Intense Studies: The Book of Revelation with Chuck Missler



Revelation is one of the most talked about, misunderstood and even avoided books of the Bible. It is the ONLY book in the Bible for which you get a special blessing just for reading it. It is likewise, the only book in the Bible that promises a curse if wordings are changed or added to. This book is our key to understanding the current times we are living in, it is our key to the dressing room as Brides to prepare ourselves for our up and coming wedding to our King. It would greatly behoove us to understand this book as well as we possibly can and as many times as that takes us to read it we will get that many blessings. Who does not need blessings from Yah?

In my humble opinion, Chuck Missler is a master teacher and researcher who also has the gift of gab:) He is entertaining and interesting and those two things are not easy to find in a teacher. So get your Bible and pull up a seat and get ready to go chapter by chapter through this book in an intense study. It will probably take you days to get through it but it is well worth the time for what you will get in return.


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