Ishtar, the season of fornicating rabbits laying eggs


This is what you would call a rebuttal? Or maybe I just have to speak out in general about so called “Christians”. There is a reason I don’t like to call myself “Christian” but prefer the term “Natsarim” and this article pretty much covers them all in one swoop of his keyboard! Its called: Embrace the Light. He starts off quoting Pope John Paul II stating “We are the Easter People and Hallelujah is our song!”—Pope John Paul II (1920-2005). Really? Are you kidding me? I don’t know about him but I am NOT an Easter person. Speak for yourself. Easter is Ishtar the fertility goddess and hence the season with fornicating rabbits laying eggs. See this article for more info on her: Easter? Biblical in Origin? Well Sort of…

A self professed “Christian” who is siding and agreeing with the Harlot Mystery Religion? Does that make sense to you? Well, neither does it make sense that millions of self professing “Christians” are following the Sunday sabbath established by none other than the Catholic church. The same chursh that claims to have as its head the living embodiment of “Christ” here on Earth. If THAT is not an ANTI-Christ please tell me what is? This living embodiment of their “christ” is called the Pope and he says he is INFALLIBLE, he says he can change laws (Yah’s sabbath we are commanded to keep) and he says he can changes times ( the dates of Easter for Passover, Christmas for the birth instead of the Feast of tabernacles commanded by Yah to be kept). Hmmm who else changes dates and times that we were warned about? Oh, yeah, the ANTICHRIST! Yeah, lets all follow what the Pope says, that will make Yahshua/Jesus ever so happy. NOT!

Then this person proceeds to quote something HE says Paul said in the bible: “As the apostle Paul admonished us, we should rejoice in the Lord always, not just on religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter, not just on Sundays, but always. For in truth every day is the Lord’s day, and every location a potential place of worship.” I now challenge this man to show me that quote where Paul mentions Christmas, Easter AND the Sunday Sabbath in the bible. Because it cannot be done. And IF he were to do his homework and research the quote he is referring to of Paul’s he would find the true Holy Days of Yah and the true Sabbath of Yah and NOT the Catholic imposed imposters.

Considering his next statement I can surmise that he also is one of these “once saved, always saved” guys as well. He states: “It has ever been thus—the ever-present glory around us, and our ignorance of it. Jesus knew all too well about our blindness, and forgave us our ignorance. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” applies to all of us, not just the ones who crucified Him. When it comes to spiritual matters we are all dumb as a box of doorknobs most of the time.” Yahshua saying  “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” was referring to the ones actively crucifying Him because it HAD to be done by someone…so they were forgiven for being that instrument by which it was carried out…just as Judas very well may have been too. Am I saying Yahshua does not forgive? NO, of course not! He is complete mercy and love and all that is good. He will forgive if you only ask. BUT you must seek Him out..the truth of Him, not just what someone else tells you about Him. You must be driven to find Him and have a REAL relationship with Him. You must WANT to follow His laws and commands as HE laid them out and no one elses substitute. I do not agree that Yahshua forgives our ignorance or His people would NOT be perishing for lack of knowledge, they would be fine, forgiven…its all good.

Now he quotes an athiest Carl Sandburg:  “There is a wolf in me … There is a fox in me … There is a hog in me … There is a fish in me … There is a baboon in me … There is an eagle in me and a mockingbird … O, I got a zoo…I came from the wilderness.”—Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) “Wilderness”  Um, NO. There is My Yahshua/Jesus the Christ in me.  Again I say, speak for yourself!

Later he claims we should have a “respectful awe” of the Lord and not a fear as the bible says. I am saying to you that you had better fear Him who can take away your very existance! Yes, respectful awe is also a must but you had better fear your Father in Heaven just the same way a child fears his Father when he has done something wrong and repents. Because there will be unpleasent consequences if you do not repent and tell the truth. To say “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Tim. 1:7, is talking about this “fear of Yah” is to take this scripture completely out of context and use it for HIS own meaning and not the Father’s. This scripture is speaking against fearing people (the flesh) and things of THIS WORLD and also I would add even Satan and the fallen ones because we have been given the authority to OVERCOME them all by Yahshua ha’Mashiach/Jesus Christ the Messiah!

Now I am NOT atacking him or badmouthing him. But because of his position and the number of people he can influence with his words he definately needs to be way more careful and put more research into what he is saying and following. For the good of his readers and for the salvation of his own soul.

May Yahshua bless you all and open the eyes and ears of those willing to see and hear!


8 comments on “Ishtar, the season of fornicating rabbits laying eggs

  1. Celebrating Easter and Christmas (and the other catholic holidays,) also opens up doorways for satan to attack. Why would a true believer welcome satan into their home? Celebrating pagan holidays does not make any sense – unless you are a pagan or satanist. And they already celebrate these same holidays…

    • Can I ask both, you (Dreams of Dunamis) and Sharon, what you actually do with your families to acknowledge the day of Christ’s Death & Resurrection? Wine & Bread etc? Is it just the eggs and rabbits you avoid or the whole weekend traditions in its entirety?
      We have never claimed to have the Bunny bring eggs to our house, we read the story of Christs death from His word, we pray and drink wine & eat unleavened bread in unity, with Yeshua. The children are given chocolate eggs from other family members but no mention of a rabbit. Yet we still come under attack at this time. My Dad always said that those obeying the Almighty come under attack at this time because the enemy is angry we are sharing the true story of Christ’s victory over him. I am very interested in your view in a practical way. Blessings to you both!

