ALERT: Family guy episode – Boston Bombing – False Flag

I will try this again:

Lets see how long it stays up this time.

LOL…okay do you get it yet???

EVERY video on YT that had these Family Guy clips in them have been removed! THEY ARE GONE! The POLICE STATE is here folks!!!!

There shall be NO MORE freedom of speech, there shall be NO MORE freedom of thought, there shall be NO MORE FREEDOM!


As you can CLEARLY see the powers that be caught up with their own lie and have erased the clip however, there are many copies of it still around:) The mainstream Jokia is saying that this is TWO separate shows hacked and put together by “someone” on the internet. Well, how come so many people claim to have SEEN the original airing on March 17th? I guess they are just confused terrorists! Well, here are another couple clips that explain in detail why this claim CANNOT be true that the mainstream jokia wants you to buy.

Aired on March 17, 2013

They have to tell us BEFORE they do something…it is Yah’s Law, with that in mind watch this clip:

Close-up of picture on the wall behind Bob Costas, notice the bodies in the streets and the blood stained pavement:


Satanic un-holy days often play a key role for blood sacrifices. The next key date for them is :  Apr. 21 ~ GRAND CLIMAX (thru Apr 30)
(Sexual and Blood Rituals)
Abduction, ceremonial preparation & holding of sacrificial victim for Walpurgisnacht
Oral, anal, and vaginal, and human sacrifice

Could this be in anticipation  and preparation for that?


7 comments on “ALERT: Family guy episode – Boston Bombing – False Flag

  1. We just know it was a false flag.

    Boston Bombings Illuminati False Flag

    There even was a card on the famous cardset.
    Boston Bombings Illuminati Card Game


  2. There even was a card in the famous Illuminati card set.
    Boston Bombings Illuminati Card Game

    And look at the parallel dates.
    Boston Bombings Illuminati False Flag

    Reaction from Paul Begley
    Boston Marathon Bombing “Who Did It”?


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    • This is unreal I cannot believe people are actually buying into this. Our government is resposible for those deaths (including a CHILD) and an innocent man is dead while another is in jail. And NO ONE seems to care, people are actually chanting USA, USA…PLEASE YAH! Open their eyes!

      Thank you for posting, I will watch this for sure Yah bless you.



  4. So half the world is asking just who are those two guys that look like they are dressed in navy seal uniforms and wearing ‘Crafts’ badges and what are they holding in their hands and where did the rucksack go and who are the other five team members all dressed the same and photographed together as they stood around a black jeep.

    Just who was that guy from Saudi Arabia, why was he arrested and then released and why was the official paperwork doctored in this case.

    You see a lot of people are asking very reasonable questions but somehow the mass media has no desire to investigate these so called conspiracies and instead come out with claims that brother number two ran over his own brother during a gun fight and managed to escape dozens of armed officers only to escape to a safe place so that he could place a gun in his mouth, miss his brains and shoot out his own throat.

    Next thing we will be told is that the 19 year old terror suspect number two is a practising homosexual and we are expected to believe what we are told by the press who are more than happy to except that a homemade bomb somehow becomes a weapon of mass destruction and no questions of the suspect should be asked in an open public court because the feelings of family members who lost loved ones should come first.

    I am still waiting to be told just exactly how does a skyscraper like building sever fall down on 9-11 when it was not even hit by a plane, why is Bradley Manning’s in jail and not those he exposed as being responsible for crimes against humanity or are they like bankers and our government has become too big to fail like the banks and therefore are allowed to get away with anything.

    That lorry the farmer wants you all to get into is not taking you off to the sea side, its heading straight for the slaughter house so jump aboard, I’ll hang back and hope the lorry becomes full before it becomes my turn to turned into McDonald burger meat.

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