ALERT: 22 Phuket school kids in Thailand treated in mass hysteria outbreak…TWICE

The Extinction Protocol


July 2, 2013 THAILAND Twenty two schoolchildren aged 13 to 15 were taken to Patong hospital for treatment after they collapsed screaming and crying at morning assembly today (July 1) at Wat Suwankeereewong School in Patong. Dr. Sirichai Silpa-archa, director of Patong Hospital, said that he first heard about the incident from the Narenthorn Emergency Center, which informed him that one boy and 21 girls had been affected. At the hospital staff calmed them down, though some of the more serious cases, suffering from anxiety, seizures, muscle spasms or hyperventilation, were given Valium to calm them down. Psychiatrists were also drafted in to talk to the children. Health staff found that this was the second time in four days that this group had experienced mass hysteria. On Friday (June 28) they were on a visit to the Anti-Narcotics Training Project at Chulabhorn Marine Park Conservation Centre in Thap Lamu, Phang-Nga. After their outbreak of screaming there, they had to be taken to hospital in Phang Nga but all appeared to recover quite quickly. However, this morning, something once again sparked off the hysterics at a perfectly normal morning ceremony at the school. Today, 13 of the students were released and told to go home, another six were also released but were told to call the hospital if they felt strange again, while three remain in hospital for observation. Dr. Sirichai characterized the incidents as “mass psychogenic illness”. – Phuket News


Okay we have ALL heard about how HAARP can be used to modify weather, activate earthquakes, excite tornadic events and so forth. I have also read about how it could be used to mind control the masses, how they can make you “think” that you are thinking certain thoughts when it is actually being inserted by them. Now my question is…was this a test? This happened two times in a row, in the matter of just a few days to the same group of children. I believe this was in fact a test and if I am correct, we maybe seeing horrors beyond our wildest imaginations being perpetrated by these demon infested mad scientists. We need to pray against this together, we need to pray for this to be stopped, blocked by Yah’s Holy angels, we need to pray for these waves to disintegrate before they reach any living being…PLEASE people! Lets pray together as the body of Christ, one mind, unified in His strength. Who then could stand against us if He is with us? Amen?


3 comments on “ALERT: 22 Phuket school kids in Thailand treated in mass hysteria outbreak…TWICE

  1. Thank you so much for this blessed strengthening message to study and to share with our people in India, please pray for me. Evangelist Babu.

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