The Goat Farmers

The Goat Farmers.


2 comments on “The Goat Farmers

  1. WOW. Just the post I needed to read tonight. I had just finished trying to help someone break out of their generational curses, and instead I got viciously verbally attacked. (I knew it was the demons within them that caused this.) It grieves me to see their response. They blame God for not being blessed, (they are in poverty and ill health,) yet they refuse to even consider claiming the Blood of Jesus over them, or breaking any familiar curses that might be over them. When I asked the Lord more about them, He told me that they did not seek the truth, and that this is why they are stuck where they are. Then I read this article, where God tells this man in his vision, that it is the same reason that ‘goats’ are stuck where they are; they have no hunger for the Truth. Eye opening and affirming post. Thank you so much for sharing it!

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