Alex Jones set to cover Bilderberg Meeting on live stream


Who are the Bilderberg's? See the chart above for a small glimpse into this satanic cult.

Who are the Bilderberg’s? See the chart above for a small glimpse into this satanic cult.


The Bilderbergs are KNOWN for their secrecy and only the most prominent elite are invited to attend this satanic cult. Now that being said, how many times have I said that Alex Jones is another puppet controlled by them, for them, to announce their plans to us? I have said it numerous times and now this. Alex Jones has been on mainstream TV, he has supposedly infiltrated “the Cremation of Care” ceremony though no one of any importance was seen when he did this of course and now he is set to cover the Bilderberg meeting LIVE for us with streaming footage no less. Come on people open your eyes! We are being spoon fed by these reptillian, demonic, shapeshifters. Alex Jones is one of them.

 Anyone else getting even close to discovering any truths about these slite end up mysteriously dead or at the very least have their houses troched as a warning to back off. Alex Jones talks about death threats, he acts scared and I mean ACTS, as in actor, but there has been NO attacks perpetrated upon him, his home, his property…so on. Do you know anyone else who made it to mainstream with any so called truths and remained unscathed? Don’t say Jesse Ventura either because he is another Alex Jones. Jesse was a wrestler turned Mayor and now claims to be exposing them. Right. Watch any WWF wrestling lately folks? Its all showmanship at its best…they are more actors than wrestlers and Jesse is more actor than truther or he too, would have been found floating in his swimming pool.

Bottom line is, they are good to watch because they carry messages from the enemy. PERIOD. Your trust level for these individuals beyond that should be less than zero. That in mind, the live stream is sceduled to start here: the meetings begin in Watford, UK, June 6th-9th. There is no actual time listed that I could find but there you have it. They are currently live streaming now with blah, blah, blah and you do have agree to their terms of service to get the stream so make sure to read the small print on that. Yah bless and protect all Yah’s people!

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