ALERT: Bomb Threats Multiplying Across Nation: Talking Heads Fueling Bomb Threats~ More laws, more lockdown=POLICE STATE


Before It’s News

The evil bastards (biblical term) are at it again! Now suddenly we have a rash of bomb threats. After “Sandy Hook” we had a rash of shootings. These are ALL made up out of thin air…I promise you. These have one intent only and that is to enslave YOU through fear. Bomb threats=shut down of events=slowly allowing events again with armed police at every exit=armed police on the streets=POLICE STATE which has been a major part of their intent from day one. But after they close down all these events that people are looking forward to and after they cause enough fear in every neighborhood…no one, or very few, will complain when they restore the events under the watchful eye of the police/military or both.

Now what? Will you have to have a permit and register your slow cooker? Really people, WAKE UP! Why isn’t anyone screaming about this? Why can’t anyone SEE what they are doing to us? I know why.

Because it says in the bible that we have allowed a foreigner to lead us. We have given our trust to him instead of Yahuah. So we will go into bondage under him and be lead away with nary a word. Yah has blinded the eyes, closed the ears and hardened the hearts of those who reject Him. They are falling under the grand delusion and there is very little to no hope for any of them.

But Yah’s people can see, hear and understand what is happening and as watchmen on the wall we MUST SCREAM it from the rooftops in the hope that someone will hear, see and wake up in time to be saved! We are blowing our spiritual shofars…and like the coming rapture only those who are called can hear the blast.

We praise you mightily Yahuah and we thank you for having called us to Your service. We pray for strength, faith, loyalty, discernment and wisdom for the body of Yahshua/Jesus Christ…that we may continue in HIS strength and in hearing HIS voice and walk always in HIS footsteps with Yah in the lead!  Amen.



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