From every direction…


Is it just me or are things getting strange all around you guys too? I am disabled and my sister is on social security it was her idea that we move in together to split the bills. I was not at all sure about doing this and I prayed on it for sometime and decided to see what Yahuah would lead me to do when I got my settlement. Well, long story short I found the perfect place where my sister could have her own exit/entrance and could make an apartment at the back of the house. We have been here together six months…she is not saved. She does believe in God but does not see things happening around her as any big deal, does not believe in the Bible and pretty much thinks I am wacko when it comes to most things. Which is why I balked at idea to start with. But all in all its been fairly peaceful.

Trouble is though that she has become very dependant on me in the respect of me doing things like cooking, going to the mailbox down the road, going to the store and so on. But I just tell myself that I am serving Yahusha and let it go. Well now both our cars are a mess. Mine won’t hold any power steering and needs a rack and pinion which I cannot afford to fix. And hers has a multitude of issues the biggest being that I think the transmission is going out. So I figured IF we pool both our cars together and advertise them cheaply priced on Craigs list that maybe someone would trade one decent car for two that they could fix up and sell for profit. Couldn’t hurt to try right? BUT we just moved to a new state so we need to change the titles, plates and get our new licenses. Till that is done I can’t sell anything here.

Well unbeknownst to me she got a name of a mechanic from someone at the cigarette store she goes to. He is apparently our neighbor. So she tells me she is going to call him and see if he knows of any cars. I am thinking okay…still can’t sell ours till the other is done but I don’t say anything cause then I will be called “negative”. Next thing I know this guy is at the door and looking at both cars he says he knows a girl who might want to trade, after offering a pickup truck that I decline. The next day he shows up with a Chrysler Labaron, convertible…teal blue no less. So my sister wants me to go for a drive…fine. I go. Seems okay but that does not mean it is…how can I know? I don’t feel good about it…I don’t know why…can’t put my finger on it but I just don’t trust this guy. So we go inside and he wants to see the titles…lol. Yeah, well…so I explain all this to him. Plus its the middle of the month so we can’t even afford to go and do any of this till the next month when we get our checks. Now he says he will “loan” us the money to change the titles over. Okay NOW I REALLY don’t trust him! So we say we have to talk…or really I do and he leaves.

My sister thinks he is just being a nice guy. I do not. I think something is majorly wrong with that other car and he wants to dump it before it blows up…literally! Come to find out too, its his girlfriends car so he gets brownie points too. Now my sister is ticked and stomps off. The next day comes and my sister comes out to tell me of a dream she had. This is usually the other way around. Apparently in her dream the car engine on the Labaron literally froze up and it was shot and we were left with no vehicle at all…NOW she feels like we should not do this. I am praising Yahuah because I KNOW He gave her that dream, He was already telling me but she could not hear Him. That same day this guy shows up with money in hand and says here is the money can you go today and change the titles over? So I said well, my sister and I are having second thoughts. He throws his hands in the air and says FINE! And stomps off, tires squeeling as he goes.

I forgot to tell my sister that he was here and about a week later when she brings him up I told her about it. She goes well I guess we can’t ask him for any help. I can’t believe my ears. I said…you mean after all that you would still trust him. She goes sure. I don’t think he was trying anything. Its like there are two different people…I should ask who am I talking to now??? So the kitchen is off of her area and I was doing the dishes and heard her on the phone. My sister is deaf in one ear so when she thinks she is whispering…the whole town can hear. I hear her talking to this guy. I hear her saying….I don’t know what she wants, its like she thinks God is going to drop a car down in her lap without doing anything. I bet you did not know you were in competition with God did you? Laughter. Then she says…I did not even know you were here and I felt so bad that she blew you off like that and I wanted you to know its not me…I wanted to make the deal but she doesn’t. She says…just last week someone offered her 600.00 for her car and that wasn’t even good enough…who knows what she wants.

So when she hung up I knocked on her door and said you know you talk very loud and I heard EVERYTHING you just said…I am so happy for you that things are good between you and him because they sure aren’t between me and you and I closed her door and went back to work. So she comes out and says she felt bad for him cause he thought he had a deal. I said YOU were the one who had a dream…did you tell him that? No…she says. Why not? Its just a dream…is her response. I said you said you knew it was from God…well she knows but she couldn’t say that to him. I told her how do you think I am supposed to sell anything when YOU won’t get off your duff and get your license, title, and plates changed? I know…she says.

