Alert: Bohemian Grove coming up


Please pray…pray for the release of victims to be (human or animal), pray for exposure to their evil doings. They call the “Cremation of Care” a mock ceremony but I do not believe that for one minute. Watch the film Alex Jones recorded. The drums, the screaming, the noise all surrounding the moment that body goes into the fire…all that noise is for a reason. Back in ancient times when they passed their children, babies into the fire they banged the drums, yelled, clapped, played music, danced…to cover the screams of agony and shrieks of terror. Distraction. This is what our enemy often uses…make them look over here at the pretty colors, while we slit the throat of the victim right under their noses.

They organize. They tell their followers to do special rituals and spells. They have sabbaths that they follow religously (no pun intended there). They pray and fast to Lucifer. They do what we used to do before we lost our way, before we lost our heart and threw in the towel for the most part. A remnant remains trying to do what a multitude used to. Its okay, we WILL overcome. He tells us this in Revelation. He backs us, He is for us so who can be against us?


2 comments on “Alert: Bohemian Grove coming up

  1. We have noticed an increase in darkness, almost reaching out to where we live, when they hold this ceremony. (We live close enough to it, to the point that at one time when my husband held a full-time job, one of his co-workers openly claimed that he went there every year. Ugh!)

  2. The darkness is growing exponentially and I am sure that this is only part of the ceremonies/rituals/sacrifices that are releasing these demons faster than we can send them back! Sadly our workers are few while theirs are tireless and persistent. Give us the strength Father to stand in the gap and have double the effect for each one of us who prays, in Yahshua’s name we pray. Amen.

    Yah got your husband away from that one, praise Him for that! He was either clueless and foolish or more evil than we wish to think about, either way will not be good for that man.

    Your such a prayer warrior, Miss Dreams:) I was hoping you would see this post so that your prayers could join mine and hopefully a lot more of us to stand together against them. I especially want to pray for the release and escape of the victims and the exposure of all of them and the truth of what they do there!

    God bless you and yours dear sister:)

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