ALERT: Family owned farms under severe attack…please help IF you are able.


Small family owned farms are under attack like never before. Our government wants to control every detail of food production to make sure they can poison us, cause us to eat unclean foods and put lots of $$$ in the pockets of Monsanto and the likes. PLEASE listen to this video and IF you can and are led to do so please support this man in his battle to save his and many other farms in America…this is for us ALL.


2 comments on “ALERT: Family owned farms under severe attack…please help IF you are able.

  1. Sharon, I had journaled this to ocurr, in 2009. I am ANGRY !! but I also wrote, yesterday, they want us to be angry… that is what this is all about, eht enemy hopes to provoke fleshly anger… and we have to fight.. this is absurd, the govt is OUT OF CONTROL. the minute he was re elected, his schemes went into overdrive.. the devils schemes. Sharon… oh Lord… attorney general is all part of it.. that is what people don’t understand.. do we obey ? do we fight ? do we refuse ? I am crying… right now… YEshua !!!!!! YEshua you said these days would be difficult, the tribulation, is NOW it is not later, we will go through it.. we will endure.. will we ???? I am ;uncertain as my anger has risen.. righteous anger…. period. oh I must calm down.. I hate all that i see.. everything is an abomination.. things are going to get tougher, as my extended local family thinks that catholic thing they sit in front of , ? they think is holy and there is no telling them differently.. it is going to get bad.. and now more than ever I feel very alone.. Things are really really bad Sharon.. and each day it will get worse.. our freedoms, our rights to own, our rights to feed ourselves healthy.. has always been an issue, they have been poisoniing us for years, and they are removing the ORGANIC way of eating.. I loathe them.. truly.. despise them.. ok I needed to vent.. but still not OK. :/

    • Calm down sweetie! I know its bad and its evil and its encompassing us and will indeed get worse. BUT we cannot let them feed off of our energy and grow any stronger than they are. We have to always keep in mind that Yah/God is in control of EVERYTHING! It is all being done under His watchful eye and these people allowing this to happen will eventually pay dearly for their actions. While we will be richly rewarded for staying true and strong in Yahshua!

      This is completely unjust and he needs money to defend himself, his farm, which is his home AND livelihood and that is why I posted it…that and there is a fraction of a chance that IF enough people speak out and become aware maybe it can be at least slowed. But I also know what the Scriptures say and considering the times we are in all we can do is pray and if we happen to be in a decent financial state we can help that way. But rest assured that these “evil bastards” (quoted from the Bible) will be VERY sorry in the end for all the damage, misery and death they are and will cause.

      Don’t loathe and despise them because that puts you in jeopardy…pray for them and their eyes to be opened, for their hearts to become like Yahshua’s…who knows if even one is changed through prayer…what a blessing that would be! Be blessed in His peace sister,

      Shabbat Shalom!

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