How the armour of God stopped a gun in my face

How the armour of God stopped a gun in my face.


6 comments on “How the armour of God stopped a gun in my face

  1. Dear sister Sharon, Thank you so much for this spiritfilled message to study and to meditate and to reach for others in India, i am Teaching to our Congregations and outreaches here, please share more regularly. Have you been to India to preach? please pray for us, we have much idolatry here and we want to win more souls. Please greet all the saints with you and ask them to pray for India. in Jesus Love, Evangelist Babu.

    On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 10:00 AM, Yahshua’s Cleansing Reign wrote:

    > ** > Sharon Natsarim posted: “How the armour of God stopped a gun in my > face.”

  2. Brother Sharat…thank you so much for responding:) Its great to hear of what you are doing for Him in India. No I have never been to India, actually I have not been to too many places here in America…lol. I will definately keep you and your congregation in my prayers as well as all of India. You are a wonderful man doing a great service for our King, may you be richly blessed, surrounded with His angels for protection and guided by His love and light every step of the way. God bless you, all the saints your working with and all the lost souls in India, may they each find their way home to Jesus/Yahshua soon. In Yahshua’s name we pray. Amen!

    • Shabbat shalom! I have lately been following the Lunar Sabbath which is why I don’t put up my Shabbat Shalom any longer…with it falling on various days it would cause confusion. Yah has not led me to do that so I don’t:) Hope you have a lovely, peaceful day in Him!!!! Yah bless sister.

  3. Thanks for letting me know, Sharon. I have missed your Friday evening greetings. (they make me feel less alone out here in the big world.)
    May He always keep you tucked under His wings!

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