ALERT: Please try this at home…

I just saw this video by RevMichelleHopkins on YouTube. PLEASE WATCH THIS it is not too long:


damn chemtrails

Of course I had to try this too and I urge you to do the same. It is very hard to pack just as she said but once I got a small amount packed I put the flame to it and sure enough…not one drop of water from the stuff. And it smells like chemicals as it “burns” like styroform and it does turn black. I tried the ice cubes as well and with a lighter I got the same results as her but with much less black because I purify my water. But when I used a candle instead the droplets were clear.

So my thoughts on this are that obviously because I filter my water whatever was reacting with the butane, if indeed that is the issue, there was less of it to turn black in my filtered water. So something must be in there to react with the butane. Because with her unfiltered water she was getting black like soot. I was too just much less of it. So the fact that she used butane only allows us to actually SEE the compound that is reacting with it. Its not the butane on its own, in my opinion. I am no chemist obviously but if someone out there is I would love to hear your take on the butane aspect.

NOW my sister actually believes me when I say that they are spraying us…you should have seen her face when I did this experiment in front of her. I used to get that “you must have had one too many pain pills today” look on her face. Not now!


The dark days of Noah are upon us…


Chemtrails. I related them with weather modification. I knew HAARP was somehow involved as well and that the chemtrails actually could create a “screen” upon which holograms could be displayed. I knew that this year it seemed when ever the sun appeared they went to work spraying until within a couple of hours it was grey and gloomy again and it would eventually rain, AGAIN. I knew there was talk and speculation that nanobots were part of the mixture being dumped on us. I knew the chemicals included heavy metals and some who had rain water analyzed said there were red blood cells in it. Hmmm, thats very weird. I knew that none of this was good for ANY form of life, but I figured it had to be the worst for those who worked outside and those that lived outside (mainly the homeless and the animals). I wondered if there was a connection to all the mass animal and fish deaths and these chemtrails…but never saw any such research. In fact very little if any research is being done save for the few citizens who gather the rain water and pay out of their pockets to have it analyzed. I knew all of this was very, very bad.

Some other bad things I have noted on my own and also with the help of citizens on places like YouTube were strange effects taking place in local nature. Obviously many have noticed the strange fluctuations in the weather patterns which basically have no patterns anymore at all. Last year at this time we were baking in extreme heat and at the beginning of what would become a major drought and a disaster for the farmers in the midwest. This year it was April 23rd and it was actually spitting snow outside even though the temperature was in the 40’s. My garden sits empty as its too cold to plant and the rains have been constant and hard as the flooding in the midwest also attests to. A friend of mine has noticed a particular bird in her area that never stays for the winter but migrates away except for this year. They stayed the entire winter, no migrations. We have lost countless trees, especially evergreens during the drought last year. But I have also noticed, and it began around the time of the Gulf disaster, that many trees seem to be slowly dying off and we lose more every year. I feed feral cats outside and a couple who were young and appeared strong grew suddenly very thin, began drinking excessive amounts of water, stopped eating and eventually disappeared, obviously and sadly I am sure they have passed. Now I am sure this could have been just a normal “cat’ disease or illness but I bring them up because even though I offer purified water on my porch for them, these two rarely drank it. They instead would go find a puddle and drink from that. Only when it was dry or winter when it was frozen would they partake of the clean water oddly enough. I find it interesting that the two who did that are no longer around. I wonder how many others are being affected that we do not know about?

Then there is Morgellons Disease. A disease that many, most actually, doctors will not acknowledge as a real legitimate illness, despite a growing number of people who are exhibiting the same odd symptoms. Including my sister. These people complain of feeling a movement under their skin, my sister feels this in her head. They say it feels like bugs crawling on them. They sometimes have open lesions all over their bodies through which various types of “fibers” come out. They can be multicolored or a single color, looked at under a microscope at times crystals can also be seen. When the fibers are analyzed it is found that they do not match any substance upon this planet. They have recently linked this disease to GMO’s but this is being fought by Monsanto, of course.

Now you combine all of that and start telling people around you about it and see what happens. First of all MOST of them have no clue what a chemtrail is and they have not noticed the weird “lines and crosses” in the sky. This amazed me. I don’t understand how you can live on a planet and NOT notice something that obvious to me. But then this is not the first time that I have felt like a stranger in a strange land. So needless to say they also are clueless on most all of what I have mentioned as well. Then if you have no sense, like me, and you go on to tell them how the elite ruling class are trying to kill off us nobodies…well, lets just say they don’t believe you. Why, they say, that can’t be true they would be killing themselves too. I thought, that IS a good point…I wonder what that means? Why would they do this to themselves? Do they have some kind of protection from all this? There has to be an answer…and I prayed and asked for an answer and I waited and waited and it never came. Until last night. All I can say is, its much worse than anything I could have dreamed of.

Satan is the great counterfeiter. Everything that Yah does Satan has to do too with a twist that turns it upside down. Yahuah sent us a Savior, the Messiah, Yahshua/Jesus the Christ. Satan creates the anti-christ. Yahuah has a Jubilee where every debt is forgiven and I am sure the Beast will also have a jubilee and forgive everyones debt. Wouldn’t that make him popular amongst the masses? Look what happened when BHO gave away a free phone? Now imagine everyones debt forgiven. Jesus was called the Morning Star so Satan had to steal it…it goes on and on. Never an original thought only sloppy seconds. Satan is so jealous of Yah and all He has created that it literally eats him up. Well now he is going to try to re-create all the life forms on this planet. From us all the way down to the rocks his plan is to change it all. You don’t have to believe me or take my word for anything. Just do yourself a favor and listen to the video’s and check out the websites. Put the big picture together. Satan has a plan and he is hard at work carrying it out.

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Aliens Hybrids, Genetics & Satan

Do you see the plan now? Yahuah has given us the most beautiful creation of this Earth, stars, sun and moon, the animals, plants, tree’s, water, ocean’s, fish, all of nature and our bodies…the miracles contained within all of this. How it all works in perfect harmony one thing with another…all showing HIS perfection and HIS goodness. And they are twisting and turning it upside down and manipulating, deceiving and wreaking havoc upon ALL life forms that exist. They have declared war upon Yah and all of HIS creation and It is NOW coming to pass in the physical. There are more hybrids around you than you know…its not your imagination if something seems strange more than likely it is. Trust what your being told and do NOT fall for their deceptions. Pray for strength, discernment, wisdom and courage. Pray for Yahshua to come back SOON! Pray Psalm 91, memorize it! Pray for the sake of ALL life. DO NOT STOP PRAYING! The days of Noah are upon us. Yah help us all.