ALERT! Internet Traffic Plunges 40% After 5 Minute Google Outage (Video)

Why do I smell a rat here? Are they attempting to see IF they can bring down the entire internet? Are they attempting to see who they still have to target to do so? My guess is yes. Google offers no explanation. How can they? What would they say…”we just wanted to see who we have to get rid of to shut down the internet completely”…lol.

Bottom line Google and all the rest of the NWO wonders out there…you can shut down the internet, take our food, water, cars, whatever. You can come and tear out all our gardens and dump our collected rain water. You can even come and collect us to a FEMA slave labor/death camp and yes, even kill us. What you cannot do is take away our love for our Messiah Yahushua/Jesus the Christ! You cannot steal our immortal souls. And YOU cannot hide from the one true Elohim, Yahuah, no matter how far underground you go…HE IS THERE! He created it ALL. He was there BEFORE you existed because HE created YOU! Nibble on that for awhile!

For your sake, not mine, repent now and save yourself before its too late. You will stand before Him, no matter what, so stand before Him covered in the purity of Yahushua/Jesus the Christ! Because IF you stand before Him as yourself, as the sin filled, fallen, filthy creature that we all naturally are, His pure fire will consume you along with the filthy sin dripping all over you. I urge you to repent and seek Him now because time is EXTREMELY short! But then, you know that, don’t you?


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