Current News 2/16/2013

Meteorite fireballs streak across skies over Cuba and San Francisco

4.9 magnitude earthquake creates panic in Central Italy

Scientists unveil new detectors in race to save Earth from next asteroid: timing of asteroid spared UK from devastation

Has it finally happened? Bird Flu death in China sparks fear of human-transmitted H5N1 strain

(We all knew they would succeed in passing it directly to humans eventually. Didn’t we? Well, I did:o))

Huge Meteor Strikes Russia, Multiple Casualties Reported – Feb 15, 2013 (Video)

(Some interesting videos on this site)

Radio: Uncontrolled gas flowing from well in Gulf of Mexico — WSJ: Experts trying to stop flow below seafloor

(Anyone living in these Gulf states seriously needs to consider moving before they get killed. Obviously (and I said this all along) they want this whole area and will NOT stop until its theirs one way or another! PLEASE, people…move out, Yahuah will provide He always does.)

And now for some propaganda:

February 15th: The Day the World Said NO to War!

Will Feb 17th Protest Stop the XL Pipeline and Shift Climate Debate?

Obama, the US and the Muslim World: the Animosity Deepens

Donors Trust is the Secret ATM Machine for Climate Deniers

Senate Republicans Take a Stand Against the Public Interest

Congressional Hearing Ignores Poor Record of State Coal Ash Regulation

(Coal ash? Seriously? Tell ya what, I will take my chances with the coal ash…lets stop the damn chemtrails they dump on us constantly!)

New Report Blames Failed Policies For 790% Jump in Federal Prison Population

End of Propaganda…lol.

Refusing Smart Meters to Protect Your Health and Privacy

Fracking Up The Future of Pennsylvania

Survival Fitness: Walk the Walk

Alert Warning #5 from Nathan Leal

Nathan Leal of Watchmans’s Cry will be the guest on Hagmann and Hagmann – Sunday (2-17-13)

Why It’s Time to Break the Code of Silence at the Airport

Warrantless Border Searches Extend to Mobile Devices: DHS

Mind Control 402 – Brain Implants vs. Directed-Energy Weapons

Brennan’s Obscene Testimony at Confirmation Hearing

Crustal upheaval near Santa Cruz Islands signals planet undergoing massive change

The Power of a Little Prayer

Manmade Quakes Shaking Monster La. Sinkhole Area for Days

Rise Of The Preppers: 50 Of The Best Prepper Websites And Blogs On The Internet

The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful

Imminent Muslim Terror Threat Debunked by New Study

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