The Adventures of Fly Exterminations


40 day election fast

Hello! I have not dropped off from the face of the earth! I have missed you! But I have been so busy – it’s almost like at the turn of 2014 God said “Ready? Set? Go!”

In my last post I had discussed about what calling God had possibly been stirring in your heart to do for Him in His Kingdom. I hadn’t mentioned mine yet.
For three years He has laid on my heart to start a national day of fasting and prayer. But you know the old tale, “Me? Nah. I’m imagining things. I’m a nobody and to do something of a national magnitude? Pfft! Move on!” Ok, so I was wrong. The burning desire got greater and I have started it. And now it’s like He has pulled me by the hand and said, “Come. Lets’ do this!”

He has so many plans and is already moving…

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2 comments on “The Adventures of Fly Exterminations

  1. Yes I do know what it is like when one asks who me Lord?
    What I have learned is that it is good to say; “Lord I do not know how but I am not say No to you.”
    God bless you, I shall be of One Accord with you in prayer and fasting, amen.

    • Thank you so much and I am sure she will appreciate all your prayers. This is a re-blog from another blogger friend of mine who is awesome and very sweet and needs all the love, support and prayers we can muster. Yah bless you brother.

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