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting Second Amendment

Inside the FBI’s ‘Terror factory’

Man Arrested For Posing With Baby And BB Gun On Facebook Photo

(THIS they notice yet the other day I actually found a YouTube video on how to make Potassium Cyanide…a devastatingly deadly poison! They apparently did not see that conveniently.)

UN Report: Israel Must Immediately Dismantle Settlements or Face ICC

In Indiana: Save a deer’s life, face charges

How the Elite Will Sell Global Collapse To The Masses

Obama’s Destruction of America On Fast-Track Second Term Start

Stonewalling Benghazi Into Irrelevancy

Fundamental Transformation of America Equals turning legal civil society into illegal one

Environmentalists remain silent on oil-rich climate change gurus

Nine people killed, as freak hailstorm rains ice boulders on Indian villages

Fields of fire: 4 volcanoes now erupting simultaneously in Kamchatka

Four strong earthquakes signal angry ‘Ring of Fire’

Indonesia’s Mount Lokon volcano shaken by double eruptions

Russian scientists voice concerns about dangers of a supervolcano erupting in Italy

6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes region of Santa Cruz Islands

6.0 magnitude earthquake shakes southeastern Alaska

VICTORY: Wyoming Anti-NDAA Bill passes Committee 6-3, on its way to the House

The Patriot’s Most Wanted: If There WAS a List, These People Would Be At the Top of It

All data stored on cloud computing services can be accessed by US government without a warrant

Tetanus Vaccine Causes New Disease: New Vaccines Worse?

How Living In A City Rewires Your Brain