Brothers and sisters I have been trying to tell people on YouTube this very thing! When we judge we push people farther from the Father…which means in essence we are scattering His sheep. You may have great intentions of upholding something from the bible but the question truly is…what did Jesus do? When did we see Him standing on any street corner telling people they were doomed?

When they went to stone the woman Jesus stopped them I believe by pointing out all their sins to them. They had to walk away and then Jesus set her free too with love. Everything He did He did with love and a smile. We are called to SHOW Jesus to the WORLD! WE are to be the LIGHT of the world by taking Jesus into our hearts and letting Him shine out from there.

Do not pass up this movie, show it to EVERYONE! Do this ASAP! Praise Jesus!!!!


To read an excellent article inspired by this movie go here:

Chris Martin Writes



  1. Sharon, my son showed me this movie a couple of months ago and I was moved by it. It is very challenging, and so true. People are needing the love of God first and foremost, changed lives follow.

    • Amen Deborah! We have to capture them for Christ with His love first then gently the teachings will come from the Holy Spirit to them. And I know many would say there is not time left for this because its too slow, but I say hogwash to that:) We are talking about the one, true, living God here who created ALL life in 7 days! I think if we can bring them to His throne He is very capable of doing the rest. In honesty, if He wants them He really does not even need us to do this. I believe this is part of His grace that He allows us to partake in and we can gain crowns in His Kingdom from our faithful service through it.

      I’m not talking works people, you can put your swords down…lol. Crowns are rewards we receive to be able to have something to cast at His feet as in Revelation when the 24 elders fall down to worship Him and cast their crowns at His feet.

      It is challenging but what amazing results! I loved the so called powerful witchdoctor who supposedly killed pastors, commanded elephants to do his bidding and did blood sacrifices in the forest to tend to his huge congregation of followers in the village. But ended up cowering in his hut and refused to even come out to speak with them and then disappeared. All after the man prayed to give the land back to the Father! Or the Maharishi who was sent by Jesus to the same spot as Ravi was by God to meet each other and then he was saved and led countless others to Christ too! ALL through gentleness and love! The street gang, the Latin Kings in Chicago, I grew up there and they are BRUTAL! Would they have been converted by finger pointing? I guarantee you that the person who did that would end up a statistic!

      Just an awesome example of what can be done through love! None of us would approach a scared animal yelling at them and rebuking them. When we want to help an animal we talk gently and coax them to us with food…lets do the same for our fellow human beings, coaxing them with soul food. All animals attack either for survival or fear…we are no different.

      God bless you sister!

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