The Z Factor…

We see as through a glass darkly

So I seem to be having zombies on the brain lately. Maybe it’s cuz of the recent Canary Cry zombie episode, or maybe because my wife and I watched the 2009 flick “Zombieland” the other day when there wasn’t anything else on tv…  Zombie movies/shows really aren’tguns our thing, but the fact that Woody Harrelson was in it made it moderately entertaining, so, there it was, the rare moment we engage in anything zombie-themed, yet it did make me stop and think a little more about this whole pop cultural phenomenon which surprisingly has shown little sign of slowing down, and what it all might really mean…

Do I think the prospect of a true, literal “zombie apocalypse” is super likely? No. Not really. I mean, sure, stranger things have happened, and stranger yet are probably yet to happen, but still, I honestly don’t see the full-on “Dawn of the…

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2 comments on “The Z Factor…

  1. Most definitely zombies are real and now it’s happening today. In China people there eat their children and the dead and many other countries too. Their are evil people who do sacrifices to babies in Puerto Rico as we all know. And under many churches babies are sacrificed and eaten. The Pope Francis eats raw meat and I know the Queen Elizabeth does. A person becomes one who eat their own kind. They get the shakes also.A good movie to watch is ( The Book of Eli. There you see people shake and are zombies. A good movie where a man called Eli travels across country to deliver the last Bible on earth and everyone is after this Bible. God showed me a vision of people luring people into houses where they kill and cut up human flesh. This vision was so real like I was really there. The rapture is to happen just as man begins to eat man.

    • Yes Steve, and this is but the beginning. NOW is the time to draw close to Jesus if anyone out there has not already. He is the ONLY safe Place to be…do not delay. Call upon Him now.

      God bless you Steve.

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