What it means to Pray Through

This was sent to me by John Baptist from Tribulation-Now . This is an awesome letter please take the time to read the miracles that prayer can do if you persist and petition God to USE your prayers and as John puts it “water our seeds!”


Personal experiences in the availing and prevailing’ intercessory ministry of Sister E. J. Dabney, as related in an interview and through letters to Sarah Foulkes Moore.

My first acquaintance with Sister Dabney was gained through letters which she sent to a friend from Norfolk, Va., describing the prayer revival which the Lord gave her in that southern city. These letters so stirred me that I made carbon copies of them and mailed them out to prayer group leaders in Los Angeles. AH who read the letters were given a new vision of what it really means to “pray through.” Later, Sister Dabney came to Pastor Couche’s coloured Church at 33rd and Compton, Los Angeles, where in a prayer revival of a few weeks, God saved almost 200 souls and baptised as many with the Holy Ghost and fire.

Sister Dabney is a coloured sister who makes prayer a business. If she sleeps at all, it is to be refreshed to resume her day and night vigils of prayer and waiting on God. She confines herself to one simple meal a day. She never indulges in any personal friendships, nor does she have light conversation with anyone. Usually she comes quietly to a meeting an hour before the time announced and begins to pray. When the meeting is over she slips quietly away to her room where her REAL ministry of travail for the deliverance of souls is carried on, far into the night.

In an interview Sister Dabney revealed how she came to enter this effective work for God and for souls. Her husband is a coloured preacher. He was sent from a prosperous church in Philadelphia to labour in a poor one. At their first meeting no one was present but themselves. She saw it was going to be a difficult field for it was in the most wicked part of the city. She was made to know that nothing but prayer would touch the situation. She determined to give herself to prayer. She made a vow to God that if He would send sinners to that place and save them, she would give herself three days and three nights each week in the Church to prayer for three years. She vowed during two of these years to fast as well as pray. When she first told her husband of her intentions, he was unwilling to have her spend three days and nights each week in the mission alone in prayer. But the Lord made him to know it was of Him so he took her the next morning early to the river side where she knelt and made her vow unto the Lord.

As soon as this little wife of a hard-pressed coloured minister began to pray alone in her husband’s mission, God began to work. Sinners were sent in and soon their little hall was crowded out. Her husband asked her to pray for a larger place. God moved a merchant out of a nicer and larger building across the street and gave them this building. As she continued to pray day and night three days a week in her husband’s new church it, too, was crowded out. Again her husband asked her to pray for a larger church. She did and God gave them a fine large church on a main boulevard in the same neighbourhood. Always the meetings were packed out and souls were delivered from sin and believers baptised in multitudes.

One morning at the church door as she was entering to keep her vow of prayer the Lord met her and said, “Go Home.” But she did not want to go home. She wanted to pray. Then He asked her if she knew what day it was. She felt led to open her purse and read her vow and discovered from the date on the vow that she had exactly completed the three years she had given to God for prayer. Even though the Lord had shown her that her vow had been fulfilled, she wanted to go into the church and adore and worship Him, but He said again, “Go Home.”

She obeyed, everything about her seeming to praise and worship the Lord. When she got home the Lord drew her inside. Her soul was exalting in His Presence. Then He said to her “Go to the basement.” She was afraid of the dark basement and hesitated. Why should the Lord ask her to go to such a place? She said, “Lord, if you are going to take me home to glory, first let me see my husband and son.” She was afraid the Lord was going to take her home in the midst of all this rejoicing. But she put on perfectly new pumps and went to the basement. Instead of darkness it was filled with a wondrous light. Then the Lord spoke to her again and said, “You have prayed through. Now I have come to bless you.”

From the ceiling a fountain poured forth living water and this water rose higher and higher until it engulfed her. The joy and the presence of the Lord was so gloriously manifest to her that she began to dance. The Lord told her wherever she went and prayed He would deliver sinners from their sins, and fill believers with the Holy Spirit. She danced the heels and toes off her brand-new pumps.

This happened six years ago, and God has kept His word. Wherever Sister Dabney goes and gives herself to prayer, sinners are delivered and the saints are filled with the Holy Ghost and fire Thus the Lord mightily anointed her to pray. She does not preach but only counsels saints and sinners to seek the Lord till He is found. The following letters written in the midst of her prayer revival in Norfolk, Va., give an intimate insight into her life of prevailing prayer,

[12] AE vol. 7, no. 6, May 1941                                                        

“I am burdened unto death this morning. My heart seems as if it is going to break. The burden of sinners is upon me greater than ever before, I can hear the cries of the dying world day and night. Nobody knows other than God how I suffer in my body for these poor dying lost sinners,

“The Spirit is crying for a great outpouring of the Holy Ghost. Oh, my dear, this is God’s great ingathering day. For some cause He counted me worthy to suffer the agony of death that our poor people might be delivered before the cry is made, ‘Behold the Bridegroom is here!’ I need your prayers that I may have strength to dig sinners out of the grave of sin in this evening time of our salvation.

“You know as I do that there are few people who are willing to suffer that others might see the light. This is an awful day. The people are hungry for real examples of true holiness. The day is crowded with self and the desire for personal gain, therefore we who are awrakenecl must work double time to help push the battle to the gates.

”Prayer is the only remedy for this day of ills and chills. In the midst of it all, thank God I have found a place, way out in the Spirit upon the mountain, where a praving woman can go and be with God,

“Come, dear one with me out there where Jesus will intercede through you and deliver many sinners through your prayers. If you will follow me into this field of prayer you will thank me for urging you to give your life to pray sinners through to God. He has praying ground to give you which has never been possessed by anybody. He has praying Mils and mountains nobody has ever asked Him for. Your feet can stand on a new height every day and night.”

