ALERT: New Gun Control Laws Coincide with DSM-5 Introduction

I just received this in my inbox:

A quick thought:

Everyone is “up in arms” (pun intended) about the push for more gun control laws. But no one seems to be noticing that a significant number of the new proposals are aimed at EXPANDING MENTAL HEALTH related powers of the government.

This is OBVIOUSLY intentionally timed to coincide with the introduction of the new DSM-5 psychiatric diagnosis manual, which represents what is possibly the biggest scandal ever in the history of the psychiatric so-called “profession.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if their plan is to abandon most of the new gun control proposals after awhile due to public outcry, which will show everyone that “the system still works,” but then quietly push through the mental-health-specific provisions that most people are not paying attention to. And I’ll tell you right now, if they do that then you might as well just turn your guns in anyway because once the DSM-5 psychiatric diagnostic manual goes into effect in a few months, they will start diagnosing large numbers of Americans as mentally ill.

The timing of the DSM-5 introduction and the new mental-health related gun control proposals is OBVIOUSLY INTENTIONAL AND NOT A COINCIDENCE.

I say that you cannot be PRO-SECOND AMENDMENT today if you are not also equally ANTI-PSYCHIATRY.

Jeff Polachek
January 18, 2013

Visit his site here:




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