Christmas spirit may not be what you think

Well, by now if you are celebrating Xmas (spelled this way intentionally and I will explain as I go) you are all ready for the festivities to commence. In fact, for many Xmas Eve is even bigger than Xmas day. When I awoke this morning the Ruach Ha’Kodesh/Holy Spirit put it on my heart to write another article for this blog concerning Xmas. I have one on my other blog but He specifically stated He wanted it on THIS blog. Thy will be done!

So lets begin:


In my previous article I wrote that the Scriptures do not tell us to celebrate the “birth” of Yahusha/Jesus, but I have since then come to realize that is untrue. His birth is indeed recognized but NOT by Xmas. There is NO Mashiach/Messiah, NO “Christ” in Xmas…hence the X which originally was used in an attempt to smite “Christ” is in actuality, truth. Which is why I am using it, to drive home my point, there is NOTHING of Elohim/God in Xmas.

We are in fact, given several Holy Days which we are commanded to keep FOREVER! These are the ones pertaining to Yahusha/Jesus and His Purpose: Yahusha was conceived on Hanukkah, born on Sukot (Feast of tabernacles), baptised on Yom Kippur, crucified on Passover and risen of First Fruits. Each of the Holy Days commanded by Yahuah our Elohim pictures a part of His great plan of Salvation for mankind. In Scripture it states that the spirit of antichrist would conspire to change times and seasons, and it has done just exactly that. It has changed TWO of the MOST important aspects of Yahuah’s plan for man’s salvation to another date so that we are lead astray from serving Yahuah as HE asked us to. And His people are perishing for lack of this knowledge.

In fact until 1836 Xmas was illegal in the United States:


So at some point our forefathers knew the truth. Satan is very sly and good at what he does. In other countries such as Germany, Austria, Holland, Hungary, Italy and more Christmas was celebrated and SinterKlaas and his helpers, the BlackJacks, which became Santa Claus was a HUGE deal. So America was founded strongly on Christian roots with an open door to the world for ALL who wished to have freedom to worship as they wished. There was Satans big foot in the door. He used that to his advantage to change laws, times and seasons. And in 1836 the law of the land stated:


We had to do it based on “freedom to worship” so with along other cultures came other abominations unto Yahuah and Yahusha. But it was disguised from its original roots and changed, some would call it “Americanized”. Clearly we were being duped into thinking these things were harmless and fun. But these “traditions” were anything but harmless.


SinterKlaas became Santa Claus and as you can see he is dressed like a Bishop in the Catholic church:


That is another of Satan’s lies. The black Jacks originally would follow Santa around and IF the child had been bad they would chase down that child and stuff it into the bag on Santa’s bag. That bag was NOT full of gifts, it was full of naughty children and the black Jacks did not beat the children, they would EAT the children, as the story goes. These Black Jacks carried HUGE bells with them and some believe that is where the song Jingle Bells originated from. Coca Cola later changed the Black Jacks into elves.


Notice in this photo taken of a celebration, the boy following closely behind “Santa or Saint Nick” is supposed to be INSIDE the bag strapped on Santa’s back:




Its very interesting to me that the Krampus/Santa charachter started out being dressed like a Catholic Bishop and also of interest is that both Jack and Nick are names for Satan.


Next I am going to quote from my other article titled “The hidden origins of Christmas and Santa Clause” to explain the roots of the Xmas tree and how it gets into the picture, it also pertains to Easter further down the road as you will see.

“So they would all gather around this huge statue of a half calf and half man creature (yes, they were also into trans-species genetics back then) with his arms outstretched, palms up waiting to receive his first victim. This statue had a massive opening at the base in which a volcanic fire would be built and raging and since this statue was made of metal of some kind it would get very, very hot. Next they would set up a group of drums around the creature. For music, you may ask? Oh no…not even to raise the vibration as the new agers of today would like you to believe. No. The drums were to drown out the screaming of the babies that could have been heard when they placed their poor, tiny newborn bodies into that creatures palms to slowly roast and feed the evil spirits gathered to take in all that dark energy. If the screams could be heard the parents may weaken and not allow the sacrifice so they beat the drums with a vengeance to the end. Its said at times that they would somehow string the babies together, hundreds of them so they would fall one by one, to their cruel, painful and slow death.

Shem, the grandson of Noah was so outraged by these actions that he killed Nimrod for leading his people into such idol worship. Now you would think that the story ends there but you would be so wrong. Because Nimrod’s mother/wife could not let that be the case. It seems she was pregnant with possibly Nimrods baby, but really, who knows who’s baby it was back then since everyone was literally doing everyone.