Preaching is good. Teaching is essential. But praying is the secret. One God-heard and answered prayer will shake creation.

“This work the Lord has entrusted to me is a deathly sorrowful one. I always feel that I am the outcast and the one forsaken. The people think I will drop dead some day praying so hard for deliverance of the prisoners of sin. But? there is no break-clown in God. And I am leaning wholly on Him,

“May 22, ’40. No one other than. God knows the suffering I have to go through in these soul-saving outpours of His salvation into the hearts of the redeemed. I am unusually burdened even unto death. The altars are crowded, sinners are coming in from all parts of the country. The Spirit of the Lord is crying out for thousands to be saved. I am right in the midst of this.

“You know as I do the people have heard the truth, plenty of it. But they need help to deliver them out of bondage that they might serve God in true righteousness and holiness. Preaching, singing, shouting, teaching will not altogether send the earthquake that will open the grave in that sin-prison graveyard where millions are dead in trespasses and sins, You know ns I do we must have power now to help these people. Demonstrations are orderly in season, but when it comes to breaking the seal Satan has placed on the hearts of sinners it is going to take prayer or an unlimited conversation with God.

“So many are praying, but few are able to pray through into His glory and divine will. Jesus went into the Garden and talked with God until flesh gave way and sweat like blood freely ran clown from Him. Oh clear it does not make one popular to be engaged in this kind of work. Your name is never in the headlines, but your crown will outshine the sun.

“This is the hardest work God has to offer. Like a farmer I have to dig clay and night. It is like new ground where bushes, trees, stumps and rocks have grown far down into the earth. In the earth all kinds of bugs, snakes, and worms are living. You are in danger of digging up one of these unpleasant things at any time. Digging is a hard job. This is my task. While others are enjoying home and children and husband I am burdened unto death, too heavy to raise my head. The voices of millions of souls are crying in my ears all day and all night. Oh, my dear, I have prayed myself into business with God. This is the reason I refuse to visit or receive visitors. 1 am no good for anything* but this. I am wholly given to prayer. This burden is ever upon me. I cannot lay it down and rest for even a moment.

“Thank God I have found a praying mountain where a holy woman can go and talk with God in the Holy Ghost. This makes me very careful how I treat others and what I say and where I go.

“June 11, ’40. The Spirit of prayer is great in my soul this morning. The altar is crowded both day and night. They are pressing their way into the arms of salvation. I am under the greatest burden T have ever experienced. The power of God is great and devils are being cast out in Jesus’ Name. I am struggling as if this were the last time for the prison bars to be broken and deliverance given to sinners everywhere.

“Early in the morning, at noon and late at night, the Lord lifts me to a new place in prayer. I was so overshadowed last night with the glory of the Lord that seemingly my flesh died and I was led out somewhere in the garden of prayer where I had never been before. The Spirit of the Lord cried, ‘Thousands shall be saved; call upon me, I will deliver!’ Then the groaning was very great. I wept before the Lord, and offered myself in prayer until all His wishes had been served.

“June 13, ’40. The Lord has commanded me to call the women to prayer everywhere. I am praying that He will call 2,000 especially who will make the sacrifice and pray through to His glory. He has led me to call them to prayer at four o’clock in the morning. About 350 assembled at 3.30 a.m. When I -arrived at 4 o’clock the Lord was in His temple visiting His children with blessings. The saints cried

[13] AE vol. 7, no. 6, May 1941

to be led out with me into this Garden of Prayer, His Presence filled the room. Everyone was overshadowed. In a great way the Lord poured His oil upon our heads. I heard the Spirit crying for souls to be revived and renewed and that they might not only be swimming in a river but out in the ocean of prayer.

“Our God is not dead. He is not tied. He is willing to-day to do as great a work as He ever did. If He stopped the sun for a man; if He stopped the rain for a man; if He gave a woman consolation while she prayed for a son; if He heard the cries of a woman and broke the bars of death and gave her back her child, is He not able and willing to shake creation for you and me who are calling for the table to be filled with those who are in the hedges and highways! Yes, He hears, dear! All we have to do is to open our mouths, the mouth of the soul, and talk with Him until He comes in His divine might to prove Himself even to you and me, the same yesterday, to-day and forever.

“I am thankful nobody can hinder God. There is no greater blessing than talking to God. I am filled to the brim! Oh, this privilege. He has opened to me for an unlimited conversation with Him.

“June 22, ’40. May a portion of this great outpour of prayer overshadow your soul. Oh, my dear, over four hundred meet me every morning in the four o’clock prayer meeting. The city is stirred! God is here to do business with the souls of men and women in this place.

“I am burdened unto death for sinners. The suffering for souls to be born is becoming greater. When I return from the services I am unable to sit down or lie down. I get down on my knees and there I am overshadowed with such bearing-down pains I lose all my natural strength. I have to remain thus until God renews me with His strength. Only the people in this house know what I have to go through in this hour of prayer and travail. But when I go to services sinners are convicted and the power of God is everywhere delivering souls, both old and young.

“God is in His Garden of Prayer. Some never leave the church. Through rain and shine the people gather for prayer. For two mornings I walked to church so that I might get a real view of the people running from all directions at four o’clock in the morning to pray. Every street we came to there were people running as if it were their last time to meet God. The tabernacle has five doors and people were rushing in at each one as fast as they could to meet God at four o’clock in the morning. They all fell on their knees and their voices blended in one prayer to God. Then the Lord came and perfumed the place. He breathed His quickening breath upon us and we were aware of His Divine Presence. This is what God is doing in this wicked city at four o’clock in the morning in answer to prayer. Many souls are finding God and many believers are being filled with the Spirit.”


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