It’s False…which I kinda suspected, sadly.


Thank you Bonnie from BON’S BLOG for finding and sharing the truth with us!

Curiosity Rover found no tablets from God on Mars…it was a purely satirical piece…sadly. It would have been wonderful though, huh? Soon, very soon the world will have all the proof it needs that He is real. Amen? Yah bless you all!

Shiny Gold Compact Disc Found On Mars? Mars Rover Curiosity, 2013

Re-print from: UFO Sightings HotSpot…Will not allow me to make a link so here is the URL:

Most of these images are questionable at best that they have come up with…BUT this one is really interesting because I don’t know what else on Mars could possibly be made to look like this except for what it plainly appears to be.

mars anomalies mars rover curiosity 2013


What else on Mars could be that color and obviously shiny?