A message received from Yahshua/Jesus The Christ on 05/18/2013

I prayed for confirmation that this word is from Him and that He wanted me to post this message. I got my confirmation. This message is obviously not for all people but I suspect that those whom it is for will know. This is NOT from me. My confirmation when I asked “is this from you, do you wish me to post this”? Then I opened the Bible and with closed eyes and He directed my hands to Jeremiah 1: 5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, [and] I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Now I am NOT claiming to be a prophet but in the last days the Bible states that we WILL prophesy and this was a clear “YES” to my questions. So I am posting the message:


Those of you working against me in darkness, in hiding who turn things upside down and backwards, those who think I cannot see or that  I do not exist or that you will defeat me; are either working from a delusion of grandeur under great pride, or you are completely and perfectly possessed or you have many demons blocking the truth that they will not allow you to see. No matter, unless you repent in earnest, unless I, who can see your heart and can see your agony, your sorrow, your willingness to be broken and repaired by me. Unless there is honest and real repentance, and an intention to go down MY path and not theirs you will go down to the pit with those whom you now serve.

This was never meant to be. The creation of that place was only for the immortal, the angels who chose to follow Lucifer and Lucifer himself. But you have aligned yourselves with them, you have given your allegiance to them. You cannot serve two masters and you have chosen yours and the door is nearly closed for any other decision so THINK about who you are serving and be sure. Once that door is closed and it all begins, your DNA will be changed, just as my followers DNA will be changed. My elect will have their DNA changed to perfection and immortality while yours also shall become immortal, it shall be corrupted. My elect will be creations of beauty such as none have ever seen, delicate, brilliant, gentle and loving. Yours shall be course, ugly, encumbered and your hatred will grow intensely once you realize what you have been deceived into accepting. You will suffer great pains in your flesh and spirit that will continue to increase.  You will become like them, lashing out at each other and anyone else who may have a chance, anyone who has not yet been converted to your side will be your enemy. Your hatred will consume you from the inside out, like worms eating the dead. You will curse me, you will curse my followers and in the end you will curse Satan. But it was all done by you and your decisions to live in flesh and follow the world and Satan. You believed his promises over mine, you followed his word and rebuked mine, you looked to him for riches, fame, money, advancement and detested my Son and His sacrifice for you.

Many speak against me but they have never known me. They judge me by so called “Christians”. I did not create that group. Some who call themselves that do know me and I know them, but many, many more do not know me and I do not know them. They follow men. They follow false teachings. They worship idols and follow the ways of pagans. They worship other gods. They do not know MY Holy days, MY Sabbath days are not honored. They eat foods sacrificed to idols. They say, “He will understand, He knows my heart”. Yes, I do. I know that you care not enough to seek me out to search for what I have asked you to do. I understand, it’s you who do not. You do not speak out against vile perversions because you do not want to offend anyone. All the while you are offending me. What did I tell you was right? What did I tell you was wrong? Do you even know? Most do not. Most scoff at my word. It’s you who are doing this to yourselves. It is not I. You have chosen your way and it is NOT my way.

Shame to those who call themselves shepherds but leave my flocks to die of hunger and thirst and allow the wolves to ravage the sheep! SHAME I say! You will pay. You have left them defenseless and led them into evil territories. Many of you are the wolves, but hide your true identity to the crowds you gather for your serenity messages that have no nutrition in them. And you who call yourselves priests, on what authority do you do so? It is not on mine. There is ONLY ONE priest right now and none of you know Him. You allow your flock to call you “Father” there is ONLY ONE Father and you do not know Him! You cause your sheep to fall into the cracks and crevices by doing these things and then you do not even bother to seek out those whom you have lost. You will pay! You will pay for every message that has led your sheep astray. You will pay for all the suffering these sheep shall experience for eternity because you called yourself a shepherd, you stepped up to the pulpit, you delivered a worthless message, you did not teach them, you did not help them, you did not feed them, you only served yourself at their expense. Now the time has come to set things right. Repent and prepare or suffer the consequences that you deserve! My Son will still cover you in spite of the horrid sins you have committed, His heart is pure, His heart is full of love such as you have never experienced, His covering will hide, repair and save you from my wrath. It will save you from what you truly deserve. Reject Him, refuse in your pride to see what you have done, refuse to repent and I will come and set things right. It would be better for you had you never been born.

My Son is coming soon. I am coming soon. Prepare. Your time is short till I return and you will be caught unawares unless you know me. Prepare, I say. Knowing me is important, yet even more important is that I know YOU. Of course I know of you but do we have a relationship? Do you seek me out? Do you care about what I think? Is it me you try to please or men? Who are you following? Is it me or is it a false image, another Christ? I am coming soon. Prepare.


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