A Prelude to the Second Signpost: “Red Line” Drawn by Second Horn


This recent development in Iran has had prophetic circles buzzing in the last two days. Thanks go to one of our readers who alerted both Nelson and me about this story. The leadership within Iran’s IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) has stated to ISIS that crossing Iran’s defined red line will result in Iran’s full participation in combating ISIS.

Those who know the Signposts realize this seems to be an important step toward the Second Signpost, the invasion of the Middle East by Iran. There is another layer of greater significance here though that should be told, which the article ironically has created in a detail which shoots itself in the foot. And so I needed do some homework before posting about this story.

The article says that “Brigadier General Mohammad Baqeri” (also spelled “Bagheri” for those who want to research about this) stated that, “Baghdad, the holy shrines and…

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