Muster the Prayer Warriors!

Muster the Prayer Warriors!. Gary Stearman is a good man and has brought millions no doubt to Yahusha/Jesus and is being targeted by the darl, evil entities! PLEASE join by standing in the gap and declaring that Satan and his minions back down and that a spiritual hedge be placed around this good man.


2 comments on “Muster the Prayer Warriors!

  1. After a satanic coven spell takes place, it is IMPERATIVE that the area be SPIRITUALLY cleaned up! Whoever touches the cursed items needs to be strong in Christ and covered with the blood of Jesus. All those evil works that were done on that spot, must be bound up and cast out in the name of Jesus. Grape juice must be used to cleanse the area, then olive oil can be used as a symbol of blessing and the indwelling Holy Spirit. Reciting Psalm 91 would be needed, as this scripture is the one the high priests used in the temple to clear it out of evil spirits. Reciting Heb. 9:22, Joshua 14:19, Deut. 18:9-12, and Deut 21:1-9, and casting out all evil is what must be done to undo what the satanists did!

    I am shocked and grieved to think that they didn’t stop to really clean up such horrendous evil that was done to their property. Is it that they really did not know? We had to go through such a cleansing process when we first moved onto the land the Lord led us onto. People in my family were sick with un-curable mystery sicknesses, our beloved pets were dying weekly, unending problems with the house kept surfacing, and we were constantly barraged with demonic entities that were trying to attack us, especially at night as we tried to sleep. We tried many things, but finally, through the help of Bill and Sharon Schnoebelen’s book entitled “Blood On The Doorposts”, we were able to evict the satanists from our property! Illnesses went away, house problems were then quickly solved, (actually no more have come up,) pets stopped dying, and demon-free sleep was now ours. Now, every year at Passover, we repeat the cleansing and blessing of our land. Praise be to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we remain FREE!

  2. I did not see where he said there was a Satanic coven? But I am glad you posted this info because I did not know about grape juice. Bill Schnoebelen is awesome though, I have listened to him on YT many times but dod not have his book. I may have to buy that now. Thank you for the info:)

    Blesing and peace sister,


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