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Jeremiah 17: 9 The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked: who can know it?


1) inner man, mind, will, heart, understanding

a) inner part, midst

1) midst (of things)

2) heart (of man)

3) soul, heart (of man)

4) mind, knowledge, thinking, reflection, memory

5) inclination, resolution, determination (of will)

6) conscience

7) heart (of moral character)

8) as seat of appetites

9) as seat of emotions and passions

10) as seat of courage

deceitful, sly, insidious

a) deceitful, sly, insidious, slippery


1) to be incurable

2) to be sick

3) desperate, incurable, desperately wicked, woeful, very sick

We live in a world where people are gunned down in cold-blooded murder for a few dollars.  Where mothers drown their children.   Where teenagers are beheaded by radicals religious zealots.  Where our officials look into the camera and lie: I did not have sex with that woman. Or,  I am not a crook.   We live in a world where depravity and sickness manifest, as in the case of the three women who were held against their will by “a monster” for ten years.

In Texas a “doctor” performed some late-term abortions by pulling the heads off  the babies born alive with his bare hands.

Then we have the Miami cannibal who ate the face off of a homeless man and could only be stopped when the policeman on the scene emptied his revolver into the crazed man.  We were told it was bath salts, but when the toxicology reports came back no bath salts were found.

What motivates a  teenager to take a gun to school and open fire on his class mates and then turn the gun on himself?  How does a man get up in the morning and go to a movie theater, and open fire on those attending?  How did the V-Tek shooter line up 33 people and kill them all before killing himself?  How did the concentration camp guards kill women and children by herding then into the gas chambers in the Nazi death-camps?

The above scripture, which is not a pleasant one to read and one that makes me squirm every time I read it, is not a popular message.  However, it provides an answer to the partial list of atrocities above.  It tells us plainly that the heart of man is; deceitful above all things and is desperately wicked.  Before some of you scoff at this, let me continue and please bare with me to the end, as there is good news there!

How many of us have lied, deliberately looked at someone and were not forthright with them?  How many men who are married lust after another woman, or spend hours looking at porn?  How many women hold bitterness against someone and won’t forgive?   Do we cheat on our income tax?  Do we get angry and yell at those around us?  When things don’t go our way do we curse and swear and grind our teeth?  Do we harbor unforgiveness?  Do we envy our neighbor when they get a raise, or a new car, or a promotion?  I could go on but I think we all get the point.  The natural inclinations of men and women in short all of us, lean in this direction.   We have a proclivity to do the things we don’t want to do!

The Bible calls of this stuff sin.  Get this, some of us willingly remain caught in the web of sin—our depravity—and accept the bondage that it brings.

Let’s walk through this.  The man addicted to porn is a slave to it.  The woman who is bitter and won’t forgive, is a prisoner of her own making.  The man who lusts after another woman is in bondage and his marriage is on the rails because of it.  Those of us who cheat will most likely do so again.  Uncontrolled anger can lead to all sorts of horrible actions.  Being envious leads to a root of bitterness, which can poison us from the inside out and eventually cause sickness.

OK.  So now that I’ve laid out the problem with all of us, here’s the good news, and I can’t say it any plainer than this.  The human race is being held captive, but one came to set the captives free.  There is one who has the power to come into our lives and change us.  There is one who when we ask Him to take the bondage of our depravity away he will do it.  If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!

His name is Yashua, but most of us know Him as Jesus.  He is more powerful than the sum of all of our fears.  He can break our addictions, can mend our wounds, can heal our bitterness, can make us new creatures.  It is a free gift and all we have to do is ask Him.  This is the good news that was recorded in the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. The Bible, and it assures us that we can become victorious over the things which so easily ensnare us.  The heart of man is wicked but there is one, Jesus, who is greater than our depravity and when we ask we receive.  When we knock the door is open.

He came into the world to save it.  I’m not talking about religion, but a real experience.  I asked alone in my room 33 years ago and I’ve never been the same.  He loves us and he has the power we need to overcome our depravity.  He is only a prayer away….

Yahshua’s cleansing Reign’s comment: Remember my post on the words HOLY/WHOLE? Holy was to be restored and came from the old English word whole. Remember how this also went in line with the message I recieved from Him and refer to in that post?… here is the link to that post: Holy=Whole

Wel now we read what the word WICKED means…besides what LA says in this post I looked it up on Websters online dictionary and here is what it says:


adjective \ˈwi-kəd\

Definition of WICKED

: morally very bad : evil
a : fierce, vicious <a wicked dog>

b : disposed to or marked by mischief : roguish <does wicked impersonations>

a : disgustingly unpleasant : vile <a wicked odor>

b : causing or likely to cause harm, distress, or trouble <a wicked storm>

: going beyond reasonable or predictable limits : of exceptional quality or degree <throws a wicked fastball>
wick·ed·ly adverb

Examples of WICKED

  1. a wicked act of cruelty
  2. She played the part of the wicked stepmother in the play.
  3. She wore a wicked grin after her victory.
  4. She’s known for having a wicked sense of humor.
  5. She had a wicked case of food poisoning.
  6. A wicked odor was coming from the closet.
  7. He throws a wicked fastball.

Origin of WICKED

Middle English, alteration of wicke wicked, perhaps from Old English wicca

First Known Use: 13th century

Related to WICKED

black, dark, evil, immoral, iniquitous, nefarious, rotten, sinful, unethical, unlawful, unrighteous, unsavory, vicious, vile, villainous, bad, wrong
decent, ethical, good, honest, honorable, just, moral, right, righteous, sublime, upright, virtuous

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  1. My sister in Christ I see the Holy Spirit has filled you with wisdom for this is a very fine post. It seems in our world today what is Holy is now viewed as evil and wickedness is now good works. So the world has judged us to be??? Again great post and God Bless, James

  2. Let the world judge us…we get brownie points for being judged and spat upon as He was. We will have crowns to cast at His feet for every nasty word or deed done to us! Amen? Thanks James and God bless you as well 🙂

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