      • I celebrate Passover as it is biblically sound really. They never celebrated Easter or Christmas and in fact there are verses in the bible that outright tell you a Christmas tree is an abomination and He tells you not to bring accursed things into your home. Further He tells us not to celebrate and honor HIM the way the pagans do. I celebrate Hannukah rather than Christmas. Kids LOVE Hannukah because they get 8 days of small presents (of course you can make them any size you want, but the spiritual should be stressed more than the monetary. And who has money for 8 days of big gifts now a days?…lol)

        The thing is if we keep their dates even if we are adding our own rituals or whatever to it we are not following what God said to do and not to do. As I always say, it is NOT important what it means to you or me but rather what it means to HIM! He has commanded us to stay completely away from the pagans and all that they do to honor their gods. He has commanded us to keep HIS Holy days forever…yet as followers of Christ for some reason we seem to think God no longer means forever. He stays the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Christ did not change one jot or tittle of the law but came to uphold it. We also should be upholding HIS law.

        Also as Dreams above points out. The spirits that the pagans honor know what days are theirs and they legally lay claim to them. When you celebrate those days you are calling on them whether you mean to or not. That is an open invitation into your life and your home…so not good.

        I hope this helps:) I know its hard to go against the flow of everyone else but that is what we are called to do if we are going to follow Him in earnest. You will be greatly blessed for doing so.

        Many blessings to you and yours,


      • Thank you so much for all that information and practical application. I completely understand your perspective. I will meditate on these things and seek out God’s direction for me and my family. Thank you & Blessings to you!

    • Exactly! They do celebrate with blood rituals and sacrifice and they are not lukewarm about it like so many “Christians”. They are very serious and very consistent. Yah bless you and yours Dreams!


  2. Hi Water Bearer,

    Good to see you here!

    On Passover, during the day, our family renews the cleansing/blessing of our land and home:
    and then in the evening, we partake of a Passover Seder meal – a Messianic version. It is much more a reminder of what Christ did for us, than any Easter celebration I have ever went to. (And I was brought up Roman Catholic!)

    Now we no longer get attacked by the demons on Easter Sunday, though we do still see those familiar demonic giants walking the lands beyond our borders in the unseen world. (For some reason I have yet to figure out, Easter demons are seen by those in my family as being large giants with arms and legs just like humans have.) For us, Easter was easier to give up, especially once the kids were older.

    Some of my very favorite candy is made at Easter time. The chocolate cream eggs (strawberry creme,) is my most favorite of all. I find that if I eat these candy eggs, my insides, (especially my bladder!,) BURNS for days! I think it has something to do with eating foods sacrificed to idols. Either that, or the Lord simply does not want me eating them for whatever reason. So I do not. For me, that was the hardest thing to give up concerning Easter.

    So many things will be coming upon the earth, the closer we come to the end times. The US is walking down a godless and dangerous path, and I sense that sudden destruction may fall upon parts of our country because of this. When this happens, I firmly believe that the Lord will cause this impending destruction to pass over us and our land, because we have kept the festival of Passover, just as the Lord has commanded His followers to do.

    Our family does not keep this festival religiously; one year I was hit with a very bad migraine, and could not get up out of bed to go. Yet I know that the Lord still loved me and forgave me for not being able to go. Ever since that time, I now pray before hand, that I will be well enough to go. I have not had to miss one since!

    We have had to really hunt around for a group or church that celebrates the Passover Seder. Most still blend in with the world and celebrate the pagan holidays.

    We are to be a peculiar people, set aside for God as His treasure. Have you noticed, that most of the world celebrates this holiday? Why? Pagans, satanists, wiccans, and just plain unbelievers, celebrate Easter. This caused me to stop and think twice about it. As I dug deeper, I realized that there was nothing Christian about Easter. When we celebrated it, we found that it left us feeling bereft of the Holy Spirit. So we stopped.

    I hope this has added to Sharon’s excellent comments about what to do instead, and the why’s of not celebrating Easter. Historical facts on Easter are out there to see, but personal testimonies on it can be harder to find. So I thought I would offer up mine as an added answer to your question.

    I know that you are a godly woman, who’s heart is set upon Him. I enjoy your blog and the knowledge that it is out there for all to see and read for themselves. I pray that the Lord will always lead you into His Will for you and your family, no matter what.

    May the peace of our Lord be ever upon you and yours,
    C. Dunamis

  3. Thank you so much for posting that! Yes, you are correct that personal testimonies are harder to find! I appreciate yours because I bought some “Easter” candy on sale a couple of days ago. I love the candy coated malted milk balls…they call them eggs. I opened them and began nibbling a couple nights ago and YUK! They tasted horrid! Then I opened the bag of candy coated chocolate “eggs” little ones on the order of M&M’s only egg shaped. They too tasted horrid! I thought now that is weird I have bought these for YEARS after Easter and they have tasted great…lol.

    Foods sacrificed to IDOLS! That stood out from your post at me like a neon blinking sign!!!!…lol. Okay Yah…I got the message and I repent of having even a DESIRE to eat any of that! I would not have wanted to had I made the connection but He used you, Dreams of Dunamis, to wake me up to what I was doing! Thank you!!!!

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