Apologies I have been MIA!

My email got hacked, then the password software I was using lost its mind and between those two things I was locked out of a lot of stuff. So I am making my way back into it all. Hope everyone is well and good and resting under the Fathers Wings!  Sharon

4 comments on “Apologies I have been MIA!

  1. Yes you were MIA I missed you. I asked God if you were with Him or what. My email was hacked all my pictures stolen from my gallery. SD card no longer works. NSA I presume or satan but NSA is satan. Welcome back.

    • Yeah really…they are one in the same entity! Yeah I lost all my pics too a couple of times actually. I did not have anything earth shattering in there but my computer has been acting really weird. The cursor (interesting name for that too) sometimes is all over the place opening and closing various things on my desk top. I have had techs run antivirus programs cause everyone said its a virus. They found nothing. Its no virus, you and I both know that. Thanks for the welcome back…its good to finally be here:)

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