Formal apology and explanation to electsister777!



Has anyone ever tasted crow? I have…I have eaten it many times and it does not get any better. You do not aquire a taste for it, at least I don’t. But as humans and mere creations NOT the creator, sometimes we get things VERY wrong. This is one of those times:)

A dear sister in Yahusha ha’Mashiach, electsister777 and her Dream Diary Blog posted a dream titled: The Raccoon Dream on March 11, 2013. In that dream she stated that she heard the Lord say: RACOONS ARE VICIOUS. I love this dear ladies blog and CLEARLY her communications with Him are VERY real and definately of the Holy Spirit as I have recieved confirmations for MY dreams and visions through hers, which is so amazing…He is SO AMAZING! So I reguarly, as of lately, have communicated with her on her blog…in agreement for the most part. But this day was different.

I have loved animals from a very, very early age and was always able somehow to communicate with them on a soul level. I would know what they were going to do before they ever did it…it was almost like they were an extension of me. I have always known that this was a gift from Him and that what was between me and the animals was a supernatural occurance. My family, of course never believed me. But now that my sister lives with me I think that even she see’s this is not just from me. But I digress, so as I grew this did not lessen but actually became refined. I began doing rescue work, I did a bit of cruelty investigation and eventually ended up working as a vet assistant. The vet I worked for did a lot of work with local rehabbers for wildlife and on any given day there was literally no telling what we would have in the clinic. It was truly an awesome experience. Racoons, squirrels and baby birds were the norm all summer. Having worked with these critters and even raised the babies for release I had to say something. So I wrote this  in the comments:

Hey sis…you know I LOVE your interpretations of your dreams…but I just gotta say this. Racoons are not vicious. I was a vet asst for years and we worked with the local rehabbers and I have raised oodles and oodles of baby racoons and also have dealt with injured adults. They are scared of us and if backed into a corner will defend themselves because they think we mean them harm. But on more than one occasion I have fed, cleaned the cage and what not on an adult coon with it cowering in a corner and not attacking at all. I feed them at my house and we currently have an albino racoon coming to eat:)

I think the Lord was using coons because of the mask on their face…so the humans were hiding behind a mask looking friendly and happy but underneath they were dark, evil and vicious.

Just my two cents worth:) I hope you don’t take offense as I really love your work.

Many blessings sister,


Later that night I heard the Lord speak to me on this subject. What He basically said to me was this. You know that My hand has always been upon you with your dealings with animals. Not everyone has the experiences with animals that you do. Many of them experience something very different. So at this point I asked Him, so are you saying that racoons ARE vicious normally and that the experience I have with them is guided by your hand? His answer was YES! I was shocked. Not that His hand was on my dealings with the animals…I always knew that. But I did NOT know that their reactions and interactions with me were not their normal ways. I always assumed they were. I always thought people would say racoons are vicious or possums are vicious because they were wild and people just did not understand them and feared what they did not understand. WOW! Talk about eye opening.

So I asked Him then, so are any of the animals I am used to dealing with really LIKE the way I SEE them? He said yes, the domesticated ones like dogs, cats and even pet mice and such are as I see them. The difference is in my dealing with wildlife and even in wild domestic animals like wild dog packs and cats that are feral. THEY do not react to me like they do other people because the hand of Yahuah Yahusha is upon them and me in my dealings with them. Not only that, but He also told me that animals in general, wild and domestic alike, in the future will become more vicious to humans in general due to the darkness being released upon this planet. The dark side can use animals that do not belong to a saved person for their own evil means. They can also inhabit a saved person’s animals IF that person has opened a door for darkness to enter through.

So this post is my official apology to Electsister777 as I was NOT aware to the extent that His hand was upon me and I am EVER so grateful to Him for showing me that and for doing that for me! I know that this is for His purpose and my house is always open to whatever critter He leads to me for food or shelter or any other help He wishes me to give. I have the ministry of the animals….ALL praise and glory to HIM who controls EVERYTHING and by HIS hand ALL GOOD things come unto us. Thank you Yahuah Yahusha!

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