When society breaks down


This morning I awoke with the remembrance of a dream I was starring in…lol. Exact details are fuzzy but the gest of the matters at hand came through loud and clear. To start I seemed to be at someones home, apparently a man and a woman who had a child and I believe they were married because at one point he referred to the woman as his wife. I was in the kitchen, I’m not sure if I was a “friend” or if I was an employee/servant, it was unclear. But the man and woman and some neighbors were outside and they were arguing when someone I apparently knew began to go outside to see what all the comotion was about. I immediately stopped them saying they get crazy when they fight. When I said that I was referring to them ALL man, woman and the neighbors. This person said to me but they seem like nice people. I replied they are all seperately but when they are angry in groups its very dangerous.

Upon waking I thought that is probably a very deep insight as to how society will become when the break down happens. Okay, back to the dream. At that point the scene changed and I don’t know exactly where I was but again I got the impression I worked here. It could have been the offices of a hospital, school or post office. Strange I know but those are the impressions I got and I seriously could not pin down which one it was. Now the same man was before me and he was saying that he was being blamed for not being able to read the test properly for his sons condition. I replied what can they expect from you? You are not a doctor or lab technichian. He said I know but they were trying to tell me how to look through the telescope and see what it was. So I said I might be able to help as I used to do lab work at the vet I worked for. But he said no quickly and walked off.

This part shows that society had indeed broken down to such an extent that medical care was not available and people had to take matters into their own hands to do the best they could. This would cause great stress when children and loved ones are sick, suffering and/or dying and cause the outbreaks of tempers and violence that I had apparently witnessed. Next I went to sit down at a long table like you might see in a library, lunch room or even board room. There was a meeting of somekind taking place and an older man was speaking. When He stopped I tried to tell him about some forms I had found in some folders that had strange info on them. Everytime I would try to speak someone would rudely interrupt me and just speak over me and he would listen to them. Niceties and politeness were obviously gone. Finally he turned his attention to me as the meeting was ending as I tried again, I was in the middle of explaining the info on the forms and that they were telling the names of the people behind all of the various department “titles” and I was just about to ask if they should be left in and he just blew me off and walked away. I got the impression that he was one of the higher ups. Sort of like he was a doctor and I was a CNA on that level…but that is not what we were that I know of. I am just giving you an idea of the difference in our positions and I was low man on the totem pole as they say. But there was no common courtesy any more, if you were low you had better get to your point fast or you were done.

When I stood up I then realised that we were surrounded by drapes. Like in a hospital when they pull the curtains around the beds. Only now these were curtains that were separating cubicles and work spaces. Remember when offices used to actually give people their own rooms? Then we went to those ridiculous cubicles made out of what? Pressed cardboard? Well now we went to curtains and they were almost see through. What was their point? They did not afford privacy or remove noise. They were made out of very thin material like the kind the  scarves that older women used to wear on their heads, thin nylon and almost see through. BUT here was the whole point of the curtains. They ALL had the same design on them. They had the emblem of the British Cross repeating over and over EVERYWEAR you looked. America was somehow overtaken by Britain? Or America did not exist anymore…I am not sure which.

When I awoke the Holy Spirit wanted this put on my blog…so here it is.

May Yahuah bless us all and protect ALL His people in the dark times ahead.


2 comments on “When society breaks down

  1. I have had dreams too, of the future where there is VERY little privacy, and everyone was crammed into too-small high-rise apartments. The government was always building something new, and this added to the noise level, till there was no real peace or silence left.

    Your description of the scarf-like partitions between the work stations is quite interesting. Could it also symbolize a thin veneer of patriotism in the work place? (Like they wanted to keep the illusion of privacy and freedom, but in reality there was little of either.)

    When society breaks down, it will be shocking to see…
    ( http://dreamsofdunamis.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/what-about-the-children/ )

    Thanks for sharing the dream!

    • Yes, exactly. But what also struck me was the British flag design on the scarf-like partitions. A lot of people think that Prince William/or Charles is the upcoming anti-christ. I have never really put a lot of thought into that, I guess it could be true especially since the British pretty much used to rule the world almost. The monarchy have always made me wonder if they were’nt hybrids/aliens of sorts. Especially when Princess Di made the remark that they are NOT human.

      So after seeing that flag design it made me wonder…were we under British rule? Really the privacy issue is already a joke. We have in the past several years, had companies put tracking devices on auto’s and trucks, surveillence in the workplace, bugging of rooms where the lowly masses work and so on. The cardboard dividers between desks have always been a farce, they afford little to no privacy, especially to anyone standing up.

      The break down has been gradual thus far but if you look back you can clearly see how far they have come and in a very short time. They are smart. They test things. Right now there is a town in either Alabama or Arkasas…can’t remember which, where they have enacted marshall law. There is a curfew, the cops can boldly demand to see ID of anyone on the streets at anytime and if you refuse to show ID you risk being jailed. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent. They have made sure to get this out there to the general public. They have made sure that the cops have sounded like controlling goons that are in this town. Why? This is a test. If there is no outcry on this, and so far there is not, then we are soon to be all doomed to the same state. Most people are freaked out about the shootings that are taking place more and more and are willing to turn in their freedom for “protection” from the very same people who are setting up the shootings, no doubt. Sad but true.

      But your right, when society finally goes rogue it will be frightening, ugly and shocking…sometimes its that already. The difference at that point we will be saying sometimes its NOT like that.

      May Yahuah help us all in the times ahead.

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