Are you handcuffing the Holy Spirit?

Are you handcuffing the Holy Spirit/Ruah Ha’Kodesh? Are you speaking curses over yourself and your loved ones or are you speaking LIFE over them? Remember the blessing that the Fathers in the Bible would SPEAK over their children and they also could and did SPEAK curses over them at times as well? The difference is that THEY KNEW what they were doing and we have lost touch with the power we have. EVEN as unbelievers that power is present to some extent in that we ALL were created in HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS and so WE carry HIS power in us whether WE KNOW it or not. We can use that power wisely to benefit ourselves and the people we speak with or we can remain unaware and suffer the consequences of speaking death over ourselves and others. There will be a judgement accordingly. By YOUR own WORDS you will be convicted and judged! YOU will EAT the fruit of your own words…proverbs says this. Not one word is in Scripture by accident. Listen to what the Spirit is saying!

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