Good, so she knows….but still uses me as her scape goat. I don’t trust this guy and he still won’t go away. He called to tell my sister if we ever need a jump or anything he will be happy to help us. I know what the Holy Spirit is telling me and its not good. He passed me today on the road and on the back window if his SUV he has that Monster drink logo of the claw marks….in Hebrew that symbol is a letter and every letter has a number…that is a 666. Why am I not surprised.

So theres that and then today I step outside this morning and the smell of sulphur about knocks me over! Its absolutely putrid smelling outside and has been all day. But even beyond that there has been this general feeling of uneasiness. Another friend or so I thought, threw her cat outside in the freezing temperatures. The cat was 17 years old and is now missing…frozen to death no doubt. We had a huge argument over that, I cannot handle such cruelty. I have since forgiven her in my spirit and have prayed for her and the cat but I cannot ever be friends with her again. Things have just been really, really dark and strange. I know its going to get much worse than this too. Prior to all this I was trying to talk to my sister about Yahuah but she is not hearing me and she is not caring at all what I am saying. She has zero faith and does not trust Him to provide anything and with me He has provided so much I don’t even break a sweat anymore:) We are unequally yoked but she has her area and I have mine praise Yahuah! If I get any money ahead…which is doubtful, but who knows, I will fix the roof, get a car and create that entrance for her.

I just pray that her eyes can be opened but at this late hour I tend to think whoever is going to be awakened already is and the rest will slumber till true disaster strikes. I pray that at that time she will recall all I have said and put some of it into play in her life. That is the best any of us can do…the rest is up to God!

May Yahuah bless us all and give us all courage, wisdom, faith and strength to deal with what we are to face.


4 comments on “From every direction…

  1. I’m probably ‘preaching to the choir’ when I say this, but yes, God CAN just ‘drop a car into her lap’! (Well…make that a driveway instead of a lap. – For me, this was proof that she really does not know of God at all.)

    When my mother died, the Lord instructed me to simply GIVE her car away for free, to a newly wed couple with a newborn child. (I had only recently met them, but they told me they had been married for about a year or so.) The man had just been hired for work, but only had the erratic bus (and sometimes a friend,) to bring him there and back home again. He had been worrying how he was going to keep the job, with such unreliable transportation. (The couple lived with the man’s parents.) But the Lord spoke to me and instructed me to give it to this couple, and so I did. It was an old car, but it had been kept up very well and was in good condition. They were so thankful to receive it, that they cried. I do not know if they ever came to believe in Jesus, but I made it quite clear that HE ALONE was the reason they had been given the free car.

    So who knows? God is certainly wealthy enough to provide for His children!

    I will be praying for your sister to come to Christ. (Until now, I had just been praying for you – and thanking Jesus for you and for your support.)

    It sounds like you two are more equally yoked, than unequally yoked. I would take some solace from knowing that.

    There must be some reason that the Lord put the two of you together in the same house. Perhaps she will come to Christ, by seeing how you rely solely on HIM, and how He NEVER EVER fails you…

    Remain steadfast in Him dear Sister,
    C. Dunamis

  2. Thank you so much, your words are a great comfort because sometimes when you are so close to the forest you truly can’t see the trees. Sometimes I think we are unequally yoked but then other times, most times really, I think the same as you…He put us together for a reason and I too am hoping I can help to open her eyes and heart…just a little.

    Now today she called me into her room to tell me that there were 3 candidates for Pope (which I knew:)) and then I said yes and one of them is black. She was so surprised I knew that and said that was what she was calling me in to tell me. So she is starting to pay some attention to what I am saying…praise Yahuah for that!

    I KNOW God can do ANYTHING and that is what I am trying to show her. I also know that relying on Him like that is VERY hard to learn and even now at times I have to be reminded that He can do ALL things when I get into fear. But I am getting much better at that FINALLY:) So I also have to be more patient and understanding too.

    Thank you so much for your prayers you are such a sweetheart! I really do appreciate that more than you can know. I will also keep you and your sweet family in my prayers as well…hopefully it won’t be much longer till you and I can meet face to face in the clouds and give each other a BIG hug!

    May Yahuah bless you and your family abundantly and place a hedge of Holy protection around you, your husband and each one of your children…praise His Holy Name!

    Love and hugs sister,


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