Archaeology reveals Satanic scheme, even for today…

VIDEO: archaeology Reveals Satanic Scheme


Here (above) is Mithra wrestling a bull look at his size compared to the bull and the dog type creature, also note the serpent.

PagangodsANDgardengnomesThese (above) are a collection of gods, notice their resemblence to garden gnomes of today.

2 comments on “Archaeology reveals Satanic scheme, even for today…

  1. My first impression of the picture with the bull, was that it looks more like a sheep. I thought that because of the curly hair on top of the animals head. It just resembled a sheep to me.

    The garden gnomes – that’s quite an observation. I’ve never liked those, even when I was a child I used to think they were creepy. I never understood why people put them in their yards.

    Thanks for posting this. 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked it:) I never liked those gnomes either! As for the animal if you scroll down just a bit there is a picture of a sheep from another post where you can see their bodies really aren’t the same. The bull has a much longer neck and the body is smooth…where as I believe a sheep is still wavy after being shorn not smooth like this appears. But I suppose anything is possible:) If it is a bull then Mithra was definately a nephilim. God bless sis:)


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