Chuck Missler – ancient alien, nephilim, giants, mutants, genetic engineering and hybrids

AWESOME, awesome information from one of my favorite teachers. This is NOT to be missed!


3 comments on “Chuck Missler – ancient alien, nephilim, giants, mutants, genetic engineering and hybrids

  1. WOW.

    He’s right; it completely changes how one sees the Old Testament, and finally answers the question as to why God would order the destruction of entire cities of people. He was protecting man kind from TOTAL DNA destruction!

    It was interesting to hear how the bible code and human DNA have something in common – they both have the same pattern in reading their code.

    It was also extremely eye opening to hear of those scientists who believe that the Shroud of Turin may be Jaques De Molay, the last grand master of the Templars! One of my kids have seen and sensed GREAT evil from the Shroud of Turin, and has wondered why. If it really is Jesus, then such pure unadulterated evil would not be coming from it, unless somehow the church fire it was in -that damaged it- is what was making it so very evil. But if this shroud was from Jaques DeMolay, then it makes PERFECT sense! The grand master of the Templars had to go through some REALLY evil pagan initiation rituals to be what he was. And I have no problem at all, believing that satan could cause such markings to appear on a piece of linen. What my child sees when looking at the Shroud of Turin, is much more in line with what is seen when confronting things from the Illuminati. Finally, this all makes sense to us!

    Thank you very much for posting this video!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it:) Chuck Missler is an amazing teacher who has a wealth of knowledge locked up inside him. So when I see a video that I have not watched of his…I get excited:) Its always info that I did not come across anywhere else before!

    Yes, for years I have wondered about the shroud myself but there is always a pull back away from it from the Holy Spirit and now you say this about your child…very interesting indeed. It does make perfect sense then.

    Yah bless and keep you all safe,


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