Zion and Babylon Compared

The Road


Chapter 1 from: The Harlot Church System, by: Charles Elliott Newbold, Jr. – http://www.charlesnewbold.org

Chapter 1 – Zion And Babylon Compared

We often sang scripture songs about Zion. I was a new convert then, gathering with a room full of very Spirit-sensitive believers. Those songs always struck a chord of joy in my heart, but I didn’t know why. “Do you know what Zion is?” I asked one of the sisters.

“Yes.” She meekly answered.

“Would you explain it to me?” I eagerly asked.

“You’ll discover it in time.”

“That’s it!? You know the answer, but I’ll have to wait to discover it myself?” Having no other choice, I waited.

Some years later I came to understand that Zion is a symbolic place in the spirit where Jesus is the only thing there is. He alone takes preeminence.

Then, I came to understand that Babylon meant something as well…

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3 comments on “Zion and Babylon Compared

  1. Sharon, I don’t have your email address but I do end time research and want you to check out latest news I’ve come across. : look up :Germany races to stop US backed July terror attack by president Obama. You will find this of most interest.Germany Intel and Russia are aware of what Obama has planned to bring down America.I believe this will be a nuclear event between now thru July 28th this month.I think everyone should be aware of this.God bless!

    • Hi Steve,
      That does not surprise me. I think most of the world knows what Obama is up to the only ones out of the loop are the Americans. And why wouldn’t most be. The news is fake at best and pathetic with no true coverage of anything with substance. Gone are any true journalists and the average person is so busy trying not to drown in debt and/or just survive there is no time for much else. Keep em busy and their eyes are off of anything else.

      A lot of people are saying the economy will start is true crash on the 28th…well if what you suspect happens that would sure do it. Wouldn’t it? I will check that out Steve, thanks. Yah bless you and keep you and yours safe!

    • Steve,
      I just went to check that out and the story is by “Sorcha Faal” which is not even the name of a real person. The stories on that site are not too credible, they may have some basis of truth but overall they spin a lie. Type in “Who is Sorcha Faal” and you’ll see what I mean.

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