More spiritual food to nibble on!



Doug Riggs talks about Scripture, nephilim, the Blood of Christ and OUR blood as believers being the Bloodline of Christ! So this war being waged is ALL about the Blood…always has been. First they attempted to contaminate the bloodline that Jesus would be coming through and now they want to infiltrate, change the bloodline of the believers!

He says hybrids, whom we cannot tell the difference between, are amongst us now and I know that to be true as I have been told by the Holy Spirit that I have come in contact with a couple. I have also seen people’s comments on YouTube where they openly admit to being hybrid or admit to having “friends” who are…these are primarily new agers, of course. This website is FULL of info that is VERY interesting and I believe, forwarned IS forearmed.

When your Spirit is witnessing that something is not right, you may want to listen and ask Jesus…. why?

Enjoy your meal:)

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