Hold the position!

Eric Ludy – Hold The Position from Ellerslie Mission Society on Vimeo 

I have always loved Eric Ludy’s sermons that I have heard on YouTube because they were so inspiring. But I found out he has a website, well, a couple actually with a whole collection of goodies to listen to. I started with this one and I highly recommend it. Its EXACTLY what we will all need going through our head and instilled in our hearts just in case we do end up in a FEMA death camp. In my mind: Eric Ludy dressed as a general walks up to me as I stand at attention with the powers that be prodding me to renounce Christ and live and Eric yells at the side of my face into my ear…. “HOLD YOUR POSITION”!!!!!!!

Aye Captain…will do!


P.S. Here are his sites to enjoy also:


Who Is Eric Ludy?

This one has great pics of his family:)




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