ALERT: Shocking Footage Emerges: Boston Under Martial Law

People I said this before and I will say it yet again. This was a practice drill to A. see if they could enact martial law on a large scale and get away with it and B. see if any repercussions came with it and if so what so they know what they are dealing with and could act accordingly.

Well, now they know. YES, they can enact martial law with little to no implications from anyone. They in fact, have it all sown up from media on.

RIP United States of America and your constitution




5 comments on “ALERT: Shocking Footage Emerges: Boston Under Martial Law

  1. They should know, lot’s of people everywhere, worldwide.. are awake and also they would know, they are the ones who are kept accountable, responsible and are guilty.. Not only by us, those with eyes and ears open.., but also more, by the Most High who sees everything..


    • Amen to that!!!! I’ve been crying off and on for two days now about all the evil that is surrounding HIS creation in so many forms from this to chemtrails to the Gulf disaster and its implications that are now reaching our food chain. It is staggering and I know its only just the beginning.

      But when Yah is ready and HE stands up and rolls up HIS sleeves these evil ones are NOT going to know what hit them! PRAISE Yahuah!!! What a GLORIOUS day that will be for all who love HIM and all that He is.

      Yah bless and shalom to you as well:)

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  3. isn’t that a picture after the Boston bombing happened, and weren’t they trying to find the people who caused it so no body else got hurt or killed.
    Just saying

    • Uh yes and yes, that’s what “they” say. But this is the United States of America or at least it used to be, where we are or were considered innocent until PROVEN guilty. We have never condoned our own, innocent people to be treated as common criminals, locked down, frisked and thrown out of our own homes while they are searched. These are tactics used by governments with dictators at the helm…like we have now. Not to mention that this was clearly a false flag attack planned by the powers that be.

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