The first of many to come???

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Order of Events to Come

The Lord spoke these words to me today:
“I so dearly love you, My children, and long for the time when we are together for eternity.  This Bridegroom longs for His Bride!  And I am coming soon!  Make no mistake, My dear daughter, I am coming soon!  Much sooner than many think.  But I am speaking to My own so My coming will not be sudden to them.
I have given you knowledge of events to come and this is the order in which they will come:
First of all, there will be a cataclysmic event that will affect all mankind;  then there will be darkness over all the earth; then I will reveal Myself to the hearts of every man and woman on the face of the earth.  Their sinful nature will be exposed and they will realise their need of Me.  They will realise that I am indeed their Creator and their Redeemer. That I, Jesus, shed My blood for them on the Cross and that without My forgiveness they will not enter Heaven.  They will be given the choice of accepting Me as their Lord and Saviour, or rejecting Me.
This will be My last intervention from Heaven to a world dying of sin, to save each individual from a fate worse than death – eternity in Hell.  So many think that Hell does not exist.  They think, ‘How could a loving God send anyone to Hell?”  They don’t realise that no sin can enter Heaven and it is only through My shed blood on the Cross that any sin is forgiven.  If My sacrifice on the Cross is rejected, there is no other means to keep that person from eternity in Hell.  If they don’t choose Me as their Lord and Saviour, then I have no power whatsoever over their souls.  They have chosen to align themselves with Satan, who longs to drag My precious children into the abyss of  Hell with himself.  He does not desire this out of any feeling or regard for the person he has deceived, but to thwart Me, as he hates Me so intensely, and therefore he wants to hurt Me by hurting My children.
This is why My intervention is so necessary, as it will lift the veil of deception from the eyes of each and every person on the face of the earth and they will be given the opportunity to choose of their own free will.
The darkness that covers the earth will last for three days and it is during this time that I will manifest Myself to mankind. Don’t fear this event, My children, for it is out of My great love for you that this event has been prepared since the beginning of time. After your hearts are purified, My Holy Spirit will invade your beings as never before and you will arise to do great miracles and will lead many to Me in the short time left before I come for My Bride.
Arise, My children, with joy in your hearts, for your Bridegroom cometh for His Bride!
Your Jesus,
Your Bridegroom”
Clearly these people are Christians and believers. I find it very interesting in light of the prophecy above (which I have heard others saying this same thing as well) that the believing son points at his dad and tells him “Dad, your not going to die today.”! and a few seconds later daddy is back!!!! You bet its a miracle. My question is…is this the first of many more to come? Praise you Lord you are so AWESOME! HalleluYah!!!!


To those who blame Yah for every disaster and evil happening…a word from Him 05/21/2013


Beloveds so many know so little if anything at all about me. Many range from blaming me for every disaster to denying that I even exist. Today I am addressing those who blame me for every disaster and evil happening that takes place on Earth.

How many of you have children whom you love with all your hearts, or family, brothers, sisters, parents? Is there a spouse or boyfriend, girlfriend or even a beloved family pet that you love dearly? If your children, spouses, friends hang with the wrong crowd and you spend many years telling them this but they ignore your warnings or worse act as if you know nothing at all, how do you feel? As you watch them slowly destroy their lives and walking down a path headed for sure disaster, perhaps drug addiction, which leads to depression, which leads eventually to suicide and you try and try to warn them but are ignored each time. How devastating is that to you? If you love a family pet, let’s say a dog and as you are walking him one day he takes out after a squirrel across a busy street and you yell and yell for him to come back because you can see the cars barreling down on him but you are ignored, his attention is solely on that squirrel and nothing will stop him and he gets hit and killed by a car. How sad and devastated are you?

My beloveds in each of these circumstances you could see the danger, you tried and tried to change their paths in spite of the pain of rejection you often felt. It was NEVER your will that they should ever have to suffer any of these things and it certainly was not your will that they should die. But THEY had their own will and it was free will for them to use as they see fit. No one should ever take your free will, to do so is slavery and witchcraft and I abhor these things.

How you feel in these instances is only an inkling of how I feel. You can only see the certain demise of the flesh. I can see the eternal devastation of the souls. You can only see the suffering they go through here on Earth and wrongly believe in some situations that their suffering ends with the death of the flesh. Not so. In many, many instances their suffering is only beginning because they had not yet turned to me, repented of their sins and asked me for my Son’s salvation. That is ALL it would have taken to save them from eternal torture at the hands of the demons who hate me and hate YOU who are created in MY image and likeness.

They say I ALLOW these things to happen, that I could interfere and change things. Yes, quite true I could. But I will NOT interfere in their right to free will. They must ask me for that help, then I may interfere and change their course. How often, more often than not, I am rejected blatantly, mocked, despised and hated, shunned. My Son is ridiculed, called JUST a man, called names…He suffered enough when it happened the first time. He suffered in mind, body, soul and spirit, He experienced rejection not only from you but worse still, from ME! He BECAME ALL the sin, filth, squalor, sludge, perversions, hypocrisies, idolatries…ALL that is EVIL incarnate He became by taking it ALL from ALL time, from before that time and from after that time until the end of time. Because had He NOT done this willingly, none of you could have EVER approached me. I am pure and Holy and my fire destroys all darkness it encounters. So He took ALL of your darkness and evil for ALL time, He took it from you and put it upon Himself and was slaughtered with it. His innocent Blood flowed onto MY Mercy Seat and He stood before me and pleaded your cause to me and I will NEVER deny Him anything! EVER! With HIS Blood covering you can stand before me and all I will see is HIS purity and righteousness. By Him, and ONLY by Him, are you saved.

My will is that NO ONE should ever suffer, my will for you has always been eternal life with me in my peace and harmony. But in your free will many of you choose as Eve did. But many do not repent of it as Eve did. So you are lost to me forever if you die in the flesh before you come to My Son.

Now the darkness is growing exponentially, portals have opened, dimensions are thinning and demons are flowing into your world as your nations abandon me and reject my Son. Soon it will be impossible to leave my Son’s Bride there any longer, she is not appointed to my wrath. She is the light of the world, she houses His Holy Spirit, she is the salt of the Earth. When she is gone you will experience a glimpse of hell. My hand will no longer hold back the demons for her sake. Your will is that I and my Son leave and we will grant you your desire, your free will. Be prepared for what you ask . Those in hell will tell you, without my light there is blackness, without my hand to control the demons and their attacks, you will be ripped to shreds, without my presence there is NOTHING good that I created. The light is gone, the vegetation will die, the waters will turn bitter, your air will be poisoned and that is only the beginning of sorrows.

My Son’s heart breaks continually for you, our sorrow you could not withstand. You have little if any understanding of how our hearts are and have been tortured for you. The demons know. Satan knows the pain he causes my Son and I through you. They are rejoicing in much the same way as they did when He was on the cross. They thought they had won then too. Once again, the Bulls of Bashan are encompassing, but this time it is you they encompass.

Come to me, beloveds. COME TO ME NOW! Your flesh is weak and could give way at any moment do not wait for it to be too late. Just say you are sorry and ask Him to help you to sin no more. His forgiveness knows no limits but when His Bride is taken…the departure is final and complete. Do not be a prideful and foolish child. We are here, we are waiting….come.