Demons, Jinns and the coming battle


I was watching a movie on YouTube the other night called The Kingdom of Solomon – English Subtitle – full movie and during one of the scenes where demons or Jinns as they call them in the Arab world, were swarming in black clouds. They almost resembled clouds of black smoke that moved from person to person entering them and changing their personalities to vicious, mindless killers as they went. It became a wholesale mass slaughter of good (uninfected) people fighting and killing evil (infected) people. Of course killing the innocent host only caused the demon to move on to another. This continued until according to this version Allah spoke and told Solomon that he now had control over the demoms/Jinns (this is a very shortened version and I do recommend watching the movie as it has some very interesting moments that I believe will be key to our survival soon here).

Once Solomon had control over them he could command them to do as he said. He then ordered his army to collect the demons/Jinns. Now it does not go into detail about anything he did with them. But here is an interesting tidbit that I found out. In Iraq when we invaded and overthrew Saddam Hussein there was a museum there. In this museum supposedly there were many occult items such as various statues used during pagan worship and such. It is said that there were containers of various types and sizes that were puportedly Solomons at one time. It is suspected that those containers may have housed various demons and Jinns that he had entrapped therein. These of course went missing along with the golden pagan statues and such. I figure the invading powers that be were very aware of those containers and purposely sought them. Solomon is the main character after all that Free Masons build their buildings according to his temple design and many other details to numerous to mention. You know they wanted their hands on those containers and no doubt got them.

While watching this I could not help but think of these latest “zombie” stories of naked people attacking and eating faces off of people, strangling Rottweilers with their bare hands, cutting up their own intestines and flinging them at police and on and on… I could see the similarities between the “black clouds” of demonic activity that swept from one to the next non stop causing nothing but chaos, terror and death in their wake. It truly makes me wonder if these powers that be that confiscated these “jars” of Solomon’s did not open them in a ceremony to try and control them like Solomon did. Trouble is as Solomon said in  Key of Solomon any man can conjure evil but only a righteous man can contain  and control it. The ones doing these things are anything but righteous. They are playing with fire and will eventually get burned (pun intended) when our King of Kings returns.

In the meantime folks…we who are righteous had better learn but fast that we too have been given the POWER to control these demons by our Creator Himself just as Solomon was. We must NOT fear them because to fear them is to feed them. We must learn to stand firm, strong, unwavering in our knowledge that they cannot touch us unless WE or YAHUAH our Elohim allows it to be and Yahuah is not likely to allow that. We must take authority, stand facing these evil, ugly enemies of ours and not back down no matter what. To do anything less is to give way to chaos, terror and mass death. We cannot allow that to happen, WE ARE THE BODY OF YAHUSHA/JESUS THE CHRIST! HE LIVES IN US. They will obey us because  THEY HAVE TO. They may balk, they may threaten, they may offer deals, they may even beg but bottom line is they HAVE TO OBEY us eventually as long as we stand strong and do not give way or waver. The least bit of doubt will be detected like ants smelling pheremones. We must KNOW beyond a shadow of any doubt that OUR KING IS IN US, we are NOT alone, WE ARE stronger than we appear because its HIS strength NOT ours, its HIS righteousness NOT ours, its HIS command NOT ours that they will be obeying. We are only HIS mouthpeice…BUT we MUST speak it, we must KNOW it, we MUST DO IT!

If not at some point stories like the following will keep growing until one day we are ALL face to face with a decision to allow chaos, terror and mass death or do something to stop it and save the poor soul overtaken by these evil ones. Choose your path now and choose it wisely.

WARNING: Naked Man Beheads Mother In England!

May Yahuah come to our aide, supply us with His strength and fearlessness and fill us with His Holy Spirit so that we may do His will at all times and not our own. May Yahusha bless you all.


3 comments on “Demons, Jinns and the coming battle

  1. I hear you Sister. Loud and clear!! Your encouragement is helpful, it also lets me know I am not crazy for not being afraid. Not Paranoid for understanding these things of which you speak.. Not mad for being wiling to stand and fight, to stand in trust. To stand in righteousness! Praise Him and His command, His justice, His Power! Blessings to you Dear Sister!

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