Obedience to Him is for you



Dark days are ahead of us, I don’t think that comes as any surprise to any of Yah’s people. But something that does take us all by surprise and truly sends us reeling is when we actually, truly meet up with blatant, uncontrolled evil working within an unsaved person. As a people we are trying to be Holy and are trying to follow Yah’s laws because we love Him, trying not to be judgemental and yet have discernment, trying to be the bride without wrinkle or blemish and be ready for His return.

Then we are faced with situations that were usually only seen in movies until now. An evil drunken neighbor who kills their dog, then it escalates and you find they are spying on you with various forms of technology then it escalates again and the kill your cat by breaking its back and legs and throw it into your yard for you to find. This is the test, can you withstand the evil and keep your balance? What would Yahshua do? How do I follow in HIS footsteps while in this world? How do I keep my peace, my clarity and my faith? These are hard questions that more and more of us are going to face as the tribulation picks up steam. Its best to consider some of this ahead of time.

This scenerio has not happened to me, BUT it has happened to a dear sister in Christ. The immediate response is one of disbelief. When one is not of the darkness of the enemy it is hard to fathom anyone being able to kill something so innocent…for NO reason other than being pure evil. Its hard to fathom that something you loved just suffered and died in the hands of a demonically infested human being and even harder to watch your young son try to cope and understand what just took place. You go through the actions that “the world” would have you to do. Call the police, make a report, put up surveillance camera’s, motion sensitive lights and so forth. All good moves in “the world”.

But what would Yahshua do? He would send the demons fleeing with just two words uttered without even raising His voice…”BE GONE”! But we are not Him you say and that is so true we are not. Yet, what did He tell us? “You will do even greater works than these”. What did He say to the apostles about the man who asked for healing for his son because the apostles could not help him in Matthew 17:17 Then Jesus answered and said, “O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me”. Later they asked why could we not cast that spirit out? Yahshua answered “because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you”. Though we are not Him we must remember that WE CARRY HIM IN US and greater is He that is in us than he that is within the world!

Our first tendency is to ask why would Yah allow this to happen to me and my beloved, gentle pet? That was my question at first too. But when we read scripture we find that amazing protection was granted to those in battle against evil and heroic and astounding outcomes took place against all odds. Why? Because they were following Yah’s instruction to the T. No variations, no questions, equaled no worries! Its ourselves we must look at and examine. Where have we missed the mark and left ourselves open and vulnerable? What instruction did we misunderstand or completely forget? Obedience is not to make Yah feel important and make us grovel…like the world thinks of it. Obedience is following the instructions given to you by someone who knows far more than you EVER could for YOUR OWN GOOD. Not His.

In the coming days we will meet up with more evil, real, actual, cold, deadly hatred aimed at us because of who we are. Because of who we carry inside. It is going to literally surround us until we are taken out of here. Until that moment when we hear “Come up hither” we had best be in prayer, repentance, study, always asking “What is YOUR will Father”? What would You have me do next”? Because His answer and His purpose for instructing you is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow…to keep safe those whom He loved SO much He literally BECAME sin in the flesh, He let His flesh be ripped apart, He was shredded and stretched, nailed and impaled, crowned with thorns and killed….ALL to keep YOU safe. PLEASE listen to Him and be saved!



2 comments on “Obedience to Him is for you

  1. WOW what an amazing article sister, so well written, I cried; I praise Yah… thanking Him.. for you. dear sister , friend, and woman of Yah.

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