So, she proclaimed that she had gone down to the world of the dead, rescued Nimrod and brought him back. She ordered that a tree be cut down secretly and Semiramis would sneak out and decorate it with little gold balls and tinsel. This was her tribute to Nimrods penis and the gold balls….well, I think you can figure it out. She told the people that Nimrod had returned and would leave presents for the people every year at that time so they would never forget him. Would you like to take a guess as to what date this child was born on? Yep, December, 25th.

I should also mention here that the people who had “lost” children via sacrifices also decorated a tree in honor of them. They would do this with candles to represent the fire that had consumed them as a sacrifice and images of babies with wings that wrongly became known as cherubs. Still want to decorate that xmas tree and top it with a “cherub”?”




The children sacrificed are from the fertility rituals that they performed on their altars at spring (Easter) 9 months prior to Xmas.

So you might ask how did all of this evil ever turn into something that sounds and looks so sweet?




So the question becomes, how serious are you about following Yahuah our Elohim and HIS laws and statues? Surely you can clearly see the con that has been perpetrated upon us from birth by Satan. Santa (which contains the same letters as Satan) is being used to plant mistrust in our children. He has taken a story with evil roots, turned it into something that “appears” harmless and fixed many similarities between Santa and Elohim/God.


They both have no beginning and no end.

Each has an eternal spirit.

Thay are BOTH all knowing.

They each have a book of names.

They both have a tree.

They both love children.

In Revelation Yahusha’s hair is white as snow.

The differences are:

Santa does everything at night.

Yahusha IS the Light of the world.

Santa gives you everything your FLESH desires.

Yahusha gives you ALL that you NEED.

When your kids find out that Santa is a lie perpetrated by LITERALLY the whole world, don’t you think they put Yahuah our Elohim into the same spotlight? They absolutely do. That is what Satan meant to happen from the beginning and we have played right into his hands. Combine that with the fact that no one is even teaching our kids for the most part, about Yahuah our Elohim and you have a recipe for the disasters you see playing out right now. How sad is it that our kids know EVERYTHING about Santa and next to nothing about Yahusha, their Redeemer, their ONLY hope for Salvation?

So what, if anything, does Yahuah say about all this?
















I would venture to say that not only does it NOT keep demons away but rather, all of these traditions of men carry their own evil spirits directly into your home…this is a portal of sorts. Some will say…”BUT that is not what it means to ME” and I will answer that YOU do not matter at all. What matters is Yahuah and what HE wants and what HE told us to do and what HE told us NOT to do. When you practice these customs, these vain traditions of men, you are inviting demons into your life and closing the door on Yahuah. You are practicing the customs of pagans and gentiles who sacrificed Yahuah’s children on their altars, HE TOLD YOU NOT to follow their ways and you are doing it anyway. You do it for fear of what your husband, kids, family, neighbors and so on, will think. Do you care what your Creator thinks?  If you know all this and do it anyways then you are doing it for your own selfish, flesh centered reasons. And as long as you continue to do these things, these abominable customs that He abhors, He will turn His back to you because He expects you to seek out His will and His commands and follow only them.

We are to expose the enemy when we find the truth! Please join me in doing so and spread this message now. Little time is left before the door of His Mercy and Grace will be shut and only those inside already will have nothing to fear.

May Yahuah bless and keep you all safe.




2 comments on “Christmas spirit may not be what you think

  1. Here’s my testimony on what happened to our family with Christmas:

    and the conclusion:

    I’m not sure what the Lord will have me write on next. If He has me post some links, I’ll be back to share them here.

    Either way, thank you very very very very much for posting this!

    Blessings and Shalom to you dear sister,

    C. Dunamis

    • Wow! That was quite a testimony. That is really awesome how your one child can see into the spiritual so easily and clearly and its also really nice how you all handled it together. There was no arguing or fighting which can accompany this sort of event. My family did not let Christmas go quietly into the goodnight. They thought I was extreme, weird and every step had to be proven again and again…a looooooong process that has finally come to an end and now we too celebrate Hanukkah. I agree, the peace that comes with it is amazing and the stress level is zero compared to the Xmas rush. The emphasis is not on the gifts but on the dedication and how His light is the light of the world! Beautiful Holy day. Thank you for sharing that and I’m so glad that what I wrote blessed you in some way. Many blessings to you and your family for a peaceful and prosperous year to come! All praise to Yahuah!

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