Heresy Hunters – Weasels in our Midst!

Heresy Hunters – Weasels in our Midst!. As you know I recently came against people doing this as well. Satan has found many ways to come against the Saints including appearing, or trying to appear, to be one of us. Join in the prayers against these sites!


4 comments on “Heresy Hunters – Weasels in our Midst!

  1. I struggled with this posting, because I do not agree with everything Marzulli teaches. For example, one of my kids, who can see into that unseen world, has told me that there is something VERY evil and sinister with the shroud of Turin. We also can not support the Roman Catholic church, for its teachings are not of Jesus Christ. (I am saying this as an ex-Catholic.)

    So, do we remain silent when these things, that some believers see as being evil, are put forth as being Godly? Personally, I know that the Lord has told me to testify what has happened to our own family, as we work to follow Him, and to not get into big long debates over theology. But I can not say that the Lord wouldn’t call someone else to do such a job.

    What did strike a discord within my spirit, is the use of people’s names to verbally attack them. It is the truth that we must be concerned with, and not the person or personality involved with making the claim. ” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12, KJV.) So I see the ‘who said what’ stuff as simply being a form of fleshly sin that they have fallen into. However, they still may very well be believers.

    I pray that this comment of mine will not cause a rift between you and I, for I enjoy your posts and your presence on the web!

    Blessings to you dear Sharon,
    C. Dunamis

    • No rift is caused:) As an ex-Catholic myself I agree with a lot of what your saying. But there is a formula laid out in the Bible for approaching a brother or sister you believe is in err. Most of the witch hunters who put up sites like this one in his post do not follow any of the protocol laid out by Yahuah/Elohim. They just forge ahead making accusations, naming names and causing splits in the brethern everywhere they go. Their purpose is usually to make a name for themselves and make money off of it one way or another.

      Yahusha/Jesus was not happy with people who caused splits/division and cast judgements. So we have to be very careful of who we are calling “false prophets” and such because prophecies do not always come to pass in the next 10 minutes or sometimes even 10 years.

      I personally had a vision about 30 years ago that I did not see come to pass for literally about 25 years. But when I saw it happen I knew instantly what I was seeing because it was like being there all over again. So anyone could label anyone else as a “false prophet” and be dead wrong. Some of the Old Testament prophets had prophesies that did not come to pass for hundreds of years.

      But if you see them saying an event that took place is the prophesy they gave and yet you can’t see the connection at all then you might want to step back from this guy…lol.

      I, myself do not agree with everything that LA Marzulli stands for or believes but a lot of it I do. I am 55 years old and I have come to realize that there is NO human being I will EVER stand behind 100%…they are flesh and blood and make mistakes just as we do. But go look at this site. He/she is casting aspersions on Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, Chris Putnam…all, are wonderful teachers and researchers. They do not deserve to be aimed at in this
      manner and in my opinion neither does LA Marzulli.

      Many blessings,


  2. Hi Sharon, I very much agree with all your statements about how these individuals are not at ALL being true “Watchmen” in the way they so arrogantly claim… It just makes me very sad, and I must say that it feels in many ways like an attack from the Enemy in some way or another…

    The weird part from my own perspective, has been that it’s felt like almost right after the Pope announced his resignation, and then of course there was all this attention suddenly being paid to Tom Horn and Cris Putnam because of their book, it was like suddenly all of these “Watchman” bloggers just went on the offensive against Tom and Cris, and everyone who has any association with them at all…. I actually ended up engaging with a few of them myself for a bit without really realizing that it was happening all over the place in the same time frame. It’s just, odd really…. On the one hand, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a discernible pattern, or similarity, between many of them, in that on the one hand they claim to totally know what the NWO/Luciferianism is all about, but then so many of them seem almost fiercely determined to defend the idea that the anti-Christ is the Pope and Catholic Church, (almost like from a Seventh-Day Adventists perspective or something), and so they turn around and label ANYONE as a “Jesuit” who basically does not make Catholicism the end-all-be-all of the Anti-Christ system. It’s really bizarre. There is so much hatred and lack of love, that it really does not feel like it’s coming from the heart of someone who truly knows Jesus (tho I know I can’t make determinations like that…) But, so many of these so-called “Watchman blogs” don’t even bother to get into CONTENT whatsoever, whether it’s the content of what the message/ideas of Luciferianism really is, OR the content of what any of the “fringe Christian prophecy people” are saying… So much of their “research” is like, finding some Christian website with an image of a flame on it’s header and saying that it’s really depicting the “light of Lucifer”, or the picture of a sunrise, or a globe, is “evidence” that they aren’t Christians but really secret Jesuit conspirators… It’s really that bad. I don’t know if overall the motive is just to make the whole conversation about NWO/Satan etc., just seem like a joke in the eyes of everyone else in the end, hard to say, but it’s very frustrating, and almost seems a little too coordinated perhaps….

    Anyhow, like your blog and will check out more of your posts as I get a chance. Peace.

    • Yes exactly, they will stone you for being right and they will stone you if your prophecy/vision does not happen immmediately, exactly as you saw…lol. It is sad and I agree that I find it very difficult to see Yahusha/Jesus in their actions as well. Though I try to curtail that because then I am being the judge.

      Yes, I know I have seen them saying the Pope is the antichrist as well and that is not even what scripture says. I can see the Pope as the false prophet but not the AC. What I keep saying is that even though we think we know scripture and what it says, Yahuah’s thoughts and ways are so much higher and purer than ours that we really may not be able to even concieve of what is truly going to happen. For instance…it is not the will or desire of Him that ANY should perish…to me that tells me that eventually, somehow in someway that we can’t understand He will make a way where no way does perish. He WILL have HIS desire and HIS will…He says so and He does not lie. We truly don’t know what will happen, we can only surmise and pray. So none of us really has any business judging anyone but ourselves.

      Some of these sites as you describe really do go to the extreme…as you say they are describing one thing and I am SEEING something totally different and wondering how they came up with that? Sometimes too with the false flag warnings I am convinced that they want us to cry wolf repeatedly so that when we really do have something to blow the shofar for, no one will be listening. Like the Elenin episode and the Olympics (which were full of symbolism) but no explosions or attacks took place. Yet the extreme military presence and all the equipment for all to see…they WANTED us to take that ball and run with it. These are set ups. When they truly are doing something we will not see them, they are smarter than that. They want to make us look like nuts and they are succeeding sadly.

      Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it.

      Many blessings,


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